7 Best Small Moving Companies in New York – Small Load Movers

Living in NYC comes with its fair share of pleasures and burdens.

Before getting to the main city, I had one primary objective, which was to experience everything. I know this sounds impossible or even difficult, but it was my dream.

It was my goal to travel cross country. But first, I had to make the long-distance trip to New York City. On arriving, I was at one of its famous boroughs; I later found out that it was called Staten Island. It was at this point that my exploration of New York City began.

Coming into the city, I had a lot of expectations, and I knew I would be traveling a lot. I mean, NYC is a large state, so I had to make several long-distance trips, and I would have to use small moving companies.

To be well prepared, I researched professional small load movers in New York. If you plan on living in NYC, you will most likely switch between several apartments. Rest assured, you will have to use the packing services from time to time. Using small moving NYC companies also makes moving a lot easier.

Hiring Professional Moving Services in New York

Hiring professionals to help you move into your new apartment comes with its benefits.

For starters, please know that your valuable items are kept safe and protected.

These movers are trained and can handle your small load without you having to lift a finger.

They use high-quality wrapping materials so that your precious flat-screen TVs don’t get damaged during long-distance or cross-country transportation.

I found local moving companies to be a bit better than most other international moving companies. This was because most of the local professional movers had a better understanding of the city.

They were friendlier and offered special bonuses like free quote and several other additional services that made them stand out.

Considering my traveling expenses, I had to search for affordable and professional movers. I also needed storage spaces every now and then. New York is a tight city, so there isn’t much room to store everything in apartments.

What I Consider When Hiring Small Business Moving Labor?

So, what factors do you look for in small movers, here’s what to consider:

How affordable are their services?

This is probably the first thing everyone will consider. By weighing the quality of their services against the price, I could easily tell if I could afford them.

I also kept my ears to the ground for any hidden or extra charge. I asked for more info, so I’m clear on exactly how much I’m going to pay. No hidden fees also showed that they were transparent and professional.

I also realized that sometimes, the moving rate doesn’t include the cost for additional packaging materials like moving boxes. Moving large or heavy objects like furniture can also attract additional charges.

Most movers give a free quote so you can make all your inquiries. Make sure you ask about what constitutes an extra fee. If the company isn’t forthcoming with this information, it’s advisable that you change the moving company.

How Well Does The Moving Company Meet My Needs

Every mover is different. Whether you’re moving to a two-bedroom house or a simple apartment, you need to make sure that the services your movers offer match your needs.

I love to travel long distances, and I have a couple of artworks, so before I hire any mover, I check to see if they offer long-distance moving services.

I’m also a fan of art, so I check how well they handle valuable belongings. I check if they are double wrapped, if they can protect my flat-screen TVs and if they can transport my furniture without damaging it.

Other things to consider include:

• Whether the company will give you a moving truck that is the right size for your belongings.
• Whether they provide additional packaging supplies like cardboard box, bubble wraps, garments, etc.
• Whether the move date fits with your schedule and if they can guarantee the pick-up and delivery dates to your new apartment

Beware of Rogue Movers

While this isn’t very common, rouge movers do exist. To ensure that the moving company you’re using is legitimate, you should check if they have an active license, look up their reviews online, and make sure they have a valid physical address.

One red flag you should look out for is a mover asking for a deposit, especially when it’s more than 20 percent of the overall moving cost. The Federal Motor Carry Safety Administration offers additional tips to make sure you’re hiring a legitimate company.

How To Know Professional Movers When You See One

Any company you choose to use must have all these three requirements in place:

● Licensed
● Bonded
● Insured

When your movers are licensed, it means they have been authorized to conduct business on a state or federal level.

This proves to you, the client, that they are legitimate movers. You wouldn’t want nonprofessional movers to handle your packages. Doing that can result in huge disasters.

If your movers are bonded, you know that they offer a financial guarantee which they are bound by law to fulfill, and they will complete the contract both parties have agreed to.

An insured company provides a greater level of assurance. If the moving company should lose or damage any precious item, they have insurance to cover the loss.

Small Moving NYC Companies

In my quest to explore the city in every way possible, I tried not to use one moving company repeatedly. Instead, I used several small movers, so I have a few on my list of recommended movers.

Here we go:

Flat Rate Moving

The name must have given you a good idea of who they are. Flat Rate Moving is one of the first NYC companies to offer a flat rate for their moving services. The flat rate covers all long-distance and local moves. They offer wrapping, packing, floor protection, and expenses for a flat price.

Offering flat rates puts a lot of emphasis on their reputation to deliver the absolute best. They also offer online resources for anyone looking for a moving company in New York. Flat Rate Moving is one of the most recommended upper west side mover.

I’ve discovered that Flat Rate Moving and its employees are safe, efficient, and they put a lot of care into moving packages safely from one location to another.

In addition to this, they give special care to their customers who make it to Flat Rate Moving’s loyalty club.

Other additional services they offer include upcycling, white-glove services, electronic installation, military moving, antique moving, and much more.

Shleppers Moving and Storage

Ever since they opened shop in NYC, Shleppers Moving & Storage has grown to become one of the most sought-after moving and storage companies in New York. The chances are that you’ve seen one of their unique orange moving trucks.

The company gracefully handles local, regional, and long-distance moves at budget-friendly prices. Their professional touch and affordability contribute to why I consider them an ideal choice for a moving company.

Shlepper’s can handle moving demands of all sizes, from large commercial businesses to small apartment moves. They also offer secure storage services if you need one.

Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC

Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC is a regional moving company that is a registered member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). They aren’t too big, but despite their size, they can still manage long distances and local moving efficiently.

New York City is a remarkably diverse city with residents from across the globe. They share various ethnicities and backgrounds. It can be problematic for you when you can’t communicate with your movers. Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC has considered this possibility and has provided a multilingual staff, offering translation services for its clients.

Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC also offers free online estimates and a downloadable moving checklist so clients can plan accurately, prepare and know when to take days off.

Rabbit Movers

Rabbit Movers NYC offers special moving services protection on artwork, electronics, antiques, and more. Customers can take full advantage of their packing and unpacking services as well.

Rabbit Movers are professional movers in NYC. This company comes highly recommended because they specialize in moving art which requires a lot of skill and care. With Rabbit movers, you’re trusting the care of your packages to professional movers who understand just how important your art is and how to keep it safe.

They also do custom-built crates for your heirloom furniture collection. Generally speaking, they can help reduce your travel expenses and get you to your new address in no time.

TikTok Moving

Tik Tok is famously known for its video social media platforms. However, Tik Tok INC is not a regular company, they focus on eco-friendly services. The company has built a reputation for pleasing consumers in every way possible. They have both Energy Star and Green Seal Certifications along with BBB accreditation.

They offer full moving services, which include packing services, mounting televisions, fixing furniture, and more. If I were asked to use two words to describe their services, I’d say efficient and effective.

Tik Tok Moving also offers storage services in its large climate-controlled warehouse. NYC, where space is highly sorted after, can help you store items of all sizes.

Liberty Moving and Storage

Liberty Moving and storage is about a century old. That’s a hundred years of moving and storing packages in local and long-distance moves. They provide white-glove services, automobile transport, and warehouse logistics when necessary.

Customers generally enjoy the professionalism and efficiency of this company. Their affordable rates make it possible to get quality moving service for your budget, especially when compared with other moving services in NYC. they are efficient and offer services that distinguish them from other moving companies.

Their staff pays attention to details during the moving process. They also provide commercial and domestic moves, installations, and long-term storage services.

A&A Alliance Moving Inc

A&A Alliance Moving is a moving company that provides local New Yorkers with quality moving, delivery, and storage services. Its team of professional staff helps customers plan their move, pack and unpack, inventory services, dismantling and assembling, cardboard crating, and many other additional services.

It serves high quality packing materials as well as amazing customer care services.


Travel related expenses can come as a shock to anyone. But experiencing the thrill of New York, NY, is so thrilling that it is worth it. While I moved from one apartment to the next, I wanted to be able to carry my lamp box without it getting damaged.

I had little stuff and on moving days, I always wanted to be around so nothing went missing. I guess that’s an advantage with small moves. my whole home could easily fit into a single truck. I believe that makes me a typical New Yorker.

How Do I Move the Last Minute in New York?

When you are put into a position in which you have to make a last minute move, it can seem like a daunting task.

Not are you faced with packing everything you own, but you also have to decide how you’re going to get it to your new address in York.

Depending on how long you’ve been at your current address, it can be daunting to take on a job as large as packing and moving all of your belongings with little notice.

Fortunately, there is a NYC based company that has been meeting the packing and moving needs of NYC residents for years.

