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So you’ve finally found and acquired your dream house in New York City. While the city may never sleep, you are assured that you could always rest easy in your new abode.

Whether you’re moving to a new place to accommodate your growing family, live closer to your workplace or your kids’ school, or just be somewhere more suited to your needs and desires at this point in your life, congratulations on finding that perfect location.

The journey to getting your new NYC residence may be long and epic, but that’s over and done with.

The only thing left for you to do is to move your stuff there, right? The best moving advice I can give you is to hire it out to professionals.

To do that, you will need to know your best options among NYC movers.

Getting the right movers can spell the difference between a stress-free and a nerve-wracking experience of transfer of residence.

NY Moving CompanyCheck PriceRatingProsServicesPrice
Veteran Movers
Click Here To Visit Site4.9Fixed pricing, Free consultations customized solutionsMovers, Packing Service, Packing Supplies$$$
ZeroMax Movers
Click Here To Visit Site4.8Budget-friendly offers remote services during COVID 19Self storage, Movers$
JP Urban Moving
Click Here To Visit Site4.8Budget-friendly offers remote services during COVID 19 offers insuranceMovers and Packing Services$
Sweet Lou Moves You
Click Here To Visit Site4.710 years in the business, LGBTQ-friendlyMovers$
Rob The Mover
Click Here To Visit Site4.615 years in the business customized solutions eco-friendly LGTBQ-friendlyMovers$$$
White Glove Moving
Click Here To Visit Site4.5Eco-friendly, Offers piano, antique and fine art movingMovers, Self Storage, Packing Services$$
Flat Rate Moving
Click Here To Visit Site4.3Offers free storage, live streamed moving, charges 1 fee for the entire moveMovers$
Stride Movers
Click Here To Visit Site4.3Offers piano and high end movingMovers and Packing Services$$

What Can You Expect From Moving Companies In NYC?

Professional moving companies can help you with more than just the heavy lifting on moving day. You may contract your choice among NYC movers to help you with any of these tasks:

Take Inventory

Your moving company representative should go over the list of items to be moved with you. This step will help in ensuring that each item is tracked and accounted for during the move.

Note, though, that there are some items that the movers will not agree to move for you, and they will be well within their rights to do so for items that may be dangerous if placed in a moving truck.

These include toxic chemicals like acids and ammonia, flammables like gasoline, kerosene and lighter fluid, noxious substances such as pesticides, guns and ammunitions, among others. Before moving day, it is advisable that these be disposed of or given away.

Pack and secure your items

You probably dread packing more than any other task involved in your move. Imagine how tedious it is to box and label your various possessions.

Movers will not only pack your items to ensure efficiency in transferring them, they will also secure your stuff against damage, applying protectors, paddings, wraps and ties where appropriate, so that these items you’re moving will arrive in your new place safe and sound.

Loading, unloading and driving the moving truck

This is where the heavy lifting occurs: moving day!

Any NYC mover worth its salt knows how to maximize the space in the moving truck as well as its optimal weight capacity.

A lot can go wrong during the actual transit of your items so do heed your mover’s advice on how to best load the moving vehicle. (Plus, if you and your mover discussed the inventory of items to be moved beforehand, your mover would have been able to plan on how to properly load and secure your items for transfer.)

Movers will also provide a qualified driver for the moving truck, one who is proficient in navigating the streets of NYC or going on long-distance drives in a cumbersome ten-ton vehicle, keeping your items as well as other people safe during your move.

Once the truck reaches your new abode, your mover will take precautions against scraped floors, banged walls, and dropped items so you can begin your stay in your new home with ease.

Organizing and cleanup

Everything should be in its proper place, especially if you want to start enjoying your new space.

Your move in company representative will have discussed with you beforehand which boxes of items and which pieces of furniture to leave in each room of your new house, as well as gather up used and discarded packaging, padding or ties for disposal. These steps will greatly help you in setting up your space to live in.

Furthermore, given the still-present threat of COVID-19, professional movers in New York NY have also taken it upon themselves to secure the health and safety of their clients and employees by crafting and maintaining protocols for physical distancing as well as frequent cleaning and sanitation.

These include temperature checks and provision of personal protective equipment (PPEs) as well as hand sanitizers for employees as well the creation of no-contact processes involving their customers such as electronic contracts and cashless payments.

Professional movers help you avoid many of the stresses involved in moving. Through their knowledge and expertise, they make moving practically painless for you and your household.

How Much Does It Cost Moving To NY?

Bear in mind that hiring a mover can be a considerable expense. Factors affecting the total price would include:

  • the number and weight of boxes
  • the number and size of furniture and other large pieces
  • the distance from your old location to the new one (whether local move or
  • ease of access in both locations (such as access to elevators and loading bays, etc)

One way to go about estimating your moving cost is to consider the size and amount of furniture in your space. Let’s assume you’re a single person living in a small, one-bedroom apartment located in the first floor of your building in which loading your items to the moving van will be easy.

You will probably just contract your movers for just the loading and unloading of your items (you will rent and drive the moving truck yourself) and you’ve already done your packing with materials you have on hand. You can expect budget move to set you back by $390 or more.

However, moving from a larger space accommodating a larger household which includes a spouse and kids, and consequently, more furniture, appliances and other belongings will require more services from your moving company such as providing their own truck, furniture disassembly and reassembly.

This kind of move will cost around $1,390, which covers the hiring out of movers and the moving truck, as well as the purchase of packing materials.

