13 Best and Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

New York, dubbed as the biggest city in the world. Home to some of the most famous personalities, infrastructure, streets, and neighborhoods.

In a land where main offices and branches of the world’s biggest companies dwell, the promise of never-ending opportunities attracts countless people to travel from far to start a life in New York.

The dilemma is choosing which part of New York should you buy your house from? Do you want to be near NYC green markets, city parks, or business district?

If you have the same questions, then Brooklyn is a great starting point for you.

It’s near Manhattan, known as the heart of New York. Its neighborhoods are a great blend of urban and suburban areas to give you plenty of options. The transportation, leisure activities, and posh restaurants available are also not lacking.


You can enjoy all of these perks in Brooklyn while getting a house or apartment, which is two (2) times more affordable compared to areas around Manhattan.

Additionally, the diverse neighborhood of Brooklyn can accommodate your needs as a professional or as a family. So what are you waiting for?

Check out these lists of neighborhoods across Brooklyn, categorized according to the particular needs and priorities of aspiring New Yorkers.

Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Whoever you are, and your circumstances may be, relocating to a new and unfamiliar place meant that the safety of the environment should be on top of your list.

Through consulting the NYC crime map and various insightful stories of residents of different neighborhoods, the following came as the top safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn for the past few years.

1. Borough Park

Labeled as one of the safest neighborhoods of Brooklyn from 2019 to 2020 — with a crime rate of 2 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Families or individuals who plan to relocate to build their family in NYC can enjoy this place where families coming from different races are densely populated.

2. Bay Ridge

As Bay Ridge have ample distance from the densely populated areas of New York (while still having the proper transportation accessibility, like trains and ferries) made this section of the borough one of the safe neighborhoods in Brooklyn. A great place to settle down both for its low crime rate and affordable housing prices.

3.Brooklyn Heights

Aside from Brooklyn Heights recently becoming synonymous with trendy and hippy, this spot of the borough had been known as one of America’s first suburban areas, one of the contributing reasons why Brooklyn Heights continues to be one of the safest places to live across New York City.

Best Area to Live in Brooklyn for Families

Less hustle and bustle but still near the busier and more urban areas of NYC. A great environment providing recreational areas, offices to work at, transportation, and quality institutions.

Those are some of the aspects taken into consideration to provide this list of the best areas to live in Brooklyn NYC for families.

While plenty of options out of this list are available — the rates, safety, and accessibility these places offer makes us believe that these spots are the cream of the crop from the 77 neighborhoods you can find across Brooklyn.

1. Carroll Gardens

The lack of towering skyscrapers can make you forget that Carroll Gardens still belongs to NYC.

But it’s that suburban, homey feeling of Carroll Gardens made it ideal to raise a family where you don’t want your spouse and children tolerating the noise of a busy urban area.

The friendly community, composed mainly of families, gives off a great environment to live in, where neighbors are friendly to each other.

Plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, and other facilities are also easily accessible at Carroll Garden, making it easier to shop or have a family bonding time during the weekends.

2. Cobble Hill

Experience an upscale residential area, where you can get great waterfront views, in a quaint neighborhood, while still being near from Manhattan and other major sites of NYC.

Cobble Hill used to be one of the affordable areas of Brooklyn; however prices are recently rising, which meant that the area is thriving.

While an increase in median prices may not sound good for those who are looking for affordable places. Families who can shell out more will surely enjoy Cobble Hill’s continuous development.

After all, a thriving community meant better access to facilities and amenities which might be hard to come by to more rural areas of the borough.

3. Boerum Hill

A neighborhood just right next to Cobble Hill. South of downtown Brooklyn, and half an hour away from Manhattan.

Your family will surely love the laid-back and casual atmosphere of the neighborhood.

While the brick and brownstone townhouses that lined streets of the Boerum Hill — known for its vintage and spacious interior, gives the family plenty of options to get a place where everyone can fit comfortably.

Additionally, the area has a fair share of public and private schools where kids can attend.

Lastly, through the nearby Atlantic Terminal, you can also enjoy better accessibility on traveling across neighborhoods and boroughs.