Our group of moving professionals can help you with whatever part of the process you need help with, whether it’s packing, moving or you just want to turn the entire process over to us.

Before Packing, Make a List in York

When you’re faced with the stress associated with moving on such short notice, organization is key.

Long before you start picking up supplies for your moving day, you should start by making a list.

Organize this list by room. For instance, we you could start in your kitchen and make a list of every item that you want to move into your new home.

This helps you decide between what items you will take to your new home and what items may find themselves in a self storage unit.

This list also helps you identify any unnecessary items that can be left behind, donated or given away.

What Will You Need for Moving in New York?

Once you have a list in place, you can pick up your packing supplies. Moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, labels and other items all play a pivotal role in making your moving day as smooth as possible.

Depending on how many items you’re packing, the cost of obtaining these moving supplies can be incredible expensive. In many cases, you’re much better off by trusting your packing and moving needs to a moving company in NYC who can help expedite the process.

It’s also worth noting that once you have your list made and your supplies on hand, you should try your best to get an early start.

If you’re trying to make a move at the last minute, time is even more of the essence than when you’re making a move without the pressure of the last minute being upon you.

When you’re trying to make a big move at the last minute, every second counts. That means that the earlier you start, the more time you’ll have at your disposal.

I’ve Made My List. Now What Do I Do in York?

Once the moving process begins, there are other steps that you should take to expedite the process.

For instance, to save time during a last minute move, keep as many of your clothes on hangers as possible.

If you don’t have boxes on hand that are large enough to hold clothes on hangers and you don’t want to invest in garment bags, don’t hesitate to use large garbage bags.

While these aren’t as reliable as designated moving materials, they can save you some time during a last minute move.

Large bags with a small hole cut in the bottom can cover a large number of garments while allowing the hook on the clothes hanger to stick out of the hole that you cut, enabling you to hang them in your car, the moving truck or the storage unit that you may be placing some of your belongings into in York.

Contact Our Local Movers Instead

Of course, you don’t have to tackle a job as large as moving on your own. We have been helping New Yorkers move at the last minute for years.

Our group of moving professionals are trained on how to help you move all of your belongings on a short notice.

Armed with the highest quality moving materials and packing supplies, our crew of last minute movers can help alleviate your moving-related stress and help you rest assured that all of your belongings will be well taken care of during your last minute move.

Our customers are always impressed with not only the care that their belongings receive, but also at how efficient our movers are.

The solutions to your last minute moves are just a few clicks away. Check out all of the services that we offer for clients who are forced to make a move at the last minute.

How Do I Move at the Last Minute?

Residents of New York NY call us all the time and ask, “how do you pick a home and move fast?” This is generally asked by clients who are looking for moving services at the last minute.

Fortunately, last minute moves are what we specialize in. In many cases, these people have called multiple moving companies and been told that they would need to set an appointment weeks in advance because minute movers are such a rare commodity.

We understand that when your moving needs are an emergency, you don’t have weeks to spare while you wait on a moving truck to get to your home and get you to your new New York NY address. That’s why when we advertise last minute services, we mean last minute services.

How Do You Get Last Minute Movers Fast?

Since we live in the “city that never sleeps,” it’s often hard to make anything happen on short notice.

However, our customers know that we still manage to provide all of their one day moving services.

How do we make that happen? By having a group of local movers who are on hand and ready to respond to your same day notice, meaning that we can help you move at the last minute.

Our team of last minute movers and our fleet of well maintained moving trucks mean that our movers are always ready to help you with your needs.

Of course, you can choose from any number of other movers, but those movers don’t come with the speed, efficiency and care that our group of same day movers do. In fact, it can be next to impossible to find a local team of last minute movers.

While other movers may advertise themselves as last minute movers NYC, they often require that their customers make appointments weeks or even months in advance. In our eyes, that’s not what it means to be any minute movers in New York City.

We believe that being ready to help our customers with a last minute move means that we are on hand and ready to help with your relocation at the last minute.

How do you get movers fast? You call a crew of movers who are prepared to offer urgent assistance to our customers, even if that requires us to extend our services at the last minute.

All Your Last Minute Moving Needs

When you need to move on the same day, it’s easy to assume that you have to handle the entire process on your own. That’s not how we operate, which is why we’re considered the most trusted moving company in the tri state area.

When you’re trying to make a last minute move in New York NY, the only way to do so quickly is to entrust your moving needs to a moving company that believes in doing our business fast, without hidden fees while providing the high-quality moving services that you need. The best way to get movers fast is to call us.

Reasons for Last Minute Moving

Sometimes your living situation changes quickly, creating the need for last minute moving services.

Our customers have contacted us for a variety of reasons over the years when they’re looking for help with their last minute moving.

Fortunately, the processionals who we employ are ready to assist with your packing and can help relieve the stress associated with your last minute move.

Our minute movers have responded to all kinds of emergency situations over the years, which means we know the best way to respond to your need for emergency moving.

Long Distance Movers For Your Career Change

One of the most common reasons for customers to call for emergency moving assistance is a job change.

The economy in New York changes quickly, and with that, customers are often required to start a new job with short notice.

Several of the customers who contact us in search of same day moving services do so because they need fast apartment relocation in order to start a new job.

Last Minute Movers NYC for Family Crises

We also receive a lot of calls from customers who are looking for last minute moving services due to a family emergency.

In these cases, we have helped our customers who are moving in order to live with a loved one who needs their assistance or an ailing relative who is moving in with someone who can provide them the care that they need.

These last minute situations require both professionalism and sympathy, both of which are principles that our business is founded upon.

Last Minute Movers in New York Due To Eviction

Finally, we have also been contacted by customers who need urgent assistance due to an eviction, the sell of their home or apartment and various other causes that put our customers in a position to need same day moving services.

In these times, you’re already dealing with enough stress. You certainly don’t need the added pressure of moving all your stuff on your own.

Fortunately, we employ a crew of minute movers who can show up at your address in one of our well maintained moving trucks and can begin moving your belongings as soon as you’re ready.

Regardless of where you are located in New York City or where you need your stuff moved to in New York NY, we have the solutions that you’re looking for.

How Far in Advance Should I Schedule a Move in NYC?

In an ideal situation, you wouldn’t really need last minute movers NYC.

The best moving experiences are those in which you have enough time to carefully prepare everything and you know what’s going, what’s going into a storage container and what you’re donating.

However, we understand that there are times where situations are less than ideal and that you need same day movers.

In the most perfect of situations, we generally encourage potential clients to schedule movers at least one month in advance.

That gives you plenty of time to make arrangements about your next York address while ensuring that your professional moving company of choice is ready to meet all of your needs.

However, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide world-class professional moving services regardless of how much notice you provide.

While there are some companies that don’t employ last minute movers, we do. We can show up at your house with packing boxes, moving storage and all of the other moving materials that you need in order to safely transport your belongings from one place in York to wherever you’re moving in the city.

What Items Will Movers Not Move?

As much as we pride ourselves on the quality of our professional moving services, there are some items that we generally encourage NYC clients to handle on their own.

We aren’t afraid of packing and moving heavy, oversized items. We certainly don’t shy away from a job that requires us to move items a long distance, we do have some moving tips and hacks for clients who are looking for minute movers NYC.

Perishable Food and Moving Services

First of all, if your refrigerator has perishable food items in it, we do not offer a storage container that is designed to keep food cold.

While we offer virtually all minute moves, keeping perishable food at a safe temperature is simply not feasible.

However, it’s worth noting that our crew of long distance movers can transport any sort of unopened non-perishable food items.

Canned food, unopened boxes of pasta and other items that are generally found in your pantry are certainly items that we can take from your old house to your new house.

Scuba Gear and Home Oxygen

Although this might sound somewhat odd, there is a matter of safety that dictates our next item that our minute movers will not move. Unfortunately, we are not able to transport scuba gear or home oxygen tanks that many of our clients use for health reasons.

The reasoning behind this rule is that even the best New York movers recognize that these oxygen tanks are highly pressurized, making them dangerous in the event that they are dropped.

Fortunately, scuba gear or home oxygen tanks don’t take up much space and our clients are generally able to move them on their own during their relocation.

Family Heirlooms

As a general rule of thumb, our minute movers NYC do not move family heirlooms and antiques that hold extreme sentimental value.

This is simply to protect our last minute movers NYC and our clients.

While we are licensed and insured against any type of damage that items could suffer in the event of a traffic accident, we do understand that some items hold more value to a homeowner than could be determined by a dollar amount.

While we pride ourselves on our client service, we generally encourage all of our clients to handle the relocation of sentimental items on their own.

