About us

New York City has global goals and offers tons of opportunities that’s why most, if not all, want to travel to The City That Never Sleeps.

My name is Ashley Wilson. I am among those who took a one-way ticket to New York to chase my dreams. The journey wasn’t easy, but I found helpful friends along the way.

That’s why, I and some of my closest pals decided to create this website to help those who are moving to NYC.

We want to be part of your journey, and make the transition all the more fun, enjoyable and most of all, convenient! We know the things that you need from planning your move to getting to your apartment.

We understand that it’s difficult to ask for help in a city where you do not know anyone or when everything is still unfamiliar to you. This website is dedicated to helping you make your move to NYC the smoothest possible. So, we will be sharing with you tons of practical tips while you navigate your dream city from giving you the best time and day to move, choosing the best mover, and more.

We will be your go-to resource for whatever you need to learn in New York including finding the best or nearest restaurant and bars, discovering the best knife sharpening services to learning more about the city, its five boroughs, the best places to visit and discover.

We’re a small team and we will work together to give you the best tips to survive NYC. Two of us just moved here for better opportunities while the others have been living here all their lives. All of us share one thing — we love New York!

Mary Thomas


Mary, 25, is a retail salesperson. She was born in Texas to a family of four. Life there was fun and simple. Many have been moving to Texas, but she wanted to see more. She was yearning for more city lights, busier streets, noisier roads, larger stores and more. She was initially hesitant, but when she got a job offer in New York, she made up her mind and grabbed it immediately, without any second thoughts.

Her move to NYC had been very challenging because she doesn’t know anyone in the city. But at least, a job was waiting for her. Emma didn’t have a hard time adjusting to her new life because her office mates immediately became her friends. She could run to them for help and questions concerning the whole city from asking where the nearest laundry shop to her place to finding the best travel destination.

Emma has the best tips and tricks when it comes to the best time to move in NYC, finding the best rate New York City movers, and more related to moving to the city because she has been there!

Noah Miller


Noah, 28, is a mobile developer. He was born in Queens, which is known for its diverse environment. Miller has been living in New York all his life and he is the go-to person when it comes to finding even the not-so-well-known places in the city.

Miller knows where to find the best restaurant no matter what your budget is. If you are looking for a fancy resto or budget-friendly eatery, he knows it all. If you want to visit a bar or club or find a quiet place, Noah can take you there. You won’t get lost with him!

He enjoys playing video games and loves hanging out with his friends in Soho. Noah loves to write about the various places and hangout spots in the city.

Sophia Brooke


Sophia is 20-year old and a student at Kingsborough Community College. She is currently taking the nursing program.

Brooklyn boasts a lot of attractions and tons of fun activities to do from watching the iconic Coney Island to visiting the distinct neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights, and a Park Slope.

Sophia has been raised in Brooklyn. If you want to feel and embrace its culture or explore the borough and all of its hidden beauty and secrets, she will make a great companion. She knows the best activities to do there, the best tourist spots to visit, the best food to eat, and more.

Barry Whole


Barry, 31, was living in a New Jersey suburb before she moved to New York a decade ago. He was inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker's character from "Sex and the City", Carrie Bradshaw, that's why she moved to the Big Apple.

Barry enjoys writing blogs and has been working on his first book about finding love, friendship, and opportunities in the city. He is currently living in an apartment in Manhattan with his girlfrend.

Barry is independent and is not afraid to navigate the city on his own even when he was still new in NYC. He documented her NYC move in her blog. She loves to share practical tips on how to survive and be successful in the city. Barry has brought joy to many with her hilarious and witty stories about moving to New York.