13 Best Steakhouses in New York City: Top-Rated Chophouses that Serve Fantastic Steaks in NYC

13 Best Steakhouses in New York City: Top-Rated Chophouses that Serve Fantastic Steaks in NYC

Introduction to NYC Steakhouses

New York City’s steakhouses stand as iconic temples of indulgence, where culinary craftsmanship meets the timeless appeal of a perfectly cooked steak. Renowned for their opulent atmospheres and impeccable service, these establishments have become synonymous with the city’s dining culture.

As you step into the world of NYC steakhouses, prepare to embark on a carnivorous journey through prime cuts of beef, complemented by a decadent array of sides. The experience is often heightened by a sophisticated cocktail menu, where expertly crafted drinks serve as the perfect prelude to the carnivorous feast that awaits.

History and Evolution of Steakhouses in New York City

The history of steakhouses in New York City traces back to the mid-19th century when the city emerged as a culinary melting pot. One of the oldest and most iconic steakhouses is Keens Steakhouse, which opened its doors in 1885. Initially established as a gathering place for the famous Lambs Club, Keens quickly gained a reputation for its mutton chops and became a hub for New York’s cultural elite.

Over the years, the city saw the rise of legendary steakhouses like Peter Luger Steak House, founded in 1887 in Brooklyn, known for its dry-aged beef and rustic charm. These venerable establishments laid the foundation for the enduring legacy of steakhouses in New York City, shaping the dining landscape and contributing to the city’s reputation as a culinary powerhouse.

In recent years, the city’s steakhouses have further evolved to accommodate diverse palates and dietary preferences, offering a wider array of cuts, sides, and even vegetarian options. Many modern steakhouses also place a heightened emphasis on the sourcing of high-quality, ethically raised meats, reflecting a broader shift towards sustainable and farm-to-table dining practices. Throughout this evolution, New York City’s steakhouses have retained their status as quintessential dining destinations, blending tradition with innovation to cater to the ever-changing tastes of their discerning patrons.

The best steakhouses in NYC leverage marbling, the distribution of fat within the meat, to enhance flavor and tenderness. Marbling contributes to the juiciness and succulence of the steak, creating a melt-in-the-mouth experience. By selecting cuts with a well-distributed marbling pattern, these steakhouses ensure that each bite is infused with rich, savory goodness.

Best Steakhouse in NYC (Some Are From Michelin Guide)

If you are looking for the best New York City steakhouse, our list below will surely help. Each of them serves the city’s. best steaks and are renowned for their exquisite cuts of prime beef, impeccable service, culinary craftmanship and opulent ambiance. Some menus include egg souffle, pork porterhouse, fish collars, and filet mignon. They also offer an extensive wine list to pair with your meal. You will surely enjoy your visit to these dining places.

1. Keens Steakhouse – A Historic Gem


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Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Keens Steakhouse has been an enduring institution since its opening in 1885, renowned for its historic charm and exceptional steak offerings. What patrons love about Keens is its rich ambiance, adorned with a collection of clay pipes and historic memorabilia, creating a uniquely atmospheric dining experience. It remains one of the best steakhouses in NYC because

A standout on their menu is the legendary mutton chop, a signature dish celebrated for its succulence and flavor. Diners also enjoy its prime rib au jus and lamb saddle. This midtown steakhouse has consistently garnered acclaim for its classic fare and remains a beloved destination for those seeking a taste of old New York.

2. Gallaghers Steakhouse – Classic NYC Dining

Gallagher has been a celebrated fixture since 1927, known for its classic charm and commitment to serving prime steaks in the iconic Theater District of Manhattan. Patrons are drawn to this steak house because of its timeless setting, featuring a stunning vintage décor and the famed wall covered with a mix of vintage and current iconic photos of Broadway stars that have been exhibited throughout the years since the restaurant opened.

The dry-aged sirloin, expertly prepared and consistently lauded for its rich flavor and tenderness, is one of the bestsellers. Seafood lovers would surely appreciate their raw bar which offers a chilled medley of seafood that includes Maine lobster, jumbo shrimp, oysters, littleneck clams, and jumbo lump crabmeat. They also have lamb chops, swordfish, porterhouses, and more. Gallaghers has earned widespread praise for its enduring legacy, making it a cherished destination for those seeking an authentic New York steakhouse experience.