Household Chemicals and Minute Moving Services in York

Unfortunately, we also do not transport any sort of chemicals as part of our minute moving. This includes nail polish remover, bleach and any number of other household cleaning materials.

This is purely a safety measure. Part of the world-class service that we offer includes having drivers with an impeccable driving record, but we do handle every safety matter from a proactive standpoint.

Cleaning chemicals, nail polish, nail polish remover and other substances are highly flammable under the right conditions, so we do not provide minute moving services for these chemicals.

Staying Calm While Waiting on Last Minute Movers

Even though this is already a stressful time, it’s best for you to stay calm in such a case. When all of your stuff is stacked up in boxes, it can be difficult to keep your cool.

However, we will provide you with a coordinator who is overseeing your same day move in New York.

Reach out to the contact person that is handling your relocation and let them know that your minute movers are late. The coordinator will be able to access the location of your last minute movers NYC and can let you know what the holdup is.

Depending on the cause of your last minute movers tardiness, this coordinator will be able to give you a new arrival time. If they are just a few minutes out, continue to wait calmly.

If they are stuck in impassable traffic, you can use this time to double check everything and put some of the items that we do not move as a part of our services in the vehicle that you are going to use to transport them.

Our movers want to be at your home as quickly as possible to help you get your moving completed.

We understand that time matters when you’re moving, and we pride ourselves on our minute moving services.

Our crew of movers will be to your home as quickly as possible in order to handle your move quickly, even if it’s a long distance move to a new location.

What Do I Do if My Moving Company is Late

We pride ourselves on punctuality, and generally speaking, we get to your home for your scheduled day moving on time, if not a few minutes early.

However, there are times where circumstances beyond anyone’s control can slow down our services.

For instance, most of us know about how hectic traffic patterns in York can be, which means that there is always a chance that your minute movers get held up in traffic.

How Long Local Movers Have to Deliver?

This is a tricky question because there are so many variables in the moving business.

For instance, if you are having your items moved from your home in New York to new home in Wisconsin, there is obviously no way to make that happen on the same day.

However, our group of minute movers can help you in your relocation from one part of NYC to the another on the same day. These same day services are always offered to customers who are moving from one part of York to another.

However, the amount of time that your movers have to finish your day moving services is dictated by the contract that you sign.

We will make sure that you know what date and time your minute movers will have your items delivered for your relocation well before we begin loading your stuff into the moving truck.

If you want one day moving, simply express that desire upfront, and if your move is eligible for that service, we will be happy to employ a team of minute movers NYC who can make that happen.

In addition to knowing when your relocation will be completed, you can also find out how much our services cost Give us a call to ask about a free quote to find out how much your next move is going to cost.

How Do I Move in NYC Without Being There?

Depending on the reason that you are employing the services of last minute movers NYC, it may be more efficient for you to move out of your New York address while you are at work.

Fortunately, our business has a group of last minute movers in York who specialize in minute moving in NYC while the homeowner is away.

Sometimes minute moving doesn’t work with your current schedule.

If that’s the case, you need to work with a trustworthy business in NYC who can handle packing and moving your items in world class moving storage systems.

Some of the technical aspects of moving while you’re not home to oversee the process are up to you. If you aren’t comfortable with movers loading your items into moving storage and into the truck, you can have a friend or family member on hand to oversee the process.

However, this is not necessary with our business. Our moving business has developed a world-class reputation for employing best movers in the industry.

When you’re moving, you want to know that your items are being treated with the utmost care. That’s why client service is such an important part of our moving services.

We understand that there are times where you are moving at the last minute and can’t be an active participant in the process.

With that fact in mind, our moving services ae not limited to simply loading your items into the truck. Instead, our movers will put your items into moving storage with care, taking the time to ensure that nothing is damaged.

Our movers also use high-quality moving blankets and all of the other moving materials that are necessary to better protect all of your belongings.

While you can have someone at your New York home, we can guarantee that our movers will treat all your belongings as though they were their own during the moving process.

Other Questions About Moving at the Last Minute in New York

There are a lot of variables that come into play when you’re looking for minute movers NYC to help you through the moving process.

We get contacted by potential clients all the time who have additional questions about moving at the last minute.

Hopefully we can address a few of those for you and give you a better understanding of the services offered by our group of minute movers NYC.

What If My New Home Isn’t Ready?

We’ve encountered a lot of last minute moving needs in which the new home isn’t quite ready for movers to show up and start unloading items in New York.

In those cases, our movers are more than happy to deliver your belongings to a storage unit of your choice in NYC.

Once your belongings are placed in storage, it may be more efficient for you to move the items from the storage unit to your new home on your own.

If that’s the case, we will gladly deliver your belongings to the storage unit and carefully unload everything into storage and leave the rest of the process up to you.

However, if your storage facility isn’t close to your new home and you need additional help with your last minute move, we can also move your belongings out of storage and into your new home when you are ready for us to do so.

How Do Your Movers Protect My Things?

The term “moving storage” is used to describe the material that our movers use when moving your belongings.

Boxes, larger containers, moving blankets and any other material that houses your belongings fall under the heading of “moving storage.”

We are fully committed to using the best moving storage materials in the industry to better protect all of your things in New York.

What Is Included in My Last Minute Move?

We want to provide the most efficient moving services in York for our clients who are moving at the last minute.

That’s why we provide all of the services involved in your moving, including full packing services.

You are welcome to handle packing all of your items on your own, but we will be more than happy to handle that packing for you.

In addition to packing, we will also handle loading your items into our moving vehicles and then unload them to a destination of your choosing.

If your new NYC home is ready for you to move into, we will unload there. If not, we are more than happy to unload your belongings into storage as we offer plenty of additional services.

Once your items are in storage, we can either move them from storage when your home is ready or you can decide to handle moving from the facility to your new NYC home on your own.

Essentially, our team of last minute moving specialists are here to help you with all of your moving needs. From packing, to storage to unloading from storage and into your new home, we can do it all.

The Best Last Minute Company in NYC

We pride ourselves on the fact that we supply our movers with the best moving storage supplies on the market.

We know that you don’t want to try moving with your personal belongings in flimsy boxes and thin covers.

That’s why our moving storage materials are constantly updated to ensure that we’re using the best moving storage items in the industry, even when faced with the urgency of a last minute task.

Local Movers Understand Your Unique Needs

We understand how stressful things are when you’re looking for a moving business that offers day moving in NYC.

That understanding is why our group of movers are considered the best in the industry at what they do.

Our commitment to finding the most efficient way to help you with all of your moving service needs while still employing movers who can take the proper care of your belongings sets us apart from out competition.

If you’re looking for minute movers NYC, give us a call and find out why people continue to trust our movers with all of their moving needs at the last minute in NYC.

Are you trying to find inexpensive New York movers, you can check our guide on cheap and affordable movers in NYC.

We also reviewed the best upper east side movers in the event you’ll be moving the city’s Upper East Side. For a move to Upper West Side, we recommend this upper west side mover.

For small scale moves, you may check our guide on small movers in New York

Moving to Upper East Side? This is the Mover You Should Use

The Upper East Side is one of the neighborhoods in the NYC borough of Manhattan.

There are many reasons that people choose to move to the Upper East Side, including  restaurants, best New York museums, and the proximity to Central Park.

If you are moving to the Upper East Side, you need to make sure to pick the best movers to help you move.

This article will explain where the Upper East Side is, what there is to do in the neighborhood, and why people move to this part of New York.

Then, we will get into the moving side, including how higher movers works, a great moving company you can use for your move, and some storage solutions you may need.

Where Is The Upper East Side?

The Upper East Side is an NYC neighborhood that runs from 59th Street to 96th Street between Central Park and the East River. It is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Many famous, wealthy New Yorkers have lived there in the past, including Andrew Carnegie, the Kennedys, the Roosevelts, and the Rockefellers. These families all have streets, buildings, or neighborhoods in NYC named after them.

Within the Upper East Side, there are smaller neighborhoods. These neighborhoods include Lenox Hill, Yorkville, and Carnegie Hill.

Many people recognize the Upper East Side and its name from popular movies and tv shows, including Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and hundreds of others.

What Is There To Do In New York City’s Upper East Side?

When you live on the Upper East Side, there is a lot that you can do in your neighborhood. First, since you are right next to Central Park, you can visit there.

You can enter the park from multiple streets and paths, and you are on the side of the park with the zoo, a pond with remote control boat sailing, and multiple playgrounds.

On the opposite side of the neighborhood is Carl Schurz Park. This park has great views of the East River, walking paths, playgrounds, and areas for dogs to play.

Museums Upper East Side

On the edge of Central Park is the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the MET. The museum is the largest in the United States, and there are more than two million works of art on display.

