Brion NYC Restaurant

Brio NYC @ 61st & Lexington is closed.

“My favorite under-the-radar restaurant hands down is Brio. Brio is a neighborhood gem and consistently excellent. Their clientele is great, their team is humble and the atmosphere is amazing! I always enjoy dining in their high-end bar or sitting al fresco. Chef Massimo Carbone is outstanding, “the best pizza in NYC

“Cannot express how much I enjoy this restaurant. Massimo-the owner literally sits and greets his patrons… Especially since most are regulars like myself.

I go there at least 1-3 times a week with my boss, she was the one who introduced me to this place. The staff is literally unbelievably attentive … Always. And the bartender sees and greets us even when we are sitting outside (great outdoor seating)
Which always impresses us (Juan Carlos)

It is definitely a family or friendly place to sit and relax and be treated like gold after a long day. I could easily sit here by myself have a drink and relax while people watching outside lol

Lastly… It is the ONLY place that has incredibly healthy choices to chose from OTHER than the salad selection EVERYWHERE we go. NY would be skinny if they had more places like this… With variety for all. It is also the ONLY place I have been to that has un-breaded calamari… Literally amazing.

I love me some Brio!”

7 Best Maternity Stores in NYC

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! The excitement and happiness enveloping you as you wait for the arrival of your little one are understandable.

By now you are probably thinking already of collecting new toys and baby clothes for your little girl or boy.

Maybe you are already planning on how to design the nursery room and all the stuff your future child will need.

Also, in the next few months, you will have to upgrade your wardrobe to accommodate your growing baby bump. You will need new bras, lingerie, and clothes. You will also later realize that you will need postpartum care essentials, pumps for breastfeeding, and more!

Shopping for new maternity items can be fun and exciting. Since you are expecting your little one, your convenience is the top priority. If you are living in New York City, no need to search for an hour or so to look for the best maternity stores in NYC because you can find them on this page. Check out below.

Best Maternity Shops to Visit

Whether you are looking for new mama clothes or baby clothes, toys or gears, these are the best maternity shops around New York City that you should visit. Check them out

1. Yummy Mummy

  • Website:
  • Phone: (212) 879-8669
  • Address: 1751 Second Ave Ste 203 New York, NY 10128 Yorkville, Upper East Side
  • Business hours: Mon – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.; Close on weekends

For expectant moms living on the upper east side and are keen on breastfeeding your baby, this store has everything you need because it is dedicated to “all things breastfeeding.”

The brand offers a full line of nursing products from bras, pumps, postpartum necessities, accessories, and more. The store has everything you need when it comes to breastfeeding support and supplies.

Also, Yummy Mummy’s breast pumps are now covered under most insurance plans. Moreover, the store offers pump rental too.

But aside from breastfeeding items, the store also offers breastfeeding-friendly maternity clothes like pants, dresses, skirts, and tops. So, this is the best shop to visit for breastfeeding moms!

2. Jane’s Exchange

  • Website:
  • Phone: (212) 677-0380
  • Address: 191 E 3rd St New York, NY 10009 b/t Avenue B & Avenue A Alphabet City, East Village
  • Business hours: Mon – Sun 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

If you are expecting a baby or someone dear to you do and you want to give a wonderful present Jane’s Exchange is a great store to visit.

They offer a variety of maternity wear, children’s wear, toys, books, baby gear, and other maternity items that you have in mind.

Preparing for a baby can be expensive but Jane’s Exchange offers gently used items which makes it a great place to visit for bargain hunters.

You will love shopping there because the items are well-organized and they keep “haves” and “needs” list to match those who wish to unload their castoffs.

If you are planning to unload your maternity clothes and children’s wears in the future, you can visit the shop.

3. A Pea in the Pod

  • Website:
  • Phone: (212) 244-6126
  • Address: 151 W 34th St New York, NY 10001 Midtown West
  • Business hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Fashionable moms and moms-to-be will find great deals of maternity clothes here. The store encourages women to be a trend-setter, a muse for other mamas, and a badass who don’t need to compromise between fashion and family.

A Pea in the Pod offers beautiful and comfortable maternity wear from fashionable dresses, maternity tops, and skinny maternity jeans.

Their outfits are classy and cozy, you’ll never want to take it off. Moms who purchase their outfits from the store feel sexy and beautiful.

You can find the latest fashion trends for mommies in the store. So, if you are looking for a cute cocktail dress or a trendy new bikini that will accommodate your baby bump without making you look obscene whether for a baby shower or babymoon, visit the store.

4. Rosie Pope

  • Website:
  • Phone number: (212) 608-2036
  • Address: 1265 Madison Avenue (between 90th and 91st St.)
  • Business hours: Mon – Sat 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 pm; Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

This is another chic shop for chic moms-to-be and it is stationed in the heart of New York’s Upper East Side on Madison Avenue.

The items in the store are fashionable and trendy and they offer a wide range of maternity clothing from stay-at-home tops, dresses, tees and camis, bottoms, sweaters and knitwear, loungewear, and more.

Aside from making moms look stylish, Rosie Pope also offers nursing bras, nursing apparel, postpartum shapewear, postpartum essentials, and more.

Their maternity clothes are designed in New York City and they consciously create them to be comfortable, cute and trendy. They have the perfect outfit for every trimester and for all occasions.

The brand also knows that newborns are sensitive, so they create their baby clothes using the softest fabrics. They have baby leggings, dresses and gender-neutral clothes for all infants.

Rosie Pope is the go-to for stylish moms who also want their babies to look fashionable like them.

5. Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity is another great partner for expectant mothers because they got everything you want for your entire pregnancy. The store has bras and intimates, nursing bras of all sizes, shapewear and support, nightgowns, sleepwear and robes, and more.

For stylish moms, they have jackets and coats, skirts, overalls and jumpsuits. For working moms, they have a lot of stylish outfits that you can wear in the office or other occasions. They also have the must-have necessities for new mothers.

6. Seraphine

Be a fashionable mom with Seraphine! The brand supports stylish mummies. Seraphine wants women like you who are expecting their bundle of joy to be comfortable and confident. The brand will help you achieve that with its high-quality and fashion-forward maternity wear from formal nursing dresses to maternity wedding dresses.

Seraphine is a great store for expectant women and current moms because it is a one-stop-shop. It has everything you need during the nine-month pregnancy and beyond. The pieces have innovative designs from maternity into motherhood.

The celebs and royals love this maternity brand. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been photographed wearing several items from Seraphine during her pregnancies.

Aside from making moms look gorgeous and stylish with its classy changing bags, winter maternity coat, and stunning dresses, Seraphine also offers beautiful baby clothes. Your kids will surely look cute and adorable in its sweetheart set, dresses, and baby jacket.

7. ASOS Maternity

ASOS features a wide collection of outfits for all. It has gender-neutral items available in over 30 sizes and of course, maternity collection!

The brand believes that pregnant women like you don’t need to completely reinvent yourself and changed the way you dressed just because you have a bun in the oven. So, they redesigned usual outfits to make them perfect for moms like expandable maternity jeans and bump-flattering maternity swimwear.

ASOS Maternity wants you to get comfortable while keeping your sense of fashion. They deliver a huge range of maternity clothes from dresses, tops, jeans, lingerie, skirts and shorts, jumpers and cardigans, jumpsuits and playsuits, coats and jackets, and nursing items.

Pregnancy Essential Checklist

For new moms who do not know what items to get because it is their first pregnancy, here are some of the things that you should consider buying to make the whole experience more convenient and comfortable for you.

Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping becomes more challenging when you’re pregnant due to your growing baby bump.

So, get a supportive body pillow to enjoy a good night’s rest because once your baby arrives, you’ll surely have sleepless nights.

Bar Extenders

If your cup size remains the same size but not the band size, you don’t really need to buy new bras or maternity bras. This will be the case in the first few weeks of your pregnancy. Instead, buy bra extenders because they are a cost-effective and practical solution for that.

Maternity Bras

Your breast size will grow as you wait for your baby. You could go up by one or two cups during your pregnancy and even beyond once you begin producing milk. So make sure that you have maternity bras ready and they should be well-fitted and comfortable.

Maternity Jeans

If you are uncomfortable wearing dresses or you are always on the go and would prefer wearing pants, maternity jeans are a thing!