Boerum Hill is one of the best places you can look in Brooklyn if you want your home to be half an hour away from major sites of NYC like Manhattan — while still enjoying a quaint neighborhood lined with trees for a breath of fresh air from the busy city.

4. Park Slope

Park Slope is one of the hottest area family’s looks for when settling down in Brooklyn.

The area is known for its low crime rates, safe neighborhood, exceptional public, and private schools within or near the neighborhood, and quiet night time.

As one of the neighborhood which borders Prospect park — the second largest park of NYC. You can expect to experience the ease of access to one of the best recreational areas in NYC.

Prospect park is filled with picnic areas, gardens, a lake, and plenty of areas filled with greenery to stroll around.

If the idea of growing up with your family in a neighborhood where everyone can enjoy nature activities nearby, then looking at Park Slope to get your new home is an option you shouldn’t miss.

5. Fort Greene

Fort Greene’s transportation accessibility to Manhattan, nearby neighborhoods, and other boroughs made this area of Brooklyn a great spot for a family who are working or attending school across different parts of New York.

While Fort Greene has a laid back feel to it, Fort Greene is far from suburban. Being the location of some of the most prominent institutions made the area teeming with people from far and wide.

One of the most notable establishments is the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).

BAM is known as the face of the progressive avant-garde movement in arts and had been the oldest performing arts center where artists across NYC and the United States gather.

6. Red Hook

If accessibility is not your family’s priority then Red Hook belongs to the list of Brooklyn neighborhoods you should put on top of your prospective locations.

With the majority of the area still industrial, makes discovering off beaten shops a feeling of adventure. If you’re looking for a laid-back neighborhood with a close-knit community to raise your family, then Red Hook is for you.

The neighborhood is bordered by a body of water, creates a picturesque backdrop you can always enjoy when watching the sunrise, and fall from the horizon.

Red Hook is not for fans of nightlife — instead, its the perfect escape every time you want to take a rest from NYC’s neverending activities.

Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Singles

Hello single ladies and gentlemen, while our NYC neighborhoods for singles article shows great places to consider when you’re looking for a place to move in when you’re single in New York, there are also more options for you to choose from in Brooklyn that can accommodate the needs for mobile and part loving singles.

This list are curated based on singles who are looking for great places to mingle but still want their happy place to be near their home.

With affordable rents and a safe environment for those who always need to be away from their apartment for their 9 to 5 job.

1. Williamsburg

Williamsburg may not be as affordable as it used to be, but paying extra to live on Williamsburg is worth it.

The neighborhood is less than a 10-minute drive away from Manhattan and is home to lots of young professionals and families who also commute to other boroughs.

If you’re a big fan of socializing with locals and tourists from other boroughs or state, then McCarren Park— a known activity center of the area will amaze you.

With plenty of sports facilities, where festivals and events are held throughout the year — your life at Williamsburg will never dull.

2. Greenpoint

Looking for a neighborhood where you can emulate your love for art and fashion? Then, Greenpoint is for you.

A beautiful place where the majority of residents and establishments had been around for years, creates a close community relationship.

Perfect for those who want to become a part of a neighborhood where everyone seems to know anyone, and neighbors are more akin to close friends.

While it’s a two-train commute to Manhattan may seem a hassle to some. the neighborhood is still within a few minutes away; Therefore, the travel from Greenpoint to Manhattan is still fast and easy.

Plus, the lack of notoriety of the neighborhood compared to other places makes the stroll around Greenpoint a delight to hunt for hidden gems. An experience hard to achieve when you’re in more popular and populated neighborhoods.

3. Gowanus

Budding and established artists usually go to Gowanus for affordable prices. Thus, the advent of artists in the area made Gowanus as a famous artistic scene.

You will surely love the industrial backdrop and tree-lined streets of the neighborhood, together with the view of the Gowanus Creek.

This place is also a great place for people who wants a quaint atmosphere to go back to at the end of the day, but still have great access to famous entertainment areas to have fun with colleagues and friends.

4. Bushwick

Bushwick recently had been receiving gentrification, a movement towards the neighborhood’s continuous improvement.

Despite that, through the community’s friendly atmosphere, Bushwick retained its homey vibe.