3. Bowery Meat Company – Modern Twist to Steakhouse Cuisine

Situated in the vibrant Bowery neighborhood of Manhattan, Bowery Meat Company has established itself as a modern and stylish destination for steak enthusiasts. What patrons love about this establishment is its contemporary ambiance, blending a chic aesthetic with a welcoming atmosphere.

A standout on the menu is the Bowery Steak, a bone-in ribeye dry-aged for 35 days, celebrated for its robust flavor and succulence. Bowery Meat Company has earned a reputation for its innovative approach to classic steakhouse fare, making it a popular choice for those seeking a fresh perspective on the quintessential New York steakhouse experience.

4. Old Homestead Steakhouse – NYC’s Oldest Steakhouse

Old Homestead Steakhouse has been an iconic presence since 1868, making it one of the oldest steakhouses in the United States. It boasts a rustic yet refined atmosphere with its exposed brick walls and classic wooden fixtures. 

The classic New York steakhouse serves the Old Homestead Gotham Rib Steak, a succulent prime ribeye aged for 30 days, which is celebrated for its tenderness and rich flavor profile. With a legacy spanning over a century, the Old Homestead continues to enchant diners with its historic charm and commitment to serving exceptional steaks.

5. Hawksmoor – A British Take on NYC Steakhouses


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Hawksmoor, located in the heart of Covent Garden in London, has become a revered destination for steak connoisseurs since its inception when it opened in 2021. Customers are enamored with the restaurant’s elegant yet unpretentious ambiance, characterized by its Art Deco-inspired interiors and attentive service.

Its renowned Hawksmoor Porterhouse, a sumptuous sharing steak dry-aged for at least 35 days, is celebrated for its exceptional tenderness and flavor. With a commitment to quality sourcing and an emphasis on culinary excellence, Hawksmoor continues to captivate diners seeking a sophisticated and unparalleled steakhouse experience in the heart of London.

6. Peter Luger – An Authentic and Time-Tested Steakhouse in NYC


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Peter Luger, an enduring icon located in the Williamsburg, one of the popular neighborhoods of Brooklyn, holds legendary status as one of the most celebrated steakhouses in the world since its establishment in 1887. Diners are drawn to its historic charm, marked by dark wood interiors and a no-frills atmosphere that pays homage to its storied past.

What sets this diner apart is its singular focus on prime dry-aged steaks, particularly the Porterhouse, a succulent cut that has become synonymous with the restaurant’s name. Renowned for its simplicity and commitment to quality, Peter Luger remains a cherished institution, attracting patrons seeking an authentic and time-tested New York steakhouse experience.

7. 4 Charles Prime Rib – Offers intimate dining experience


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4 Charles Prime Rib in the West Village of Manhattan has become a revered destination for steak aficionados seeking a refined yet intimate dining experience. Diners appreciate the restaurant’s classic, speakeasy-inspired ambiance, with dim lighting and plush leather booths creating an inviting atmosphere.

The diner is sought after its exclusive focus on prime rib, showcasing a menu centered around this succulent cut. A standout favorite is the Prime Rib Sandwich, a delectable creation that perfectly encapsulates the restaurant’s commitment to elevating the art of prime rib dining in a chic and nostalgic setting.

8. Gus’s Chop House – Neighborhood restaurant


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Gus’s Chop House is one of the newest steakhouses in Brooklyn. Dubbed as a “neighborhood restaurant” it serves great food, wine and cocktails at the heart of Carroll Gardens. It has an elevated veranda, three indoor tables, and 11 bar seats for drop-ins.

 It’s a great place to enjoy your after-work steaks with your favorite martinis. Gus’s also offers a boeuf duo on its menu — a combination of flatiron and dry-aged NY strip — burgers and fries, and classic sides and desserts like creamed spinach and basque cheesecake. Patrons flock to this chophouse due to its comfortable and neighborhoody ambiance, quality steak and classic cocktails.