Yes, they exist so treat yourself and buy them.

Maternity Belt

Pregnant moms usually complain about overstrained backs and hips.

Enjoy comfort with maternity belt because it helps support your belly to avoid those painful back and hips.

Compression Socks

As your pregnancy progress, you might experience swollen feet, leg, and cramps.

This will help help you support your calves and feet and they are particularly helpful if you are constantly on your toes.


There are several great maternity stores in New York City and they are not hard to find at all. Also, you don’t have to shed hundreds to thousands of dollars to enjoy shopping for maternity apparel and baby clothes because some stores have good bargains.

You can start by checking them out on their websites. They are easy to explore because their websites are easy to navigate. Most of them offer trendy outfits because moms don’t need to give up their fashion sense while they wait for their little one.

Once you’ve decided what store to visit, go and enjoy. You deserve it. All moms deserve to treat themselves and to remain fashionable and stylish while during their pregnancies. So, don’t be guilty, dress up, and buy your future baby or your kid the same trendy outfits. Enjoy motherhood with style!

7 Ways on How to Find Roommates in NYC

Anybody who’s ever had plans of living in the great city of New York knows about the struggle of finding a decent living space that will not break the bank.

As of August 2020, the average rent in New York goes for $2,811 for a one-bedroom apartment and $3,583 for a two-bedroom apartment. Not to mention the utilities and the cost of living, and your monthly expenses can start soaring higher than the Empire State Building.

That’s why so many New Yorkers forgo the luxury of living alone and instead choose to live with a roommate. Sharing your apartment is a great way to cut costs and it comes with its own set of benefits like accountability and companionship.

How to Find Roommates in NYC

Looking for a roommate in a city of over 8 million people can be a bit daunting, especially to those new to the whole roommate game. Fortunately, there are several reliable ways of looking for roommates in NYC, listed below.

1. Friends and Family

Your roommate does not have to be a stranger at all, as it can be someone you already know.

Sourcing a roommate from those you trust that you’re close with spares you the necessary background checks and gives you enough confidence about who you’re living with.

However, some people advise against living with a friend or relative under one roof. Arguments and misunderstandings may become too personal and take a jab on your otherwise healthy relationship. Still, these arguments are more of an after-effect and can be avoided.

If not them directly, your friends and family can refer you to someone from their own circles. Almost everyone in New York knows someone who’s searching for a roommate, so chances are you’ll find a lot of leads from friends alone.

2. Facebook Groups

Besides your own social media circles, you can join large Facebook groups dedicated to roommate finding in New York City.

Some of the most popular groups have upwards of 100k members and 500 posts a day, so these are a goldmine in your search for a roommate.

Popular and general Facebook groups include Alpaca’s New York City Roommates and Anyplace’s large public group. There are also Facebook groups for specific boroughs in New York, like Manhattan or Queens, or areas near college campuses for student roommates.

3. Alumni Networks

Your college’s vast alumni network can be tapped for potential roommates in NYC. Most schools have active groups or pages for their alumni that they can use for networking and, in this case, to find a roommate.

Even if you did not come from a New York college, your school might be offering NYC-based groups for their alumni.

4. Mixers and Meetups

Because of the abundance of people looking for roommates in New York, mixers and meetups specifically for roommate finding have already been established to fill the need.

Events such as these help people who are on the lookout to get together and find their perfect roommate match.

Speed Roommating, a roomie finder event hosted by SpareRoom, is kind of like the speed dating scene for the New York room owners in need.

These free-for-all bar nights can be a place to safely mingle over a few drinks while connecting over each other’s room photos and arrangements. Don’t hesitate to network and contact people that fit your roommate preferences.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist may have developed sort of a bad rep for harboring shady deals and ne’er-do-wells, but these are still outnumbered by several well-intentioned people who are just looking for a room for rent or a roommate.

Craigslist remains one of the best places to find lease owners or room-seekers in the city, albeit a bit old school, simply because of the big traffic of listings that the website receives every day.

The trick is to be smart when dealing with listings from Craigslist. Create your ads on the New York City Rooms & Shares page, making sure to be specific with your listing and clearly indicate important information.

Sift through the multitude of listings and search for those that fit your personal preferences. Make the most out of Craigslist’s keyword search to narrow down the posts to the most relevant to what you need and what you’re looking for. Practice due diligence to avoid being scammed or ending up with a bad roomie.

6. Reddit

Another unfiltered site for room and roommate searches is Reddit, which has long been an avenue for roommate finding before the arrival of designated websites and apps.

The community in the r/NYCApartments subreddit is sufficiently large with daily postings, so you’re sure to find many leads for potential roommates.

Like in a Craigslist hunt, you eliminate the middleman when you use Reddit, for better or worse.

It pays to be diligent when searching for rooms or roommates in Reddit because the postings go unfiltered, and it is up to you to verify whether the post is legitimate and trustworthy.

7. Roommate Finder Websites

Perhaps the easiest and most comprehensive way to search for roommates is through specialty websites and apps.

These websites are specifically designed for roommate finding, and they offer various features that can make your search much easier, such as advanced search options and in-depth roommate profiles.

Listings on these websites are often screened, so it gives you a good level of confidence that these rooms or people are verified and trustworthy.

Some roommate finders are completely free to use while others ask for a small fee when availing of advanced features.

What Websites To Use To Find A Roommate in NYC

Several apps and websites out there in the market cater to those searching for an apartment or room share in NYC.

Depending on your style of searching, these websites vary in the way they approach the roommate game. Here are just some of the best roommate finder NYC websites that you can use in your hunt:

1. SpareRoom

After a successful start in the UK, SpareRoom has since branched out into the US to help out those looking for a new room share. The website and its accompanying phone app are no-nonsense and are loaded with various features, such as a map, in-app messaging, and a powerful advanced search option.

SpareRoom also hosts regular Speed Roommating events in Manhattan and Brooklyn, where roommate-seekers and apartment-seekers can mingle and ideally find a good match. These mixers are super productive, and you can meet dozens of potential roommates in a night.

2. Diggz

Diggz operates much like Tinder but for room owners. After going through a comprehensive questionnaire that will ask you about specific lifestyle and preference questions, you will then be matched with the most fitting users based on the algorithm.

You can then “like” some of these profiles, and if they “like” you back, you can have a chat with some of them on the app before disclosing your email or other contact information. Diggz’s proprietary algorithm can help to simplify the whole process so you can reach the most relevant room owners immediately.

3. Roomi

Roomi is another popular flatmate finder that offers a freemium service for its users. The app is intuitively designed and loaded with important features such as stringent inspection of room listings and in-app chat options.

However, room-seekers need to pay a fee of $5 for an ID verification and $25 for a complete background check. This may seem a bit pricey, but it also builds a more secure platform and protects its users from scammers. Because of this human-monitored security, you can be given some serious peace of mind that it’s safe to chat and transact with Roomi’s verified profiles.

4. Listings Project

What started as a small passion project by a New York local, the Listings Project is now a full-fledged operation helping residents (mainly artists) connect with each other and find the city’s best living spaces.

Sign up for the Listings Project’s free weekly email newsletter, which brings together different room and apartment listings personally compiled by the project’s small but dedicated team.

There is a $30 fee for those who want to list an apartment in the newsletter. The tight list weeds out brokers and shady deals, so subscribers are guaranteed a curated and ultra-personal service.

5. Roomie Match

Compared to the other flatmate finder websites, Roomie Match is strictly intended for users to find a roommate, and thus it does not carry any apartment listings. Mate-seekers need to fill out a detailed questionnaire about their lifestyle and personal preferences, and Roomie Match aims to help by connecting users that best fit each other.

These curated matches are delivered daily to your email. You can choose to wait for someone else to contact you first, but if you want to take the initiative and contact potential roomies, you need to pay a $19.95 annual fee good for the whole year.

What Details Should I Include in My Listing?

No matter which method of roommate finding you pursue, the key to finding the best match for your needs and preferences is to be as specific with the details as much as possible. Some of the information that needs to be included are:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Employment status
  • Current living situation
  • Budget range
  • Target location
  • Move-in date
  • Personal preferences (pets, smoking, lifestyle, active hours, etc.)