The other famous art museum in the Upper East Side is the Guggenheim. Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim. The museum is home to some of the most well-known modern art in the world.

There are also many other smaller museums on the Upper East Side. These museums include:

• The Bernard Museum – the world’s largest synagogue
• The Frick Collection – a former mansion turned into a museum with a collection of Western European art
• The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum – a changing collection of exhibits in a large, historic townhouse
• The Jewish Museum – an art museum with Jewish objects

Why Move To The Upper East Side?

In addition to all of the fun things to do that we listed in the previous section, there are many other benefits to living in the Upper East Side.

First, there are so many public transportation options in the neighborhood, so it is easy for you to get anywhere else in the city. The 4, 5, 6, and Q trains all going through the Upper East Side.

From these trains, you can head downtown and transfer to any of the city’s other trains. There are also buses that run through the Upper East Side.

There are also a variety of restaurants and bars in the Upper East Side. You can find any type of food and drinks in the neighborhood, including seafood, French food, Steak, Italian, NYC fishbowl drinks, and anything else you could want to eat and drink.

As for bars, you can find any kind of vibe that you want. There are quieter bars with a classier vibe, louder bars with an upbeat vibe, and sports bars and pubs with a laid-back vibe. There are also clubs you can hop for that lively New York nightlife.

The Moving Process

Moving is a difficult thing to do, especially if you have no experience doing it or are moving to a place that you are not familiar with.

Hiring local movers is a great idea since they are familiar with where you are moving, and they take a lot of the work away from you.

When you first decide to hire moving services, you will need to know where and when you are moving.

If you do not have an exact date that you need to move, you will have an easier time finding movers. You will also have an easy time finding movers if you are not moving at peak times like weekends or the beginning and end of every month. However it could be a challenge if you need to move the last minute to New York.

Once you find a few moving companies to consider, you need to get them to quote the price of your move. The quote will be based on where you are moving from, how much furniture you have to move, and the type of buildings you are moving between.

The quote, however, is not the exact amount that you will pay. The final cost of your move will depend on the actual time or distance of your move.

During your move, you will need to direct the movers and let them know what boxes need to be moved if there are certain rooms you want furniture in, and anything else they need to know about your home or building to make the job easy for everyone.

The movers will do their job, let you know if they have any questions, and when they are done, you will pay them for their services. Some companies only take cash, and some take cards or check. Do not forget to tip your movers for their effort.

Upper East Side Movers

There are many moving companies in New York City and plenty in Manhattan alone. If you need the best NYC moving company for your move to the Upper East Side, it can be overwhelming to choose one.

One of the best moving companies on the Upper East Side is Twin Brothers Movers.

Twin Brothers Movers

Twin Brothers Movers is a great moving company that is located on the Upper East Side. They can move your belongings to the Upper East Side from any of the NYC’s five boroughs.

They offer moving services for residential homes, commercial office spaces, and automobiles.

Furthermore, if you need your items packed, you can hire their professional packing team to box up all of your stuff.

They will bring all of the materials you need and do the tedious work of packing up your space. You can hire their team to pack up your entire home, part of your home, or a specific item you want special care for.

With the packing service, they will bring all the materials needed to pack your belongings, including boxes, tape, and anything else needed to keep your items protected during the move. They are professional packers, so they will keep your items condensed which makes the moving process easier.

On the other hand, you can hire their professional movers to do the hard work of actually moving your belongings for you. They will come to your old apartment or home, take everything out to their truck, and bring it to your new place for you.

You can combine both the packing service and the moving service for your move if you want to make it as easy as possible.

When you use Twin Brothers’ moving services, they will give you a free quote for the cost of your move. They have affordable rates charged on an hourly basis, making them one of the best cheap NYC movers. You will need to provide them with an estimate of how much you have to move and how far you are moving.

Twin Brothers has an incredibly professional moving team, and you can trust them to help you have a successful move.

Moving Tips

There are a few important things to consider when you move. Learning some moving tips and hacks can really make your relocation to a new home go smoothly.  First, consider the timing of your move.

Second. if you are in an apartment or condo building, you will need to let the building know when moving. The building being aware of your move ensures that not everyone is moving in or out on the same day.

Third, make sure that your moving truck is the proper size. It will need to fit in any alleys or docks if you are moving between apartments. The moving job will take longer and cost you more if you can not get close to your new home.

On the other hand, you do not want to get a truck that is too small to fit all of your belongings. If the truck is too small, you will need to take multiple trips or get a second one.

Finally, read reviews online about the moving services that you are considering. Ask about any extra costs, so you do not face any hidden fees on moving day.

Upper East Side Storage

If you are moving out of an apartment or home on the Upper East Side but are not moving somewhere new immediately, you can utilize a storage solution for all of your items.

Storage units keep your items safe and secure until you need them again.

Self storage is an easy option and usually the cheapest. The price will depend on where your storage unit is, how big it is, and if you want climate controlled units.

You can hire movers to bring your items to a self storage unit or have them unpack your storage unit and bring your belongings to a new location.

Some moving services offer storage services as well. You can contact moving companies and ask about any storage that they offer. If you can use the same company for moving services and storage services, you can make your move even more efficient.

Additionally, if you can combine your move and your storage, you may get a discount and make the process even more affordable.

Or, you can commit to using the same moving company a second time when you move out of the storage unit. Using the same company for both of your moves could also save you money and simplify the process.

If you only have small loads of items and not that many stuff, you can just opt for small movers in NYC.


  • moneyunder30.com/how-to-hire-movers
  • twinbrothersmovers.com/
  • triplemint.com/blog/upper-east-side-nyc-2019-neighborhood-guide/
  • wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_East_Side

The Five Boroughs of New York City And Why You Should Visit Them

New York City is a city of many surprises, and it’ll be unfortunate if you never get to have your own NYC story.

It has so much to offer and so many amazing places to visit. Its boroughs are so that you don’t realize the last one you visited isn’t the best until you visit another.

Across the United states, people long to visit the 5 boroughs of NYC but find it challenging to pick the right one.

Tourists and Visitors, on the other hand, have the opportunity to experience an adventure like no other. you get to walk through the borough hall, Central park, and experience its amazing features and see the world from the diverse perspective in each county.

What to Know About The Boroughs of New York

Many first-time visitors and tourists stick to Manhattan, but did you know that NY city has five boroughs?

Each of these boroughs has its own fair share of fun, entertainment, culture and opportunities, which you will find in this guide.

The five boroughs of New York City:

• Brooklyn (Kings County)
• Queens County
• Manhattan (New York County)
• The Bronx (Bronx County)
• The Staten Island (Richmond County)

With a population of around 8.5 million, new yorkers are scattered all through the five boroughs of New York City. Manhattan, with around 1.5 million, is, however, the most congested borough and the most famous. Surprisingly, Manhattan is also the smallest borough.

If you’re looking to understand these five boroughs and learn about the best way to enjoy New York City’s thrill, this article is designed just for you.

It’s high time you learned why the state of New York has these boroughs and how you can plan your tours through every one of these counties.

The History Of New York City’s Borough

The term “five boroughs” is often used by politicians to put each of the boroughs on an equal status, as Manhattan was previously given more status than the other regions.

Each borough is considered a county, and each has a borough hall and Borough President, though the Borough President now has few executive powers and is treated as more of a ceremonial position.

Besides being a hub for business and commerce, the five boroughs are home to dozens of colleges and universities.

They are also home to many of the largest cultural centers in the region, with hundreds of little power. At one point, each president had a voice in budget decisions within the city of New York.

It was argued in the U.S. Supreme Court that the practice was unconstitutional since each borough president got one vote.

The Five Boroughs of New York

Brooklyn (Kings County)

Suppose you’re a fan of street art, botanical gardens and love for shows, Brooklyn should be your first stop. With its high population, Brooklyn has some good neighborhoods and there are many interesting activities for everyone all year round.

To start off your day, you can take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and get an amazing view of the New York harbor, the city and Manhattan. Then you can take a walk to Brooklyn Heights, which is locally called “America’s first suburb.”

From its pedestrian promenade, you get an amazing view of the skyline.

The best place in the city to spend a spectacular New York nightlife, it feels like you could see everything on its streets. You get to watch the city that never sleeps twinkle under the moonlight.

In the Northeast of Brooklyn, you will find DUMBO. Residents of the city will tell you that DUMBO is one of the trendiest and most historic neighborhoods in NYC, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

At DUMBO, you will find some of the best pizza spots as well as refurbished warehouses. From April to October, DUMBO opens up its Flea Market, which is one of the best in the world.

As a street art lover, Brooklyn also has something for you. To get the most fun out of your art tour of Brooklyn, you should start off at the Bushwick Collective Street Art Gallery. At this popular Brooklyn attraction, you will find some of NYC’s best artists.