9. Cote Korean Steakhouse – Fusion of Korean and American Flavors

Cote is not just a Korean barbecue restaurant but a prime steakhouse located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, has gained acclaim for its innovative fusion of Korean barbecue, kimchi, and classic American steakhouse elements like ribeyes, steak tartare and scalion salad. Diners appreciate the sleek and modern ambiance, complemented by attentive service and a unique dining experience centered around tabletop grilling.

What sets Cote apart is its focus on excellent cuts of USDA Prime and American Wagyu, including the popular Butcher’s Feast which offers a variety of premium selections including gogi cha, banchan, scallion salad, savory egg soufflé, and more. They also serve Steak Omakase, which is full of meat – American wagyu, USA Prime and Japanese A5 wagyu. With a blend of traditional Korean flavors and a contemporary steakhouse setting, Cote stands out as a distinctive destination for those seeking a flavorful and interactive dining adventure.

10. Vinyl Steakhouse – Where Music Meets Culinary Excellence

This unique steakhouse in the Flatiron district combines meat and music. Musical memorabilia is incorporated into the design. The shelves are brimming with album sleeves; posters of shows in the manner of the 1960s and 1970s cover the walls; prints feature Run-DMC, Debbie Harry, and the Beastie Boys. Beyond those show tunes, you can anticipate hearing complete sides from its over 2,000 record collections.

It serves entrees like chicken parmesan, scallops, salmon and hen of the woods mushrooms and sides like creamed spinach carbonara, roasted asparagus, roasted broccolini and quinoa onion rings to name a few. Viney offers you more than just a classic steakhouse experience. You will surely love the food, music and place.

11. Churrascaria Plataforma – Brazilian Steakhouse Experience

Churrascaria Plataforma, located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City, is a beloved Brazilian steakhouse celebrated for its authentic churrasco experience. Diners are drawn to the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere and the unique rodizio-style service, where succulent cuts of meat are skewered and grilled to perfection before being carved tableside.

Churrascaria’s diverse selection of meats, ranging from prime sirloin to lamb chops, are all expertly seasoned and grilled over an open flame. A standout on the menu is the Picanha, a top sirloin cap that exemplifies the rich and savory flavors characteristic of Brazilian barbecue.

12. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse – Known for Rich, Flavorful Steaks

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, with multiple locations worldwide, including prominent spots in New York City, is renowned for its classic approach to steakhouse dining. Wolfgang Zwiener opened this eponymous steakhouse in 2004 after a four-decade of experience under his belt. Wolfgang’s has been frequently ranked as among the top 10 steakhouses in the Big Apple. Diners appreciate the timeless and elegant atmosphere, featuring mahogany wood interiors, white tablecloths and attentive service.

Wolfgang’s is committed to serving dry-aged USDA Prime beef, creating a rich and concentrated flavor profile. A bestseller on the menu is the Porterhouse for Two, a generously sized, expertly dry-aged steak that exemplifies the restaurant’s dedication to delivering a quintessential and memorable steakhouse experience. Patrons also love its chateaubriand for two, which features center-cut tenderloin with an assortment of fresh vegetables, bearnaise and cabernet sauce.

13. Skirt Steak – Boasts Versatility in Its Culinary Styles

Skirt steak, a flavorful and versatile cut of beef, can be found in various restaurants and cuisines globally. Loved for its robust taste and tenderness, people appreciate skirt steak for its versatility in different culinary styles, including grilling, marinating, or stir-frying.

What makes skirt steak distinct is its unique texture and its ability to absorb marinades and flavors exceptionally well. It also offers a prix fixe menu, allowing diners to savor this delectable cut along with a selection of complementary dishes in a fixed-price format which makes the entire experience more affordable.


New York City’s best steakhouses are a culinary journey that transcends mere dining – they provide an experience steeped in tradition, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of gastronomic perfection. From the sizzling grills to the opulent settings, these establishments embody the essence of New York’s steakhouse culture.

With an unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest cuts, expertly dry-aging, and mastering the art of grilling, they create a symphony of flavors that lingers in the memory. A visit to these iconic establishments is not just a meal; it’s an immersion into the timeless allure of exceptional steakhouses that define the very heart of New York City’s culinary legacy. So, book a reservation now!



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