If you already have a place and are looking to fill up the space, show several photos of the room, mention any amenities of the place, and include relevant information such as whether it’s a fee or no-fee kind of listing.

Being specific with your details makes sure that you narrow down the list and find the most relevant options for your search, especially if you’re using high-traffic websites such as Craigslist or Reddit.

Additionally, when using a roommate app, NYC room-seekers must try to make the most out of the app’s features. Share any and all details that your potential roommate may need to know about you or your living arrangements. Make sure that it’s a match for both parties.


Finding the perfect roommate in New York City may seem like hard work, but you’ll be surprised by how many decent people are out there in the streets searching for a roomie and an apartment just like you.

The best way to find roommates in NYC is by using multiple avenues that we’ve mentioned to maximize your search and make sure that your chosen person is someone you can live with. Looking to move around? Check out the best moving companies in NYC

Along with the help of different specialty websites and other ways of roommate searching, don’t forget to pair your search with vibe meetups and an exhaustive background check. After a diligent roommate hunt, we hope that you find a roommate that’s exactly who you’re looking for.


Best Neighborhoods in the Bronx, How Much To Tip Movers



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13 Best and Safe Neighborhoods in Queens

So you’ve decided to relocate and live in New York City — the Big Apple, the Empire State, the City That Never Sleeps. This is such a big move. And it may just be the most important decision you’ve made in your life thus far. Or you might just moving to a different borough.

The second most important decision would be where in New York City you’ll reside. For those on the lookout for a blend of urban amenities and suburban comfort, the borough of Queens may be a good jumping-off point when searching for the best place to call home.

Deciding on which Queens neighborhood to live in may become a bit of a challenge, however. Because it boasts of more than 90 neighborhoods to choose from, the most of any borough.

To help you choose which among the many neighborhoods will be the best fit for your needs and lifestyle, here’s a guide to some of the Queens neighborhoods that you should consider on your residential search.

What should I expect in Queens neighborhoods?

Diverse culture

In an urban setting historically popular amongst immigrants, Queens is the epitome of what is considered a multicultural community. In fact, Queens is noted as the most ethnically diverse urban area in the whole world. With more than 100 represented nations and speaking 138 different languages.

If you live in Queens, you can already have a glimpse of the world’s various corners, without ever having to leave the area. Being in New York City, the population is already very accepting of different cultures and this is especially true in Queens.

Great Food in Queens

With such a high level of diversity surely comes great food from all over the globe. Just from walking the streets of Queens, you can try out cuisines from China, India, Mexico, Korea, Germany, and so many other flavors.

Several restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and street food stalls constantly sprout up from the neighborhoods of Queens. And because immigrants usually offer them, all of these cuisines are authentic and homemade.

Reasonable Real Estate

One of Queens’s most attractive features is that it shares many of the urban attributes of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Only, you can expect a much more affordable price point.

Being the largest borough in New York, Queens has a wide variety of housing types in its neighborhoods. Ranging from single-family homes, condos, apartment complexes, to townhomes. The median monthly rentals and home listings are significantly lower.

Vibrant Atmosphere

The multitude of neighborhoods Queens have to offer are all sporting different personalities and charms that are ideal for every sort of New Yorker.

If you’re a young professional or hip millennial, you can find communities with easy commutes, a dynamic cultural scene, and buzzing nightlife. If you’re a family man, there are also several spacious dwellings near schools, parks, and friendly communities.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Queens?

Despite having a large population of over 2 million people, Queens is considered, for the most part, to be a safe place to live in. Having a crime rate lower than the national average.

These are some standout neighborhoods that you can consider if you want a peaceful and comfortable environment for you and your family to live in.

1. Rego Park

Rego Park, along with the neighboring Forest Hills, is highly regarded as one of the safest residential areas in New York City. It ranks sixth for the lowest per capita crime in the whole city. These two neighborhoods sharing the 112th precinct are widely coveted residential areas for its safe streets and friendly community.

2. Woodhaven

Woodhaven and Richmond Hill in southwestern Queens are great areas to raise a family. The 102nd precinct in this area records the lowest crime rate in the whole of Queens.

Living in Woodhaven are mainly middle-class families with single-family homes and low-rise apartments. The community is very welcoming. And there are several families here with different ethnicities, primarily South Asians and Latin Americans.

3. Bayside, Queens

This neighborhood in northeastern Queens constantly draws families that want to relocate to New York City — without losing the peaceful suburban life. It is also a highly sought-after area. Mainly because of its proximity to the best public schools in Queens. Like the rest of Queens, Bayside is also ethnically diverse and welcoming of various cultures.

Bayside is definitely one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods. In terms of crime rates, it’s found to be the third safest area in Queens.

4. Bellerose

Neighborhoods at the eastern edges of Queens, like Bellerose, almost do not feel like an area in the city. Removed from the busyness that the more urban types of neighborhood Queens possess, Bellerose boasts one of the safest and most peaceful residential areas in New York City.

If you’re looking for a suburban Queens neighborhood with big space and private backyards, Bellerose is a great option to consider.

What are the Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Queens?

The residential areas in western Queens that are closest to Manhattan are coincidentally the ones that are the most upscale and developed. These areas give you access to a lively art scene, swanky establishments, park vistas, and a bustling nightlife.

Staying in a high-enough residence may grant you the best view of the East River and the Manhattan skyline. Things that most people living in Manhattan do not get.

Of course, these developed residential areas often also translate into the most expensive. Their convenient proximity to Manhattan (we’re talking about a subway ride of 10 to 20 minutes) makes these neighborhoods very competitive, as well.

1. Astoria

Astoria is a slowly emerging neighborhood perfect for young professionals and the millennial crowd. Crowds who are in need of spacious living arrangements at a fraction of Manhattan’s real estate prices.

This young population has transformed Astoria into a hip and trendy neighborhood. But at the same time, it remains quaint and family-friendly at the core.

2. Long Island City

Long Island City (or LIC, as the locals call it) is a popular option if you want to distance yourself from the NYC core but still want to fully experience its vibrance and energy. Just a stone’s throw away from Manhattan, you can hop on the No. 7 line, and you’ll be in Midtown within 5 minutes.

But you may not even want to cross the East River because Long Island City is paced much like Manhattan in terms of culture and nightlife. The Long Island City neighborhood is one of the most coveted in Queens.

3. Ditmars Steinway

Another emerging neighborhood is Ditmars Steinway, which has been attracting the younger crowds that are coming from the neighboring Astoria.

It incorporates a more suburban feel compared to its neighboring areas, so residents are given larger spaces and a walking distance to various shopping centers.

What is the Best Area in Queens to Live in?

When deciding which Queens neighborhood you and your family will settle, there are several factors that need to be considered. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a new home.

Suppose you’re a young and budding professional. In that case, you want your neighborhood to have an affordable cost of living, be commutable to and from the business districts. You may want to also have easy access to different culture hotspots like art galleries, music venues, and movie theaters.

For the established family man looking to settle their family life in the suburbs, you want your neighborhood to have nearby competent public schools and host different activities and amenities. Like parks, restaurants, and grocery stores.

So aside from the safest and the most developed neighborhoods we’ve previously mentioned, here are some of the overall best Queens neighborhoods with everything you’ll ever need in a new home.

1. Forest Hills

The tree-lined streets, variety of parks, and beautiful cul-de-sacs of Forest Hills make it a highly sought-after area for new residents to settle into. Forest Hills is in a prime location near different restaurants, cafes, and an excellent school system.

There are different housing options available at Forest Hills. Making it an appealing option at different price points. Here you can rent a sizable studio apartment from a complex or find affordable single-family houses.

2. Flushing

There are only a few that compare to the neighborhood of Flushing for the perfect blend of urban and suburban features. There are spacious living spaces available here that tend to go much cheaper compared to neighboring areas. The housing options like single-family homes and co-op arrangements are also very affordable.

Perhaps the defining feature of Flushing is its unequaled food and lively nightlife. There is a big Asian community in Flushing, which has lead to one of the best Chinatowns in the country.

Here you can try various destination eateries and small boutiques that line the lively and welcoming streets. Flushing is one of the best residential areas in terms of cuisine, no doubt.

3. Sunnyside

Sunnyside is an ideal neighborhood for the professional looking for a place not too far from Manhattan but still offers a distinctly suburban atmosphere. Although Sunnyside has recently been undergoing several renovations, it still retains the small-town, middle-class appeal.