There is more to be seen at Brooklyn’s Museum. This monument has over 1.5 million art pieces for visitors to see. Visiting the museum between 5-11 p.m., the first Saturday of every month is also free.

Brooklyn botanical garden provides a quiet oasis from the noisy city. Relaxing in the shade to watch nature can be a good way to spend the evening. The Brooklyn academy of music should also be on your to do list during your tour.

Queens (Queens County)

Queens or Queens county is one of New York City’s most diverse counties. It’s another NYC borough that’s filled with amazing food and history. Queens has many features and popular neighborhoods like China town, little Mexico, Little Guyana, Astoria and a few others.

In Queens, there are also several museums like the MoMA PS1, Museum of Moving Image, Queens Museum, Noguchi Museum, NY Hall of Science.

There are tons of free events that go on all over Queens. You may have heard of some popular festivals like the Meadows Music and Arts Festival, Queens pride event and the Annual Holiday Festival. All these events are hosted in Queens.

People also wander through Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The New York Mets also hail from Queens, where they play at Citi Field in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

Regardless of the season, you will find kids and adults equally enjoying themselves away from the hustle and bustle of the world around them is another interesting thing to do. In the garden, there are free yoga instructors, a botanical garden, sculptures, and mini art museums.

The breweries and cocktail bars in Queens are also one of the best in NYC. Try out the popular New York fishbowl drinks. You should consider visiting Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, which is the oldest beer garden in NYC.

Manhattan (New York County)

Manhattan is definitely the most visited in New York and one of the most popular places in NYC. The first fact about Manhattan is its discovery by Henry Hudson.

It has several landmarks and has many of the top 10 attractions in New York, with some of the best museums in New York.

Some of those iconic places include Times Square, skyscrapers, the Metropolitan museum of art and Broadway.

Taking a walk on the high line is a good way to start, then you head to the top of the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. In the afternoon, you should head out to Central Park. You can also visit the museums when you’re less busy.

Manhattan has so many things people have on their NYC bucket list. For starters, visiting the grand central terminal doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You can spend the night at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum or take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

If you’re into Broadway shows, you can watch performances at a Broadway Theater or at the Radio City Music Hall.

The Metropolitan Opera House, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Apollo Theater are all worthy places to visit. For a night filled with laughter, you should head into the Comedy Celler or the UCB Theater and experience the many pleasures of Manhattan.

If you’re in New York City for a short period and you want to move through activities quicker, Manhattan is your best bet. It is filled with diversity, and everyone will find something they love.

It crosses all the way from secret bookstores to very exclusive bars in old vaults. It’s busy during the day and at night. Restaurants and clubs are open nearly 24 hours every day.

It is almost impossible to run out of things to do and places to visit in this New York City Borough.

The Bronx (Bronx County)

The Bronx is the best borough for nature lovers, the Yankees, and it has the boulevard of dreams.

By now, you may have realized that the boroughs in NY have spectacular parks and beautiful botanical gardens.

However, the Bronx is said to have the best of both. For starters, this borough has the largest botanical garden in America. It also has Pelham Bay Park, which is another glamorous park. Imagine walking in a park that’s three times the size of central park. That’s how awesome Pelham Bay Park is.

In the Bronx, there is also a freshwater river that is perfect for your paddling and canoeing experience.

Art lovers also get a piece of this pie. The Bronx provides an opportunity for art lovers to appreciate the expressive side of the residents of this area. Visiting places like the Bronx Documentary Center, Bronx Art Space, The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, Andrew Freedman’s Home, the WallWorks Gallery and the Bronx Museum of Art is a good way to spend your time in the Bronx.

The Grand Concourse, previously known as the Boulevard of Dreams, was once the best address in New York. While in the Bronx, make sure to pass through 161st street so you can get the highlights of the concourse and the view of the old and new Yankee Stadium.

If you’re a baseball fan, you can also catch the Yankees’ games at their new stadium. Even when there are no games, you can book a tour of the stadium.

Staten Island (Richmond County)

Taking a ride to the borough of Staten Island with the free Staten Island Ferry is a good way to start your day at Staten Island.

It has some historical sites which are available for tourists to visit. You can tour the historic Fort Wadsworth who is a military base that closed in 1994.

Parts of the fort are available for exploration by tourists, while special areas like Battery Weed and Fort Tompkins require a guided tour.

Other historical sites include the Conference House Museum, which hosted the Staten Island Peace Conference in 1776. Some other important places to visit include:

• The Seguine Mansion for its flock of peacocks
• The haunted Kreischer Mansion which was built in 1855
• The Sandy Ground Historical Museum was one of the first African American settlements in the city.

For a view of the Atlantic ocean, you can visit the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk on Staten Island. It extends four kilometers off the shore, giving you a spectacular view of the Atlantic ocean.

This makes it a common site for taking walks, having picnics and bike riding on Staten Island, another tourist attraction in South Beach. It is public and complete with a pier and a boardwalk. It is a good place to take your loved ones and family. You can also take a walk on a beach on a sunny day in summer.

You can also go wine and cheese tasting in this New York Borough.


People from all over the world visit and move to the Big Apple for all the amazing things it has to offer. There are many faces to this city and you can only truly appreciate it when you’ve experienced it first hand. there are so many places to visit for both adults and kids.

You get to see the statue of liberty, New jersey, the Bronx Zoo. experience the culture, take tours, see the history and its cities. That is something we all look forward to experiencing.

This NEW Knife Sharpening Services in NYC Can Keep Your Fingers Safe

Knife sharpening service is essential because every household needs it from time to time and New York City has one of the finest sharpening services available in the city!

I love cooking and kitchen is my comfort zone at home. I cook when I am happy, sad, frustrated and inspired.  I live in Manhattan and it’s a busy city and I expect to find everything I need there. So, I was relieved when I discovered GoSharpening — my go-to blade sharpening service!

I do not trust my Japanese knives to just anyone because I use them daily and I want them to be razor-sharp as much as possible. I do not want to take risks when it comes to a dull knife because I want them to be effective and me to be safe that’s why I seek the help of professionals when it comes to knife sharpening.

NYC Knife Sharpening  Services

There are many dull knife sharpening services in New York. In fact, if you just moved to your new apartment in NYC, you won’t have a hard time looking for one if you searched for knife sharpening services. However, I just discovered the best mobile sharpening service in the state when I learned about GoSharpening!

Unlike most companies that offer to sharpen knives, GoSharpening offers the comfort and convenience you won’t find in other companies. Before I came across them, I used other knife sharpening services that either entailed me sending my knife by mail to the company which actually takes days before they sent them back or me visiting a physical shop to have my knives sharpened.

While the latter was faster, it is pretty inconvenient especially when I’m too busy with work and do not have the time or energy to visit a store to drop my knives. The worst part about this is when the store is busy and I have to return the next day to pick them up.

Go Sharpening makes the process easy, comfortable, convenient and fast for me that’s why I love it! Instead of me sending my knives via mail or visiting a shop, they drive to my place, pick my knives and sharpen them on the spot and return them to me as good as new in minutes!

The whole process saves me the hassle because I do not have to do anything other than wait for them to come visit my place to enjoy their service. It also saves me time because I can do other things like clean the house or bond with my kids while I wait for my knives.

Aside from the convenience, they are very professional and courteous. They arrived on time and delivered pretty great results. When I used my newly sharpened knives for the first time, I was very impressed because they were very sharp. Cutting tomatoes and onions was a breeze! My time in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals has since shortened allowing me to spend more time with my husband and kids.

So, if you are living in New York, well your knives are in good hands and you are in a good place! You don’t have to worry about sharpening them because Go Sharpening is ready to do the job for you. Plus, their services are fairly priced.

If you live in any of these four boroughs, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, Go Sharpening gets you covered. They cater to different tools including serrated knives, paring knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives, scissors, hand shears, loppers, pruners, axes, and hatchets. They also fix bent knives.

Overall, they are very easy to work with and most importantly, they deliver! Just schedule a place and time for pickup and their mobile knife sharpening service will go to your location of choice.

Where can I sharpen my knife in NYC?

You can get your knives professionally sharpened at the location of your choice

Cost for their professional service

Sharpened knives with razor-sharp blade or edge are best to use. They make cutting more predictable due to precision, thus making the whole process safer. If you need to sharpen your knives because it has dull edge or blade, then do not hesitate to do so.

Here is an overview of the prices when you ask for their service.

Go Sharpening cater for small and larger orders. Small orders range from two to five items. The price depends on the number of knives, the more knives, the cheaper the service.