Given the considerable expense involved in moving, it is all the more important to choose the best moving company operating in New York City, offering the right services for your requirements, to be your partner when you transfer to your new home.

How To Choose The Best Moving Service NYC?

You may find the task of choosing from among the hundreds of movers in New York City a bit daunting but here are some things to consider to help you select the best moving company for you.

One of the most basic requirements for a moving company is its license, which makes it a legitimate business authorized to provide moving services in the state.

If it is bonded, on the other hand, you can be assured that it has the financial capacity to perform the services it offers. Plus, if it is insured, it can cover your loss in case of damage to you or your possessions.

Other considerations may involve weighing your priorities. New Yorkers’ local moving needs are as varied as New Yorkers themselves so do think on what’s important for you before, during and after moving day.

If you’re transporting heavy items, or need to move over a long distance, you may want to look for NYC moving companies that are well-equipped to handle those.

If you need to move extremely delicate and valuable items, getting a company that can provide adequate insurance is key.

If your new abode will not be able to accommodate all your belongings immediately after the move, getting a provider with a moving storage service will surely set your mind at ease.

Best Moving Companies In NYC

Despite the many credentials that potential movers can present to you, sometimes the best way to choose one is to ask around. Your friends who have experienced local moving themselves may be able to recommend their preferred mover to you.

Alternatively, you can also check out these top-rated New York City moving companies on Yelp and see how they have made their customers’ moving experience so much easier.

1. Veteran Movers

Click Here To Check Veteran Movers

A customer commended Veteran Movers’ meticulous care in wrapping and unwrapping his furniture, ensuring that nothing gets damages, and all items are placed in their proper place.

This Brooklyn-based mover is managed and staffed by veterans who may look tough but are softies when it comes to taking care of your possessions.

2. ZeroMax Movers

Click Here To Check ZeroMax Movers

Brooklyn-based Zero Max Movers was complimented for its prompt response to inquiries and competitive pricing.

Throughout its five years in the business, ZeroMax has aimed “to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible” through its clean-cut and highly trained employees who treat your belongings as if it were their own.

3. JP Urban Moving

Click Here To Check JP Urban Moving

Fellow Brooklyn company JP Urban Moving went out of its way to update and keep in touch with the customer during moving day and even corrected some of the customer’s packing mistakes.

Aside from striving to be an efficient business with the highest service standards, JP Urban Moving also takes its environmental responsibilities seriously by using eco-friendly resources to reduce its carbon footprint.

4. Sweet Lou Moves You

Click Here To Check Sweet Lou Moves You

Family-owned and operated Sweet Lou Moves You received praises for its professional and courteous staff, as we as its “no hidden fees” pricing.

It prides itself on always running a three-person crew and providing blankets, tapes and carts at no extra cost.

5. Rob The Mover

Click Here To Check Rob The Mover

Rob The Mover over at 20th Street, on the other hand, has been commended for the speed and ease of moving. “His guys were in and out in a few hours,” shares a happy customer.

Did you know Rob the Mover got its start from delivering gloves, boots, masks, and food to Ground Zero personnel back in 2005? Since then, the company has expanded its operations and now specializes in apartment-to-apartment moving.

6. White Glove Moving

Click Here To Check White Glove Moving

The crew of New Jersey-based mover White Glove Moving and Storage made what could have been a scary time moving during a pandemic smoother, thanks to the team’s precise knowledge and thoughtfulness towards the customer.

White-Glove has been around for over twenty-five years and is now the oldest and largest independent moving company in New Jersey, specializing in local and long-distance moving in the greater NJ and NYC area.

7. Flat Rate Moving

Click Here To Check Flat Rate Moving

Feel iffy about paying your movers by the hour?

Flat Rate Moving is the country’s first and only moving company in the country to offer all-inclusive moving at a guaranteed flat rate so you won’t have any surprises.

8. Stride Movers

Click Here To Check Stride Movers

Stride Movers, also based in Brooklyn, has done thousands of moves in NYC, from spacious Manhattan to the tiny streets of Brooklyn Heights.

It received praise for its fast and efficient handling of the move which included fragile items and electronics.

Things To Do On Moving Day In NYC

Now that you have hired your professional mover, you can take some time to rest easy, knowing that they crew will be there to make the move as hassle-free for you as possible.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t do some simple tasks to make their work easier as well.

Check your boxes and packed items against your inventory to make sure all things are accounted for. Make sure these are properly labeled as to what they contain and where they should go.

If you can reserve a convenient parking spot for your mover, go ahead and do so.

Carry a roll of packing tape and a pair of scissors with you throughout the move. You never know when you might need to repack an item.

Keep yourself and your movers safe by wearing face masks and gloves during the move. Be sure to observe the safety protocols set by the moving company as well.

When your belongings are unloaded into your new home, do another inventory check and make sure all items are in their proper positions as agreed upon with the mover.

Serve yourself and your moving crew some refreshments once the move is over and of course, tip your movers for a job well done!


Moving to a new home in New York City is both an exciting adventure and a tedious ordeal. With all the worries and stresses that transferring to a new home entails, you can still find some joy at the prospect of enjoying your new home and new surroundings, especially if you had the right kind of help to make the move as painless as possible.

So do consider hiring professional movers in NYC when you transfer to a new home. It will make things so much easier for you and give you more time and energy to devote to enjoying and living in your new space.


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