Sunnyside gives its residents the best of both worlds. By blending big stores and small, local boutiques and restaurants. Here you can select from a variety of apartment buildings, co-ops, and condo units.

4. Jamaica Estates

Belonging to the more upscale areas in Queens is the Jamaica Estates neighborhood. This is one of the best in terms of privacy and peacefulness Queens, but it’s also one of the most expensive.

Many of the houses here are large Tudor-style or colonial homes that sell for over 1 million dollars. This premium price tag comes with the proximity to various amenities, the best private schools, and the privacy not afforded in other neighborhoods.

5. Jackson Heights

If your idea of the perfect neighborhood is a lively community, Jackson Heights in northern Queens is a great option! Jackson Heights may be the most diverse community in Queens, with a large mix of Latino, Hispanic, South Asian, and Southeast Asian populations.

Such a varied kaleidoscope of cultures creates a busy and welcoming food scene and lifestyle. The price tag of housing options is also cheaper compared to neighboring areas. Jackson Heights is also a stone’s throw away from different public schools and kid-friendly amenities, making it one of the best communities for families and their kids to grow up in.

6. Kew Gardens

Another favorite amongst families is Kew Gardens in central Queens. This neighborhood’s abundance of green spaces, winding streets, and quiet appeal will surely resonate with the family with little kids or the young professional looking for a respite from the bustle of more urban areas.

The price points of housing arrangements in Kew Gardens generally go cheaper compared to Forest Hills, making this an affordable option for families and solo residents.

7. Ridgewood

An up-and-coming location in southern Queens is the Ridgewood. A neighborhood that’s bordering Brooklyn. Ridgewood shares many of Brooklyn’s artsy culture. So this area is teeming with hip bars, art museums, and community spaces. Making it an ideal home for the millennials and the younger crowds. The commute is also quite easy, with subway lines available going to either Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Compared to Long Island City, Ridgewood is not yet as urbanized. Thus allowing for cheaper options in terms of housing and cost of living. The living spaces are also considerably larger compared to the shoebox apartments of Manhattan.

In Conclusion

This list only covers a few of the 91 neighborhoods you can choose from when deciding where you’ll want to live in Queens, New York. By accounting for the different factors considered when selecting a neighborhood – price point, location and proximity, commute, and overall charm – we’ve narrowed it down to this select few best neighborhoods. Are you looking to move around? Check out the best moving companies in Queens

Still, the best way to find the right neighborhood for you is to see Queens’s beauty for yourself. You’re sure to find the perfect neighborhood that works just right for what you’re looking for in a new home.


Savoy Restaurant in NYC SoHo

“Savoy, a restaurant mainstay of the SoHo neighborhood for more than 20 years, will close on Saturday, June 18, 2011. SINCE 1990 Savoy, in SoHo, was a pioneer in cooking with local and seasonal ingredients.”-NYT

“Savoy has always been a Greenmarket-showcasing pioneer, starting in 1990 when Hoffman and his wife, Susan Rosenfeld, opened its doors in what had been a shiny luncheonette. (And before that, a barber shop: The old painted pole still stands guard in the downstairs dining room.) Savoy has since steadied city souls with its über-sustainable sustenance: A crusty wedge of real bread redolent with rustic local grains and slathered with cultured Vermont butter; a snarl of saber-toothed dandelion greens slicked with anchovy dressing and crowned with a slow-poached egg laid by a hen Hoffman may have even met.”- ediblemanhattan

Since closing down Savory, Hoffman replace it with BackFortyNYC Resturant

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13 Best and Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

New York, dubbed as the biggest city in the world. Home to some of the most famous personalities, infrastructure, streets, and neighborhoods.

In a land where main offices and branches of the world’s biggest companies dwell, the promise of never-ending opportunities attracts countless people to travel from far to start a life in New York.

The dilemma is choosing which part of New York should you buy your house from?

If you have the same question, then Brooklyn is a great starting point for you.

It’s near Manhattan, known as the heart of New York. Its neighborhoods are a great blend of urban and suburban areas to give you plenty of options. The transportation, leisure activities, and posh restaurants available are also not lacking.

You can enjoy all of these perks in Brooklyn while getting a house or apartment, which is two (2) times more affordable compared to areas around Manhattan.

Additionally, the diverse neighborhood of Brooklyn can accommodate your needs as a professional or as a family. So what are you waiting for?

Check out these lists of neighborhoods across Brooklyn, categorized according to the particular needs and priorities of aspiring New Yorkers.

Safest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Whoever you are, and your circumstances may be, relocating to a new and unfamiliar place meant that the safety of the environment should be on top of your list.

Through consulting the NYC crime map and various insightful stories of residents of different neighborhoods, the following came as the top safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn for the past few years.

1. Borough Park

Labeled as one of the safest neighborhoods of Brooklyn from 2019 to 2020 — with a crime rate of 2 crimes per 1,000 residents.

Families or individuals who plan to relocate to build their family in NYC can enjoy this place where families coming from different races are densely populated.

2. Bay Ridge

As Bay Ridge have ample distance from the densely populated areas of New York (while still having the proper transportation accessibility, like trains and ferries) made this section of the borough one of the safe neighborhoods in Brooklyn. A great place to settle down both for its low crime rate and affordable housing prices.

3.Brooklyn Heights

Aside from Brooklyn Heights recently becoming synonymous with trendy and hippy, this spot of the borough had been known as one of America’s first suburban areas, one of the contributing reasons why Brooklyn Heights continues to be one of the safest places to live across New York City.

Best Area to Live in Brooklyn for Families

Less hustle and bustle but still near the busier and more urban areas of NYC. A great environment providing recreational areas, offices to work at, transportation, and quality institutions.

Those are some of the aspects taken into consideration to provide this list of the best areas to live in Brooklyn for families.

While plenty of options out of this list are available — the rates, safety, and accessibility these places offer makes us believe that these spots are the cream of the crop from the 77 neighborhoods you can find across Brooklyn.

1. Carroll Gardens

The lack of towering skyscrapers can make you forget that Carroll Gardens still belongs to NYC.

But it’s that suburban, homey feeling of Carroll Gardens made it ideal to raise a family where you don’t want your spouse and children tolerating the noise of a busy urban area.

The friendly community, composed mainly of families, gives off a great environment to live in, where neighbors are friendly to each other.

Plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, and other facilities are also easily accessible at Carroll Garden, making it easier to shop or have a family bonding time during the weekends.

2. Cobble Hill

Experience an upscale residential area, where you can get great waterfront views, in a quaint neighborhood, while still being near from Manhattan and other major sites of NYC.

Cobble Hill used to be one of the affordable areas of Brooklyn; however prices are recently rising, which meant that the area is thriving.

While an increase in median prices may not sound good for those who are looking for affordable places. Families who can shell out more will surely enjoy Cobble Hill’s continuous development.

After all, a thriving community meant better access to facilities and amenities which might be hard to come by to more rural areas of the borough.

3. Boerum Hill

A neighborhood just right next to Cobble Hill. South of downtown Brooklyn, and half an hour away from Manhattan.

Your family will surely love the laid-back and casual atmosphere of the neighborhood.

While the brick and brownstone townhouses that lined streets of the Boerum Hill — known for its vintage and spacious interior, gives the family plenty of options to get a place where everyone can fit comfortably.

Additionally, the area has a fair share of public and private schools where kids can attend.

Lastly, through the nearby Atlantic Terminal, you can also enjoy better accessibility on traveling across neighborhoods and boroughs.

Boerum Hill is one of the best places you can look in Brooklyn if you want your home to be half an hour away from major sites of NYC like Manhattan — while still enjoying a quaint neighborhood lined with trees for a breath of fresh air from the busy city.

4. Park Slope

Park Slope is one of the hottest area family’s looks for when settling down in Brooklyn.

The area is known for its low crime rates, safe neighborhood, exceptional public, and private schools within or near the neighborhood, and quiet night time.

As one of the neighborhood which borders Prospect park — the second largest park of NYC. You can expect to experience the ease of access to one of the best recreational areas in NYC.

Prospect park is filled with picnic areas, gardens, a lake, and plenty of areas filled with greenery to stroll around.