For example, three knives cost $49 or $16.3 per item. But 5 items cost $69 or $13.85 per piece. If you have seven knives or more, it will be considered large orders. Their professional service only costs $11 per item if you have 11 or more knives.

Wrap Up

You do not need to purchase any knife sharpening stones to keep your knives sharp. If you are living in New York, whether you are in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens or Manhattan, Go Sharpen is willing to extend its professional service to you. There is no need to bother a family member or friend to keep your knife’s blade or edge sharp just leave it to the professionals.

Go Sharpening can repair your knives and make them work better than brand new. They are also easy to work with, very professional offer affordable service and deliver real results. So, check them out and if you need a sharp edge knife, then book their service today!

Average Salary New York City: What Is The Average Wage In NYC

New York City has one of the highest costs of living in the country, so one would assume that it has a high average salary too.

The average annual salary in New York City is based on the people in the actual workforce, which does not include people who do not work by choice.

The average annual salary depends on many factors including your job, your industry, and where you work.

If you work in Manhattan, you will likely make more money than if you work in a different borough, and the same is true for your cost of living.

This article will detail who works in New York City, what the median household income is, and give some information about the average salary by job and industry. Last, we will discuss the cost of living in New York City.

New York City’s Working Population

In New York City, the largest city in the United States, the total population is more than 8.3 million.

However, as with anywhere in the world, not all of these people work. The percentage of people over sixteen who are in the labor force is 63.6% or just over four million people.

In comparison, the total population of New York state is nearly nineteen and a half million, with sixty-three percent of those people over sixteen in the labor force.

Additionally, we can compare the working population in NYC and New York state to the entire United States. The entire United States population is a little over three hundred and twenty-eight million. Like New York, and just below the metric in New York City, sixty-three percent of people over sixteen in the United States are in the labor force.

(Source: US Census Bureau, 2019 data)

New York City Median Household Income

As of 2019, the median household income in New York City is $63,998. The median means that half of the households in New York City have a total income of over $63,998, and half have an income below $63,998.

Also, as of 2019, the number of households in New York City was 3,167,034, and the average number of people per household is 2.6. This metric means that, on average, 2.6 people are making a combined median income of $63,998.

The median household income in New York City is above the national median of $62,843. However, the median household income in the whole state of New York is much higher at $68,486.

(Source: US Census Bureau, 2019 data)

New York City: Average Salary by Job

In this section, we have listed more than twenty popular jobs and their average salary in New York City. We also included the comparison of the average New

York Salary to the average salary for that job in the United States.

All of the data in this section comes from Indeed job site.


The average salary for an accountant in New York City is $63,123 per year.

The salary in New York City is higher than the national average of $57,515 per year for accountants.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants in New York City have an average annual salary of just over $40,000 per year.

The average annual salary of administrative assistants in the United States is actually higher than New York City at $43,455.


Architects in New York City have an average salary of almost one hundred and seven thousand per year.

The national average income of architects is a few thousand dollars less at $104,491.


Bartenders in New York City make an average of $44,810 per year. They also make money from tips.

The national average income for bartenders is under forty thousand dollars per year.


A Bookkeeper in New York City has an average annual salary of $45,612. The New York City salary is much higher than the national average income of bookkeepers at just under thirty-eight thousand dollars per year.


The average cashier in New York City makes $30,486 per year. The New York City salary is higher than the national average of just under twenty-six thousand dollars per year.


Chief Executive Officers in New York City have an annual base salary of just over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year. This income amount is not including any commissions, bonuses, or other earnings they receive throughout the year.

The average annual salary of CEOs in the country is around one hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars. Like the average in New York City, this does not include the high bonuses and commissions that CEOs typically receive.

Construction Worker

A construction worker in New York City will have an annual salary just above forty thousand dollars per year.

The national average income for construction workers is very similar at just under forty thousand dollars per year.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives in New York City earn an average of $59,307 per year.

The New York City salary is over ten thousand dollars higher than the national average for customer service representatives.


Doctors’ salaries can vary depending on the medical field that they are in. But, the average physician in New York City has an average annual salary of over three hundred thousand dollars.

The New York City salary is higher than the national average income for physicians, which is just under two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per year.


Electricians in New York City earn more than sixty thousand dollars per year on average. New York City electricians earn approximately five thousand dollars higher than the national average of fifty-five and a half thousand.


Engineers in New York City have average annual earnings of just over ninety-five thousand dollars.

The salary for engineers in New York is significantly higher than the national average of just under seventy thousand dollars per year.


Janitors in New York City make more than $44,500 per year on average. The national average salary for janitors is more than ten thousand dollars less than the average in New York City at just under forty-four thousand.


Lawyers in New York City have one of the highest paying jobs, making nearly one hundred and thirty thousand dollars per year on average.

The national average income for lawyers is significantly less. It is almost half the New York City average. The national yearly average is $73,688.

Manual Laborer

A manual laborer in New York City can expect to have an average annual salary of $38,390. This average is five thousand dollars higher than the national average laborers at $33,467.


Mechanics in New York City make an average annual salary of nearly sixty thousand dollars per year.

In the United States, mechanics have a lower average annual income of under forty-five thousand dollars.

Office Clerk

An office clerk’s average salary in New York City is just over sixty thousand dollars per year.
The average annual income for office clerks nationally is just over fifty-four thousand dollars.

Police Officer

Police Officers in New York City have an average salary of nearly seventy thousand dollars per year.

The national average income for police officers is fifteen thousand dollars less per year at just over fifty-four thousand dollars.

Registered Nurse

Registers nurses in New York City have a high annual salary, making nearly ninety-five thousand dollars on average.

The salary for registered nurses in New York City is significantly higher than the average income for registered nurses in the United States. They make an average of $78,752 per year.

Retail Worker

A retail worker in New York City makes just over forty-eight thousand dollars per year on average.

The national average salary for retail workers is just over thirty-nine thousand dollars per year.


Servers in New York City have an average annual salary of $40,506. The New York City salary is a few thousand dollars higher than the average national income of $37,019 per year for servers.

Software Engineer

Software engineers can make a high annual salary in New York City with an average of more than one hundred and twenty-six thousand dollars per year.

The income for software engineers in the United States is significantly lower at just over one hundred and five thousand dollars per year on average.


Teachers have an average annual salary of $54,609 in New York City. The national average income for teachers is just under twenty-four thousand dollars per year.

The difference between the two average salaries is more than fifty percent. It is the largest difference of all the salaries on the list.

Highest And Lowest Paying Industries In New York City

The five highest paying industries in New York City all have a median annual salary of over eighty thousand dollars.

The highest-paying jobs are in the legal industry, which has a median income of one hundred and twelve thousand dollars, nearly double that of New York City.

The second highest paying industry is Computer and Mathematical related. These jobs pay a median salary of just over ninety thousand dollars per year.

The third, fourth, and fifth-highest paying industries all pay between eighty-one and eighty-two thousand dollars per year. In order of pay, these industries are management positions, computer, engineering, and science jobs, and finally, business and financial jobs.

On the other hand, there are also five lowest-paying industries, all of which have median earnings well below the city’s median. The lowest paying jobs are in the personal care industry, with median earnings of under twenty-two thousand dollars per year.

The next two lowest-paying industries are healthcare support and farming, forestry, and fishing. Both of these have median yearly earnings between twenty-three and twenty-four thousand dollars per year.

The fourth lowest paying industry is material moving which pays just over twenty-five thousand dollars per year. Finally, rounding out the five lowest paying jobs is food preparation and service jobs which pay just under twenty-five and a half thousand dollars each year.

How Does New York City’s Median Household Income Compare to the Cost of Living?

The cost of living in New York City is extremely high compared to the rest of the country. In fact, New York City has one of the highest costs of living at 129% higher than the national average.

Housing alone is 369% higher in New York City than the national average. The housing cost does depend on when in the city you live, with Manhattan being the most expensive.

The high cost of living in New York City explains why the annual average salary is much higher in New York. Where you live in the city and what type of lifestyle you live will determine your cost of living.

If you have a job with a lower annual average salary, you need to live somewhere with lower housing costs, use cheaper transportation, and keep your excess spending to a minimum.

If you have a high paying job like a lawyer or a software engineer, you can afford the high cost of living in New York City. You can live in one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan, dine out more, or even own a car.


The median salary for New York City is higher than the national average. But, the range of average salaries in the city varies greatly depending on the job, the industry, whereas in the city you work, and what company you work for.

Lawyers, software engineers, and CEOs have the highest salaries in New York City. These salaries are also very high compared to their national averages.

If you want to live in New York City, make sure you consider your job’s annual salary compared to your cost of living.