While the neighborhood doesn’t have the best bars and restaurants for single new yorkers to party and mingle — many are still attracted to move into Bushwick because of its affordable rents.

Young professionals can also take advantage of this opportunity to get an affordable place while being an hour away from Manhattan.

5. Prospect Heights

If you’re single and planning to mingle, then Prospect Heights offers some of the best perks you can get in terms of nightlife access and property prices.

While the Prospect Heights is known for its lively bars and restaurants, heavy traffic is not common in the area.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend your weekend (by yourself or with your date), you can take advantage of the nearby Brooklyn Museum, to enjoy a leisure time of admiring pieces of historical and cultural art pieces.

Best Neighborhood in Brooklyn to Live In

Bedford-Stuyvesant is the dream of every lover of Victorian architecture. The rich historical district filled with well-preserved 19th-century infrastructure is appealing to anyone visiting Bedford-Stuyvesant to look for a prospective place to rent or buy a house.

However, behind its beautiful facade is some of the insiders’ information about residents complaining to unpleasant neighbors. Of course, all areas have their share of worst neighbor experience and may brush off these experiences these residents to be no big deal.

While unfriendly neighbors can be tolerated, the steady increase in crime rate in Bedford-Stuyvesant is a fact that can’t be easily ignored.

According to NYC’s crime map, there had been a continuous increase in crime cases per 1000 residents in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The beauty and affordability of Bedford-Stuyvesant are undeniable, and it’s not a neighborhood you need to avoid at all costs. It’s a place which is still undergoing continuous development and improvement (this includes safety and security of the residents); Therefore, sooner or later we can expect great news from this underrated beautiful neighborhood of Brooklyn

The Richest Part of Brooklyn

While Brooklyn may not be the center of NYC — the borough frequents the list of aspiring New Yorkers when considering the best places to relocate to NYC.

Its that fame and distance to NYC’s center made Brooklyn a consecutive titleholder of becoming one of NYC’s richest neighborhoods across the five New York boroughs.

Amongst, the selection of NYC’s richest spots, Brooklyn is competing for the richest spot through some of its neighborhoods which had been developing and rapidly becoming centers of trends and business for recent years.

Out of the 77 unique neighborhoods of Brooklyn, the following are hailed as Brooklyn’s top richest neighborhoods for the past few years:


  • Sales Median: $4,400,000
  • Median Asking Apartment: $10,500

Dumbo, formerly referred to as Gairville — is now known as “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” or more commonly called as Dumbo, an abbreviation born out of its role connecting the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, which made the area as the welcoming point for travelers coming from the city.

As the bridge towards the heart of NYC, Dumbo is known as a spot brimming with day and night activities, filled with trendy shops, new businesses, and beautiful streets and skyscraper backdrops from the nearby Manhattan.

Additionally, Dumbo’s role as a passageway between boroughs towards the heart of NYC helped the place kept its throne to be part of the richest spots in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Heights

  • Sales Median: $ 3, 814,000
  • Median Asking Rent: $10, 429

That’s right, Brooklyn is belongs to one of the safest and richest neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

With the areas’ accessibility to — if not all, then most of the best facilities, amenities, shops, and recreational areas in Brooklyn, it’s understandable why many are willing to pay more to live in this part of Brooklyn.

The well-developed neighborhood with great access to trendy shops, transportation, and nature-themed recreational area, had been the biggest selling point of Brooklyn Heights’ continuous rise in sales median and median asking rent.

Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill

  • Sales Median: $3,000,000
  • Median Asking Rent: $5,900

The laid-back and homey environment of these neighborhoods may surprise people to see them on this list.

However, the continuous development and improving a commercial area of these spots in Brooklyn boosted them to skyrocket in the list of the richest part of the borough.

As you see, New York City is not just all about Manhattan. Different boroughs like Brooklyn can also offer you the same accessibility, facilities, and amenities you can receive from staying at NYC’s center. Are you looking to move around? Check out the best movers in Brooklyn, NYC

Always bear in mind, do not limit your options when choosing a new place to one borough alone.

Looking into different areas across NYC can give you a wider list of neighborhoods you can choose from, giving you plenty of choices and chances of seeing the best place that fits your needs and priorities.

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