If the idea of growing up with your family in a neighborhood where everyone can enjoy nature activities nearby, then looking at Park Slope to get your new home is an option you shouldn’t miss.

5. Fort Greene

Fort Greene’s transportation accessibility to Manhattan, nearby neighborhoods, and other boroughs made this area of Brooklyn a great spot for a family who are working or attending school across different parts of New York.

While Fort Greene has a laid back feel to it, Fort Greene is far from suburban. Being the location of some of the most prominent institutions made the area teeming with people from far and wide.

One of the most notable establishments is the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).

BAM is known as the face of the progressive avant-garde movement in arts and had been the oldest performing arts center where artists across NYC and the United States gather.

6. Red Hook

If accessibility is not your family’s priority then Red Hook belongs to the list of Brooklyn neighborhoods you should put on top of your prospective locations.

With the majority of the area still industrial, makes discovering off beaten shops a feeling of adventure. If you’re looking for a laid-back neighborhood with a close-knit community to raise your family, then Red Hook is for you.

The neighborhood is bordered by a body of water, creates a picturesque backdrop you can always enjoy when watching the sunrise, and fall from the horizon.

Red Hook is not for fans of nightlife — instead, its the perfect escape every time you want to take a rest from NYC’s neverending activities.

Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Singles

Hello single ladies and gentlemen, while the neighborhoods listed from the list earlier are also great places to consider when you’re looking for a place to move in, there are better places and more options for you to choose from that can accommodate frequent needs for mobile and part loving singles.

This list are curated based on singles who are looking for great places to mingle but still want their happy place to be near their home.

With affordable rents and a safe environment for those who always need to be away from their apartment for their 9 to 5 job.

1. Williamsburg

Williamsburg may not be as affordable as it used to be, but paying extra to live on Williamsburg is worth it.

The neighborhood is less than a 10-minute drive away from Manhattan and is home to lots of young professionals and families who also commute to other boroughs.

If you’re a big fan of socializing with locals and tourists from other boroughs or state, then McCarren Park— a known activity center of the area will amaze you.

With plenty of sports facilities, where festivals and events are held throughout the year — your life at Williamsburg will never dull.

2. Greenpoint

Looking for a neighborhood where you can emulate your love for art and fashion? Then, Greenpoint is for you.

A beautiful place where the majority of residents and establishments had been around for years, creates a close community relationship.

Perfect for those who want to become a part of a neighborhood where everyone seems to know anyone, and neighbors are more akin to close friends.

While it’s a two-train commute to Manhattan may seem a hassle to some. the neighborhood is still within a few minutes away; Therefore, the travel from Greenpoint to Manhattan is still fast and easy.

Plus, the lack of notoriety of the neighborhood compared to other places makes the stroll around Greenpoint a delight to hunt for hidden gems. An experience hard to achieve when you’re in more popular and populated neighborhoods.

3. Gowanus

Budding and established artists usually go to Gowanus for affordable prices. Thus, the advent of artists in the area made Gowanus as a famous artistic scene.

You will surely love the industrial backdrop and tree-lined streets of the neighborhood, together with the view of the Gowanus Creek.

This place is also a great place for people who wants a quaint atmosphere to go back to at the end of the day, but still have great access to famous entertainment areas to have fun with colleagues and friends.

4. Bushwick

Bushwick recently had been receiving gentrification, a movement towards the neighborhood’s continuous improvement.

Despite that, through the community’s friendly atmosphere, Bushwick retained its homey vibe.

While the neighborhood doesn’t have the best bars and restaurants for single new yorkers to party and mingle — many are still attracted to move into Bushwick because of its affordable rents.

Young professionals can also take advantage of this opportunity to get an affordable place while being an hour away from Manhattan.

5. Prospect Heights

If you’re single and planning to mingle, then Prospect Heights offers some of the best perks you can get in terms of nightlife access and property prices.

While the Prospect Heights is known for its lively bars and restaurants, heavy traffic is not common in the area.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to spend your weekend (by yourself or with your date), you can take advantage of the nearby Brooklyn Museum, to enjoy a leisure time of admiring pieces of historical and cultural art pieces.

Best Neighborhood in Brooklyn to Live In

Bedford-Stuyvesant is the dream of every lover of Victorian architecture. The rich historical district filled with well-preserved 19th-century infrastructure is appealing to anyone visiting Bedford-Stuyvesant to look for a prospective place to rent or buy a house.

However, behind its beautiful facade is some of the insiders’ information about residents complaining to unpleasant neighbors. Of course, all areas have their share of worst neighbor experience and may brush off these experiences these residents to be no big deal.

While unfriendly neighbors can be tolerated, the steady increase in crime rate in Bedford-Stuyvesant is a fact that can’t be easily ignored.

According to NYC’s crime map, there had been a continuous increase in crime cases per 1000 residents in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The beauty and affordability of Bedford-Stuyvesant are undeniable, and it’s not a neighborhood you need to avoid at all costs. It’s a place which is still undergoing continuous development and improvement (this includes safety and security of the residents); Therefore, sooner or later we can expect great news from this underrated beautiful neighborhood of Brooklyn

The Richest Part of Brooklyn

While Brooklyn may not be the center of NYC — the borough frequents the list of aspiring New Yorkers when considering the best places to relocate to NYC.

Its that fame and distance to NYC’s center made Brooklyn a consecutive titleholder of becoming one of NYC’s richest neighborhoods across the boroughs.

Amongst, the selection of NYC’s richest spots, Brooklyn is competing for the richest spot through some of its neighborhoods which had been developing and rapidly becoming centers of trends and business for recent years.

Out of the 77 unique neighborhoods of Brooklyn, the following are hailed as Brooklyn’s top richest neighborhoods for the past few years:


  • Sales Median: $4,400,000
  • Median Asking Apartment: $10,500

Dumbo, formerly referred to as Gairville — is now known as “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” or more commonly called as Dumbo, an abbreviation born out of its role of bridging Brooklyn and Manhattan, which made the area as the welcoming point for travelers coming from the borough of Manhattan.

As the bridge towards the heart of NYC, Dumbo is known as a spot brimming with day and night activities, filled with trendy shops, new businesses, and beautiful streets and skyscraper backdrops from the nearby Manhattan.

Additionally, Dumbo’s role as a passageway between boroughs towards the heart of NYC helped the place kept its throne to be part of the richest spots in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Heights

  • Sales Median: $ 3, 814,000
  • Median Asking Rent: $10, 429

That’s right, Brooklyn is belongs to one of the safest and richest neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

With the areas’ accessibility to — if not all, then most of the best facilities, amenities, shops, and recreational areas in Brooklyn, it’s understandable why many are willing to pay more to live in this part of Brooklyn.

The well-developed neighborhood with great access to trendy shops, transportation, and nature-themed recreational area, had been the biggest selling point of Brooklyn Heights’ continuous rise in sales median and median asking rent.

Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill

  • Sales Median: $3,000,000
  • Median Asking Rent: $5,900

The laid-back and homey environment of these neighborhoods may surprise people to see them on this list.

However, the continuous development and improving a commercial area of these spots in Brooklyn boosted them to skyrocket in the list of the richest part of the borough.

As you see, New York City is not just all about Manhattan. Different boroughs like Brooklyn can also offer you the same accessibility, facilities, and amenities you can receive from staying at NYC’s center. Are you looking to move around? Check out the best movers in Brooklyn, NYC

Always bear in mind, do not limit your options when choosing a new place to one borough alone.

Looking into different areas across NYC can give you a wider list of neighborhoods you can choose from, giving you plenty of choices and chances of seeing the best place that fits your needs and priorities.

9 Best and Safest Neighborhoods in the Bronx

Living at Bronx, New York City is not favored by many. But gone are the days when the whole borough is shunned for its high crime rates, unpleasant environment, and unfriendly residents.

For the past couple of years, the Bronx has been developing and improving the borough.

Today, the Bronx neighborhoods are steadily becoming better. And are currently seen as appealing neighborhoods to live in for aspiring New Yorkers.

According to the official NYC crime map, there are even large Bronx areas where crime rates are low and progressively dropping.

For more information about the borough, you can check out the Bronx’s best neighborhoods’ breakdown to see in-depth information on what you can expect when you live in the Bronx area.