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Cost of Living in New York – How Much Money Do You Need To Live In NYC

Many people know that cities are some of the most expensive places to live in the United States.

New York City has one of the highest costs of living in the country, but how much does it actually cost to live there?

This article will explain how much housing, food, transportation, and entertainment all cost in New York City.

Then we will compare the cost of living in New York to other cities in the United States.

New York City Housing Costs

Anywhere you go, housing will be the most expensive part of your budget. Housing being your biggest expense is especially true in New York City, which has some of the highest housing costs in the country for both buyers and renters.

Twice as many NYC residents rent their homes or apartments instead of buying them. Below is the cost of renting a home in New York and the cost of buying a home.

Cost to Rent in NYC

The cost of rent in New York will vary by the neighborhood you are in and the type of apartment or home you are renting.

Some of the cheap neighborhoods in New York City, can be found in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

A studio apartment will be the cheapest, but you will likely not have someone to share rent with.

Having at least one bedroom is more expensive, but you can split the cost if you find and live with a roommate.

Not surprisingly, Manhattan is the best neighborhood in New York but the most expensive borough to rent in. The average rent is over four thousand two hundred dollars. The average cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment is $3,414, and a two bedroom apartment costs more than five thousand dollars per month.

Brooklyn has the next highest rent costs, with an average of just under three thousand dollars per month. A one bedroom will average $2,968 per month, and a two bedroom will average $3,261.

Third in rent costs in Queens, where the average monthly rent is $2,568. The average cost of a one bedroom apartment is $2,126, and the average cost of a two bedroom apartment is just over twenty-five hundred dollars per month.

Both Staten Island and the Bronx have an average rent for a one bedroom apartment of just over one thousand, seven hundred dollars. In Staten Island, the average rent for a two bedroom apartment is $2,554, and a two bedroom in the Bronx will cost on average $2,232 per month.

Cost to Buy in NYC

The cost to buy in NYC also varies on where you are in the city and what type of housing you are purchasing.

Your monthly cost will depend on your loan terms and down payment, but the median list prices for the five boroughs are listed below.

The prices listed in this section are the median, meaning that half of the home prices are higher than this number, and half are lower than this number.

First, Manhattan has a median list price of $1,290,000 for a home. The most expensive neighborhood is Tribeca, with an average list price of more than $4.3 million. The neighborhoods with the lowest median list price are all north of Central Park at the island’s northern tip, including Inwood and Washington Heights.

Brooklyn is the borough with the second highest home prices. The median list price is $969,000. The most expensive homes in Brooklyn are in the northwest, closest to Manhattan. The most expensive Brooklyn neighborhood for home buying is in DUMBO, or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge.

Next, Queens has a median list price of just under seven hundred thousand dollars. The median housing prices here are significantly lower than in Manhattan and Brooklyn but still high. The highest prices are in the southern part of Queens on the Rockaway Peninsula. Furthermore, only four neighborhoods have a medium list price of over one million.

Fourth, Staten Island has a median list price of just under five hundred and eighty thousand dollars. The only neighborhood with a median list price over one million is Todt Hill. Todt Hill is the highest natural point in New York City which gives it its appeal.

Finally, The Brox has the lowest median housing price at $550,000. Only one neighborhood has a list price above one million dollars, and that is Mott Haven, the neighborhood at the south end of the borough and closest to Manhattan.


In the cost of your housing, you will also need to consider utility costs, including heating, electricity, water, and gas.

These may be included in your rental cost, or they may up to you to pay, so make sure you consider them in your housing cost.

If you are in a small apartment, you can expect the average price of basic utilities to be around one hundred dollars per month. An apartment with multiple bedrooms will cost closer to two hundred dollars.

Anything larger will be around three hundred dollars minimum and can vary depending on how many people live in your home.

If you need internet or cable in your home, you need to plan on another one hundred to two hundred dollars.

Insurance is also a factor in your housing costs. If you rent an apartment, your renter’s insurance will be at least one hundred and fifty dollars per year. A home that you own will cost just over one thousand dollars a year for insurance. Unlike many things in New York City, homeowners insurance is actually less than the national average.

Either type of insurance will vary depending on where you live, how big your home is, and how much your possessions are worth.

New York City Food Costs

As with housing in New York City, food costs are higher than the national average.

If you shopped only at a grocery store for your food, your average monthly bill would be nearly five hundred dollars.

This cost, of course, does not consider any meals at restaurants, food stands, or coffee. If you regularly dine out, your food cost could easily be over one thousand dollars per month.

Restaurant prices can be high in New York City, especially at fancier places. You can get a cheap meal like a slice of pizza, a bagel, or a hot dog for around $5. These are fast meals, and the price will increase quickly for sit-down restaurants.

A simple bar meal will cost around $30 per person. A mid range restaurant can cost around $60 per meal, and a fancy restaurant will easily cost $100 at a very minimum. All of these prices are without alcoholic drinks, which could easily double your cost.

Transportation Costs

When you live in a big city like New York, it is important to have transportation so you can get around the city whether it is for work, for fun, or for any other reason.

There are many ways to get around the Big Apple, including cars, taxis, and public transit, and the transportation expenses can vary greatly. We have listed the transportation options and their average costs below.


Whether you own or rent, cars can be a convenient way to get around the city since you do not have to wait for a train or hail a taxi when you need to go somewhere.

However, having a car in the city is a huge expense, which is why many people do not have one.

First, you need to consider parking costs, which are the most expensive part of having a car, other than the car itself.

Having a designated parking spot at your home or apartment building can cost up to one thousand dollars a month, depending on the location of the parking and the security of the lot or garage. If you own a home or apartment and want a parking space, you can be looking at an extra hundred thousand dollars in price.

While you do not need to pay for reserved parking, street and public parking are a hassle. There is a limited amount of free parking in the city, and there are a lot of restrictions that come with these spaces, like snow, street cleaning, and overnight restrictions.

If you choose not to spend money on a parking space, you better have time in your schedule to find parking.

You also need to consider the normal costs of owning a car, like monthly payments, insurance costs, gas prices, and any unexpected repairs. Depending on where you live in New York City, it may be difficult to find a gas station near you, especially in Manhattan.

While having a car can be a big convenience, it comes with a lot of costs that will significantly raise the cost of living in New York.

Taxi/Ride Share

Taxis are an easy but more expensive way to get around the Big Apple. Taxis are available twenty-four hours a day, and you can spot an available taxi since it has a light on top.

Your taxi cost will vary based on when you ride, how far you ride, and how much traffic there is. You must pay small fees during rush hour, late at night, or if you pass any tolls.

There are also plenty of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft that operate in NYC. The cost of these will vary based on the distance you travel and the current demand for rides. You can expect higher fares during rush hour and on weekends.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in New York City is an easy and cheap way to get around once you are familiar with the system.

All trains and nearly all buses run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you will never be without a ride.

An unlimited Metro pass will cost $127 per month or just over four dollars per day. If you are taking at least two rides on the trains or local buses each day, this pass is well worth the cost.

If you are not taking public transportation enough to justify using an unlimited pass, you can still ride the trains and buses at the cost of $2.75 per ride.

If you take more than fifty-seven rides per month, a Metro pass will save you money. If you take less than fifty-seven rides per month, you will be fine to pay per ride.

The cost of express buses and AirTrains cost more than the standard transit pass, but they are also cheaper and faster than other transit options if you need to use them.


Biking is a cheap option for getting around the city. If you do not own a bike, you can rent them from places throughout the entire city.

NYC has bike laws that you must follow to keep everyone safe. As long as you follow the rules and stay on the proper streets and paths with your bike, you will be able to get anywhere in the city. However, if you are going to other boroughs, it may not be the best to use a bike.


Finally, walking is, of course, a cheap option to get around, but in a city so large, it can be impractical if you need to go further than a mile or so. Unless you live and work in the same neighborhood, you will be regularly spending money on other types of transportation.

New York City Entertainment Costs

Entertainment costs in New York City will vary depending on your interests. If you enjoy fine dining, New York nightlife club & bar hopping, NYC fishbowl drinks; the costs will be higher than in other cities.

One of the most expensive but popular types of entertainment in New York City is sporting events.

Ticket prices will vary depending on the sport, the team, and when in the season you attend a game. Listed below are the average price for each team’s game.

• New York Yankees Baseball – $80/ticket
• New York Mets Baseball – $59/ticket
• Brooklyn Nets Basketball – $167/ticket
• New York Knicks Basketball – $162/ticket
• New York Giants Football – $123/ticket
• New York Jets Football – $64/ticket
• New York Islanders Hockey – $49/ticket
• New York Rangers Hockey – $162/ticket
• New York City FC Soccer – $30/ticket

Other than sports, another type of expensive entertainment that you have to budget for is theater and show.