Bear in mind that conducting a personal ocular inspection of the borough is the best way to gauge the best options to tick off your priorities and needs for your new home.

What to Expect Living in Bronx, NYC

Before listing the best neighborhoods in the Bronx, it’s best to know what to expect first around this borough.

Knowing better the borough’s current status as a whole can also give other skeptical people why Bronx today is one the best boroughs to look for when relocating to New York City.

Quality Education

Bronx features the most number of school institutions across all five boroughs of NYC. So if you’re moving in as a family and have kids attending school, you won’t need to worry about receiving quality education.

Breath of Fresh Air

New York City is famous as a place that never sleeps. Sometimes that exposure to city life 24/7 can wear down people. Thankfully, Bronx’s land area, known as the one with the most available parks, provides residents plenty of places to recuperate in nature.

Some of these famous parks are the New York botanical park and Van Cortland Park, to name a few.


With the subway and trains available in the borough, transportation from the Bronx to the nearby Manhattan are much easier.

Suppose you take public transportation to travel across the two boroughs. In that case, the Bronx’s transportation system provides ease of access to going back and forth across different neighborhoods and boroughs.

Best Real Estate Prices

With NYC’s popularity, it’s common knowledge that living in New York doesn’t come cheap.

However, for those who still want to live the city life New York promises, while not being a burden by expensive housing cost, Bronx offers some of the best neighborhoods in NYC to get affordable rent and house.

People moving in with their family or planning to start a family will love the extensive choices of single-family and multi-family houses.

Some are also arguing that the Bronx has the best price to housing size ratio. Most of their mid-rise apartments and houses have a bigger land area, compared to places in Queens with a similar price tag.

Cultural Diversity

It’s nothing new that people from across the globe can be found in New York, and the same thing applies to the Bronx.

People from different parts of the world and the United States are becoming more open with looking at the Bronx as a prospect borough to get their new place.

The influx of people also helped made the Bronx a melting pot of culture. Diversity can also help you be more at ease and welcome in a community brimming with people from different parts of the world.

Safe Neighborhoods in Bronx

You heard it right, Bronx features safe neighborhoods. Plenty of them.

With the reforms and development happenings, most parts of the Bronx have lower crime rates, especially if it is compared to Manhattan.

As mentioned earlier, the Bronx’s horrible reputation is mostly from the situations people experienced or heard from the borough, which actually happened decades ago.

A significant portion of Bronx today has greatly improved from its old reputation of being ‘dangerous.’ Some of the listed neighborhoods under precincts are even known as one of the safest precincts across NYC.

More parts of the Bronx are now improving for the past decades The following neighborhoods are considered the safest areas across the borough, curated according to the residents’ first-hand experience and the statistical reports of the declining crime rates of these neighborhoods for the past couple of years.

1. Morris Park

Morris Park is under the 49th precinct jurisdiction, also known as the safest precinct in the Bronx. It’s no wonder why Morris Park will be at the top of this list.

Morris Park’s precinct is also famous for being the second safest precinct across the boroughs of NYC.

If your safety is your priority, Morris Park’s precinct title is an outstanding way of ensuring you’re NYC life will be built in a safe environment.

2. Riverdale

Riverdale consisted of well-manicured neighborhoods where the rich and wealthy used to visit during their summer holidays.

Riverdale’s Neighborhood has a suburban feeling while being an arm’s length away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Many New Yorkers who experience living across different parts of NYC also vouch that Riverdale is one of the safest neighborhoods to live in.

3. Pelham Bay

Pelham Bay has continuously successful at providing better safety measures to the community.

That fact is reflected in the continuous dropping crime rates in the Neighborhood for the past few years.

The Neighborhood’s safety will put you more at ease on strolling at the nearby Pelham Bay Park — one of the most famous parks, which are three times the size of Central Park.

4. Bedford Park

If you want a quaint neighborhood where your rest won’t be disturbed by the noise of nightlife entertainment, then Bedford is the place you belong to.

With a crime rate of 1.2060 crimes per 1,000 residents, Bedford Park is where you can feel safe and at peace.

Moreover, as a neighborhood close to the New York Botanical Garden, you can have a place to quickly take refuge to enjoy nature.

5. Spuyten Duyvil

Spuyten Duyvil is the dutch translation of “In spite of the Devil.”

Despite the peculiar and negative sound of the Neighborhood’s name, Spuyten Duyvil is one of the safest neighborhoods across the Bronx.

With an area near Riverdale, which is also known for its safety, Spuyten Devil also bears the same reputation.

Residents are commonly older people who might be the reason for its low crime rate.

Young professionals do not worry, while the Neighborhood is not famous for its nightlife — Spuyten Devil, on top of the areas’ safety, has great access to transportation to take you around Bronx and Manhattan.

Best Neighborhood to Live in the Bronx?

1. Fordham

Fordham offers the best of both worlds in terms of city life and nature escapade.

A nearby Metro-North rail line can easily transport you to midtown Manhattan. While the famous Fordham road is home to one of Bronx’s busiest streets, featuring a stretch of shopping and dining districts.

Fordham is also one of the best New York City neighborhoods for people who love nature as the New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo are within the Neighborhood. Kids and adults have plenty of places to visit and enjoy the weekend.

If you’re a fan of Italian cuisine, then the nearby Arthur Avenue, also known as Little Italy — a place you don’t want to miss.

Located at the Neighborhood of Belmont, Arthur Avenue features a great selection of bakeries, restaurants, groceries, and more. It’s a great place to taste Italy just a few minutes away from the Fordham neighborhood.

As you see, Fordham offers a selection of facilities and amenities that can make your life in this Neighborhood easy and exciting.

2. Kingsbridge

As Kingsbridge is right next to Manhattan, the Neighborhood’s popularity rose for the new incoming NYC residents. Additionally, access to D train and Metro-North Road Railroad provides residents the options on traveling to the nearby borough with ease. This access increased Kingsbridge’s appeal to the public.

As the Neighborhood is perched near the hills, provides a picturesque scenery and beautiful landscape.

The area is also known as one of the best neighborhoods NYC can offer in terms of diversity in nature-inspired recreational activities.

Van Cortlandt Park, one of the most famous parks within the Neighborhood and across NYC, offers numerous activities for visitors to do.

Visitors of Van Cortlandt Park can enjoy hiking, visiting vintage houses, access to a soccer and baseball field, and more.

Plenty of single-family houses can also be found across the Neighborhood of Kingsbridge, making the area feel less crowded.

3. Mott Haven

The earlier neighborhoods are more beneficial for people going across the borough through public transportation. However, if you prefer driving around using your car, then Mott Haven is a better place for you.

With roads and bridges interconnected with Queens and Manhattan’s boroughs, made traveling around Mott Haven more accessible to private vehicles.

The area around the neighborhood is mostly residential—providing apartment and house seekers greater options in choosing a new place.

Like most Bronx neighborhoods, Mott Haven also offers plenty of parks for people to stroll around.

While Mott Haven doesn’t have the best reputation, most of it comes from the stigma of the past.

As mentioned, Bronx neighborhoods are continuously improving. Mott Haven is one of the areas showing great results on turning over from its past reputation.

4. Concourse

Lots of people are dreaming of living in NYC. Making apartments and houses sell like fast. Thankfully, a recent housing project had taken place in Concourse, opening hundreds of apartments, restaurants, and retail spaces.

The recent housing project can give buyers houses, apartments, and commercial areas more options for starting a new home or business in NYC while staying affordable.

People looking for accessibility to Manhattan will love the proximity of the area to the borough.

The abundance of parks and lack of towering buildings give residents of Concourse the perk of admiring the open sky. Likewise, visitors from more populated areas of NYC can have a quick escape from the city.

Fans of sports will also love the Yankee Stadium, where you can enjoy live events or visit during the off-season to stroll around the area.

What is The Richest Neighborhood of the Bronx?

The Bronx is the borough going under people’s radar, but that doesn’t mean that the Bronx does not bear a rich neighborhood.

As of 2020, some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the Bronx are Riverdale and Pelham Bay.

Riverdale topping the richest neighborhoods in the Bronx is not surprising. With the area being known as the locations of countless family houses of the rich and wealthy — on top of its excellent security measurements, as seen on the low crime rates, it’s normal to see housing prices around the neighborhood area skyrocketing.

Pelham Bay, on the other hand, boasts of facilities, amenities, and accessibility to commercial areas, transportation systems, and recreational places. Its reputation is of being one of the safest neighborhoods in the borough. it’s no wonder why Pelham Bay is increasingly becoming an expensive option when living in Bronx, NYC.

Most Dangerous Neighborhood of Bronx

We repeatedly sang praises of the newly improved Bronx. However, just like any other place, the Bronx still shares some bad neighborhoods that need improvement.

Brownsville is currently the Neighborhood with the highest crime rate to resident ratio.

The good news is that Brownsville, along with the other neighborhoods, is currently moving towards better advancement. While Brownsville is still dubbed by many as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in NYC — the crime rates of the area had been slowly declining.

In conclusion:

Hopefully, the list relieves you of the Bronx safety issues that are rampant across the internet. The serious dangers lurking throughout the Bronx is an old tale now. Are you looking to move around? Check out the best movers in Bronx, NYC

The borough is continuously progressing and improving its reputation and is currently seeing great results for the past decades.

9 Best and Safest Neighborhoods in NYC(Manhattan)

You saved up and finally have enough money to live in New York City (NYC). Congratulations on being one step away on achieving the dream of living in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world.

You planned everything for a long time, including how big you want your place to be, the amenities you want your NYC home to have, the distance of the nearest branch of your favorite restaurant, and so much more.

However, before going through your list of must-have facilities when renting your new place, make sure to also research on which sites are considered as the least and safest neighborhoods in NYC, to save you the headache of constantly worrying about you and your family’s safety once you settle in your new place.

What Is The Best Area To Live In Manhattan New York City?

The dream of living in New York includes our yearning to experience urban life.

A place where you can walk around busy streets, well-known shops, and nearby parks.

Luckily, New York has a great selection of neighborhoods where you can experience the city life while living in a safe part.

The following are some of the neighborhoods considered to have the best accessibility to all kinds of day and nightlife areas, and great apartment prices, all while having low crime rates:


New York’s Tribeca was hailed as the top 5 richest zip code in the United States by Bloomberg, but other than rich neighbors.

Tribeca also offers so much accessibility and safety to its residents that it became one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for a new home.

Another great reason to live in this upscale downtown area of Manhattan is to get a chance to spot some of your favorite celebrities. After all, with Tribeca’s popularity, many public figures reside in this part of the neighborhood. If you’re lucky enough, you might pass by one of them on one of your commutes.

Additionally, Tribeca’s neighborhood as one of the least number of crime rates, making it an ideal place to buy a home and settle down.

Battery Park City

Living at the heart of NYC’s busiest borough, people do not expect to experience a suburban quiet life.

But that environment is possible and available at Battery Park City.

It’s the best neighborhood in New York, especially for those who are looking for abundant outdoor space, playgrounds, accessibility to quality school to send your children, and friendly neighbors which mostly consist of families too. The area’s crime rate is also low, considering its high population density.

Flatiron District

Flatiron District is home to one of the most iconic buildings of New York, the Flatiron building.

If you’re looking to live your New York City life while living in an affordable and safe area, then Flatiron District is a great option.

Despite the low apartment rates, the spot is within walking distance from popular shops, restaurants, entertainment districts, and other facilities, commonly found on other more upscale and expensive neighborhoods of NYC.

Upper West Side

Considering Upper West Side sits near the busiest locations of Manhattan.

The area has the low crime rate and accessibility to one of NYC’s most famous and largest parks which is the central park.

It makes the Upper West Side a strong contender in terms of safety and beauty of the environment.

Washington Heights

Holding the title as the top 2 safest neighborhood in Manhattan from 2019 to 2020 — Washington Heights holds the record of 11 crimes per 1,000 residents. With an expansive area for greenery, you can expect to have a place where you can bike, stroll and jog, away from the usual smoke and noise pollution.

Upper East Side

This part of NYC, have almost the same accessibility and distance to most areas around its vicinity.

While its crime rate is slightly higher compared to the upper west side — the Upper Eastside has a record of 12 crimes per 1,000 residents in 2019-2020.

It’s comparatively lower median rent is ideal for those looking for the same experience as the Upper Westside area.

What Are The Safest Areas In NYC To Hang-out?

Now that you have prospect areas of the best places to look at when choosing your new home in New York, the next thing you should know is the best New York City neighborhoods you can visit for hanging out.

I know you already have a long list of tourist spots to see, but to give you more options to hang out with your friends and family, we compiled some of the best neighborhoods in NYC to visit where you can have fun.

These areas are also considered one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. You don’t know the environment of these places might captivate you, so you can also consider hunting for your new apartment in these places.

Greenwich Village

Take a breather from NYC’s towering skyscrapers when you visit the Greenwich Village.

While lacking in modern buildings commonly found across NYC, Greenwich Village is still considered one of the best neighborhoods to visit.

Its well-maintained old townhouses and neighborhoods, with some structures as old as the 19th century. They are eye candies for those who want to score a cute picture for their next social media posts.


If you’re a lover of art, museum, and vintage buildings, you will surely feel at home at Chelsea.

One of the best neighborhood NYC has to offers.

It’s an extensive list of spots you can visit to retrace some of New York’s oldest history.

Lots of beautiful scenery, its a place where you can let loose at bars, or enjoy museum hopping to quench your love for art.

Murray Hill

Due to the great presence of Asian shop variety and residents of the area, Muray Hill has been dubbed as the Curry Hill or Little India of Manhattan.

While this spot is not on top of NYC’s best neighborhoods for nightlife and entertainment, the quaint atmosphere and affordable prices of housing and meals on this place make Murray Hill a great neighborhood to chill and live while being near the busier parts of NYC.

What Is The Safest Part Of New York City?

New York is divided into five different boroughs. Each has its own dangerous and safest neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a borough with the safest neighborhoods in NYC, Tribeca is the best place to consider.

According to the official government website of NYC’s crime map, it stated that this NYC borough, despite its big land area, this borough had been dubbed to have the safest places to live in New York City in 2020.

It’s clear that this reputation will remain for the coming years because of its low population density, and how the place have adequate distance from the heart of New York’s busiest spots.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in NYC

Now that we know the best place to look for your new home when considering safety above all else, it is equally important to know what part of NYC you should be extra careful when visiting.

Through referencing the NYC crime map to check for crime rates NYC had across the city for the past year, we can see that the domain within the Manhattan South Precinct’s.

The precinct compromise of the theater district, garment district, Koreatown, and midtown south, are the places which can be considered as the least safe neighborhoods of NYC — with a crime rate of 49 to 133 crime per 1000 residents during the beginning of January 2019 through the end of January 2020, it’s best to be extra careful when you’re around this places.

No need to completely avoid this neighborhood but It’s best to take extra precautions when going through these places; However, bear in mind that being alert of your surroundings for your safety is a practice you must always exercise whichever place you choose to live or walk around, may it be in New York or somewhere else.


Going through these precautions may sound laborious. However, living in NYC, where the city never sleeps, meant that crimes also have more opportunities to happen.

That’s why you have to be more proactive when making decisions to ensure that your home and your favorite hang-out areas are places where you can peacefully relax without worrying about your safety.


How Much To Tip Movers, Best Moving Companies In NYC – Best Movers Manhattan

How Much To Tip Movers 2021

One of the critical turning points in our life is when we move to a new place, also the most stressful. You will have a lot of preparations and packing you need to do.

Then you will be driving across cities and then unpack. The last thing you’ll want is realizing you’ve forgotten a family heirloom or something valuable.

Events like this show the importance of receiving assistance from a moving company who can be there to ease the burden of your move. Getting help from professional movers will make your relocation much more comfortable and quicker

Although all moving companies are there to help you relocate — not all of them are created equal. Some might give you more stress than you bargain for.

That’s why taking a step back to research the Best Movers in New York diligently and consult your peers on what reputable company should you place your trust into will ensure a hassle-free experience.

Advantages Of Hiring A Moving Company

Hiring a moving company is not cheap — on top of the moving costs, you also need to pay for extra service that you need and tips for the crew.

It’s the same reason why most people doubt the use and importance of asking the assistance of an entire team of people to move the furniture of their apartment to their new home.

Suppose you’re considering the time and effort needed to clean your apartment and transport everything across the border. In that case, you will be saving yourself the frustration and hardship of relocation when you let the professionals handle the job.

Suppose you’re still skeptical about the importance of hiring a moving company. In that case, the following perks can guide you about the in-depth information on services you can expect from movers. The reason why having one is a must-have service to get when relocating.

Transport Furniture Safely

It’s not a one-person job to move big and heavy furniture, forcing to carry them by yourself may result in accidents or damage to the items.

Movers who always work in teams have better chances of loading and unloading your furniture safely and efficiently.

Relocation services include the transportation of your items to your new place. This saves you money on car rentals if you don’t have one or don’t know how to drive.

No furniture left behind

Moving companies create an inventory list of items they will move. This service ensures everything you need to carry with you will be packed securely, saving us the time of going back and forth to our old place to retrieve forgotten items during the packing and loading stage.

Systematic Process

Dealing with a reliable company meant receiving the workflow efficiency developed and practiced by well-trained professionals.

They can ensure the safety of your items throughout the relocation process.

Additionally, if you’re not the biggest fan of packing your items, then moving companies offer extra service to put everything in boxes and label them accordingly.

This assures you that you will have no problem unpacking furniture and appliances the crew unload them.

The team leader of the movers will also guide you on where each item is placed. To remember everything better, you can participate in guiding the crew during the unloading of boxes to their respective areas at your new home.

Clean and Sanitize Items

With the current COVID 19 pandemic, it’s understandable to question the safety of letting strangers move and touch your items.

Moving companies understand their customers’ dilemma, and had been taking intensive precautions to ease the customers’ worry.

Ensuring their items and the movers who will be involved in the service area clean and sanitize.

Companies ensure regular temperature checks of crews, administering the normalization of carrying their hand sanitizers and securing protective equipment (PPE) for each mover.

The accessibility of electronic payments is also rapidly implemented to prevent further physical contact with clients.

All of these tasks and movement sounds like a hassle, especially if you’re planning to do them alone. This is why hiring a team of professionals is recommended to ease us, home movers, the stress of going through all these processes to reach our new home.

Do You Tip Movers?

Now that I’ve laid out all the advantages of getting help from professional movers, this poses another question.

Do I tip movers? The answer is a no-brainer. Yes, it would be best if you tipped movers.

I’ve detailed how moving houses can be stressful if done just by yourself, so imagine all the head-ache hiring a mover saved you? Aside from the movers saving you time, it freed up your schedule from unnecessary stress.

Giving tips to movers is a sign of gratitude for all the help they have done —– and that’s a lot of hard work. The moving crew also feels rewarded with their job performance, especially long-distance movers, when they are given cash tips.

How Much Should You Tip Movers In NYC?

Similar to most industries, 15-20% of the total bill is the customary amount you can follow when tipping movers. However, not everyone can shell out the standard tip.

After all, moving costs are expensive as it is, that’s why it’s okay not to stick to the percentage rule — giving that much tip is not an obligation.

How Much Do You Tip A Mover For 4 Hours?

In situations where you can’t cover the standard tip, you can consider showing gratitude to the crew according to the time spent moving from point A to point B.

As a rough guide of how much tip movers receives, you can give a $10-15 tip per person for a half-day of travel (4 hours).

How Much To Tip The Movers For A Full Day Move?

For a long-distance move or a job, that took a full day (8 hours) you should tip your movers $20-30 tip per mover. Giving the movers more than this estimation is highly appreciated.

Helping you move for the whole duration of their shift, without rest, especially for the driver, is a commendable job that deserves greater gratitude.

Can I Tip Movers In Kind Like Food Or Drinks?

What if you want to express gratitude, but you’re short on cash? How to tip movers on cases where moving costs alone took so much from you?

Do not worry; movers are not demanding or press you for a tip.

They will appreciate it if you can give them some meal or drink, especially for long-distance movers or for movers who work at the height of the heat or the cold.

However, this is not considered a tip. The movers are hired professionals; it’s best to tip your movers with cash.

If finances are too tight, providing a meal is one way of tipping movers. Mostly the crew won’t expect tips when you treat them with a meal, but for generous clients, food and drinks can act as another form of thank you to the crew on top of the tip you will give to them.

What Is An Appropriate Tip for Movers

Aside from the per hour or percentage guideline, other factors can also play to determine the appropriate amount you should tip to movers.

Before we proceed, some of you might be puzzled about the importance of how much to tip your movers.

The answer is simple; movers are within the service industry, also known as one of the industries with the toughest work duties.

Dealing with customers while always staying respectful is the daily life of customer service front liners. Despite their mentally and physically taxing workloads, most of them do not receive enough payment equivalent to the effort and time they put on their work.

Rewarding these hard-working movers to show our appreciation to their dedication to assist clients, even during these trying times of pandemic, is enough reason to commend the team.

I can’t stress it enough; make sure you tip movers. Other factors of the relocation process that you can consider to change the tip you can give to your movers.

Guide On How To Tip Movers

The following events can be used as a guide to help you determine how much to tip movers who helped you during the loading, driving and unloading stages of the whole process:

  • Receiving high quality, professional service with regards to handling your items and the movers’ attitude.
  • Tipping movers generously is ideal, especially if you have heavy furniture which needs to be maneuvered on tight corners and narrow flights of stairs.
  • Keep track of how many movers and teams were assisting you to ensure that you will give tips to everyone involved.
  • The area where you came from or relocating to is difficult to access, making the loading and unloading of furniture difficult.
  • You have lots of items requiring longer work time.
  • Base the tip on the distance between your old and new places.

Furthermore, knowing the state you’re moving at is a great idea to have an in-depth guideline on how much to tip a mover and the extra charges that you need to shoulder.

It turns out, the average tip across the states varies, and the rule is applicable whether you’re availing a local or long-distance service package. Reasons between the changes are as follows but not limited to:

  • Geographical differences, some states have rougher roads to drive through.
  • Going up and down stairs. In cities like NYC, with the majority of the residential areas situated in an up-rise building, require going up and down a flight of stairs.
  • Areas with heavy traffic.

The factors stated above may vary. If you know someone, it’s best to consult local movers how much is the standard tip on their area.

Do You Tip Movers When They Load Or Unload?

We’ve discussed how to tip the movers. Another consideration is knowing when to give the movers their tip.

Since different teams of staff are assigned for the loading and unloading tasks — especially if you avail of a long-distance service package, there’s a chance that giving tips at the beginning or end of the moving process will result in some of them missing their hard-earned tip.

While this set-up is not applicable on all occasions, it’s best to contact the moving company to confirm if there are a different group of movers who will work with you, this can also ensure that you will give tips on both ends, if needed.

You read that right, giving a tip to both ends is normal, especially if you have different teams of movers assigned to each relocation process.

Alternatively, you can send your tip for the whole team through the foreman/forewoman — the person who ensures that the transportation of items will arrive safe and secure.

He/she can distribute your generosity evenly; However, personally giving your tip per mover to reward their hard work is a much better way to show your appreciation to a job well done.

When Not To Tip Your Movers?

How much should you tip movers that didn’t do their job well during your move? How much to tip movers for an unsatisfactory job?

As mentioned earlier, not every mover is equal. Of course, some do the job with excellent service from beginning to end of your move, but we can’t deny the fact that some do a poor job.

Examples of this are not showing up on time without a phone call text or an explanation why, the crew member not handling your furniture with care, not respecting your property or those that are doing just the bare minimum.

Even worse if they broke something during the move and acted rudely about it, if this is the case, then it’s okay not to tip your movers.

What Can You Do For Your Movers After The Move?

Now you are successful with your move, what next?

Movers appreciate an online or a public review about their service during your move.

This helps their portfolio and therefore resulting in more clients hiring them.

Positive reviews for excellent service is always a treat for movers. On the other hand, leaving a bad review of a real experience during your move helps the community or others who are also considering which mover to use to decide which company they will hire.


At the end of the day, regardless of the method or amount of tip you choose to give, the important thing is we show our appreciation to the people from the service industry. Are you looking to move around? Check out the best moving companies in New York City

Similar to how we find it normal to give tips to restaurant waiters and hotel valets. Giving a reward to quality service also encourages the movers to pay it forward and provide the same or better service to their clients.


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