Broadway is a huge part of New York City, and shows have a huge range of ticket prices. Off-Broadway shows will be the cheapest, as will the nose-bleed seats with the worst views. If you see a show with a major name or in a major theater, it will cost you hundreds of dollars per ticket, if not more. If you’re into arts, a past time that’s not as costly is visiting New York’s best museums.

Living Costs: National Average vs. New York City

Besides the cost of house insurance mentioned above, everything is more expensive in New York City than in other cities in the United States.

In fact, the costs of living in New York City are significantly higher than the cost of living in other major United States cities.

In the first quarter of 2021, New York City, specifically, Manhattan, had the highest cost of living in the United States. The cost is more than 2.4 times the national average, the only urban area to be over double the national average.

It is also 33% higher than the living index for San Francisco, the city with the second highest cost of living. Two other boroughs made the top ten as well.

Brooklyn has the fourth-highest cost of living at over 1.7 times the national average. Queens rounded out the top ten at just under 1.5 times the national average. (Source: Cost of Living Index).


The cost of living is very high in New York compared to other cities in the United States. Your cost of housing, groceries, transportation, and entertainment can have a large range depending on your location, interests, and spending habits.

While it is expensive no matter what, you can keep your cost of living lower by taking cheaper public transportation instead of owning a car. You can find a higher than average salary paying job by learning new skills. Or, you can live further away from Manhattan and have lower rent payments.


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How Long Is Manhattan Tip To Tip – What Is Length And Width of Manhattan Island

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs in New York City. Manhattan is on an island, and while it is the most densely populated borough, it is the smallest geographically.

From North to South, Manhattan is long, stretching 13.4 miles in length. From east to west, the island is 2.3 miles wide at the widest point.

This article will detail how long Manhattan is, how you can cross it, how Manhattan compares to other New York boroughs, and what the most popular attractions are throughout Manhattan.

The Geography of Manhattan

Manhattan is a natural island that was colonized around 1624 as part of New Netherland, which included New York.

It was a popular place for settlers due to the easy access to the water that surrounds it.

Many people thought that the south part of Manhattan begins at 1st Street, but that is not true. At Manhattan’s lower tip is Battery Park and at the northern tip is the Inwood neighborhood.

If you describe the length of Manhattan from park to park, you can say it goes from Fort Tryon Park to Battery Park.

The island is surrounded by the East River and the Hudson River on the east and west sides, respectively. To the south is the Upper New York Bay which is part of the New York Harbor.

The New York Harbor connects the rivers and the bay to the Atlantic Ocean. The Harlem River is the northern border of the island that separates Manhattan from the rest of the United States, specifically, the Bronx.

Manhattan’s Divisions

Manhattan itself is divided into three parts: Downtown, also called Lowertown, Midtown, and Uptown.

Downtown is the southern part of the island, from 14th Street to the bottom end of the island.

Uptown is from 59th Street, which borders the southern part of Central Park to the very northern end of Manhattan.

Midtown is the area in between the two from 14th Street to 59th Street. These sections can differ slightly depending on who you talk to, but they are generally defined this way.

The island is also split down the middle into the East Side and the West Side, usually along Fifth Avenue. This divide spans the whole island.

Manhattan Compared To The Other Boroughs

Manhattan is the smallest of the five boroughs at just over twenty-two square miles or nearly sixty square kilometers. More than one and a half million people are living in Manhattan.

While Long Island itself is not a borough, Brooklyn and Queens are both on the west end of Long Island.


Brooklyn is the most populated borough with more than two and a half million people living there. It is the second biggest borough by landmass at seventy square miles or just over one hundred and eighty square kilometers.


Next, Queens is the second most populated borough with more than 2.2 million people. But, it is the largest borough by land size at more than one hundred square miles or just over two hundred and eighty kilometers.

Staten Island

Staten Island is an island southwest of Manhattan. Staten Island is midsized at just under sixty square miles or one hundred and fifty square kilometers as far as the five boroughs go. Staten Island is by far the least populated borough with just under half a million residents.

The Bronx

Finally, the Bronx, the fourth most populated borough, has more than three times more people living there than Staten Island. Just under one and a half million people are living in the Bronx, and the landmass is just over forty square miles, or one hundred and ten square kilometers.

Between the five boroughs, New York City has a population of more than eight million people, making it the most populated city in the United States.

However, New York City is just over three hundred square miles, or nearly eight hundred square kilometers large, which does not even break the top twenty in largest United States Cities by landmass.

How Long Does It Take To Cross Manhattan?

New York City is a very interesting place and has so much public transportation and roads, there are many ways that you can cross Manhattan.

All of the times below are from the most southern point of the island to the Inwood neighborhood at the northern tip, or vice versa.

Crossing New York City by Car

The first way to get across Manhattan is by car. If you are traveling by car, there are two common routes that you can take. One is New York State Route 9, or NY 9A, which runs along the west side of the island, and FDR Drive, which runs along the right side.

Your travel time by car will vary depending on the time of day and which direction you are traveling. Rush hour in New York is typically between seven and nine in the morning and between four and six in the evening.

If you drive from North to South, you can expect the drive to take up to an hour. The drive from South to North takes longer, usually between thirty to fifty minutes in the morning, but it can take as long as an hour and a half in the evening.

In the middle of the day, driving in either direction will take between twenty-five and fifty minutes. There is very little traffic in the middle of the night, so the drive only takes between twenty and thirty minutes.

It is important to remember that it is not necessary to own a car to drive across Manhattan. There are plenty of taxis, ride-share services, and even services that let you borrow a car for a day if you think this is the best way to get across the island.

Crossing Manhattan by Train/Subway

New Yorkers talk slang most of the time and when they speak about taking a train, they are referring to the city’s extensive subway system. The trains in New York can get you nearly anywhere, and the system is easy to understand using a map.

Taking a train can be an effective way to avoid the city’s traffic during rush hour, even though trains may be busier during that time too.

Two trains go all the way across Manhattan from North to South. The first is the 1 Train which starts at the southern tip near Battery Park, goes up the island along Seventh Avenue. The line ends in Brooklyn near Marble Hill, a few stops past the northern part of Manhattan.

The second train is the A Train, which starts in Manhattan’s northern Inwood Neighborhood. It runs through Manhattan along Eighth Avenue, down to nearly the island’s southern tip before going east to Brooklyn.

If you wanted to go further south in Manhattan than the A train would take you, you would have to walk about twenty minutes or switch to a different train for a stop or two.

Walk Across Manhattan

Walking across the entire length of Manhattan will, not surprisingly, take the longest amount of time, but it is the most interesting way to cross the borough.

If you are walking all the way across the island, it will take you just over four hours if you do not stop. You can take a few direct routes along the east side of Manhattan, likely along Broadway.

While a direct route is fastest, taking some breaks to see some of the most popular sites in New York City, to eat some good food, or have a sip from popular NYC fishbowl drinks would make your walk much more fun. In the next section, we will discuss what steps you can make on a walk through Manhattan.

Crossing Manhattan by Bus

Crossing the entire island of Manhattan by bus is the least practical. You will need to take at least two buses, if not more, and the entire trip will take you nearly two hours, if not longer.

Even if you are trying to cross Manhattan with a few stops along the way, a combination of walking and trains will be a better option.

Manhattan’s Biggest Tourist Attractions From Southern Tip To Northern Tip

There are many different neighborhoods in Manhattan, and, as mentioned above, the island is roughly divided into three sections vertically, with Fifth Avenue dividing each section into an east side and a west side.

This section will explain the most popular places in each part of New York’s most populated borough.

If you ever considered exploring Manhattan from end to end, these are the place that you do not want to miss. You can explore these destinations on a walk, by train, or some other way,

They are listed from south to north, but you can easily switch the order depending on your starting point.

Additionally, some of these places are very easy to walk between, whereas others will have a long walk. If they are more than a few streets apart or more than an avenue or two, it will likely be easier to travel between them on the subway, a bus, or even drive.


At the southern tip of the island is Battery Park. From Battery Park, you can look south over the harbor and see the Statue of Liberty, or you can look north and see the beginning of Manhattan and some of the tallest buildings in New York.

From here, you can go north into the financial district and walk down Wall Street. Near here is Bowling Green Park, the oldest park in New York City, which is home to the famous Charging Bull statue.

Further north from the Financial District is the old site of the Twin Towers. The old location of the two towers is now a memorial site, and it sits next to the new One World Trade Center. The One World Trade Center has an observation deck near the top.

In addition to the new skyscraper is a museum that honors the people who died in the tragic attack, including citizens, the fire department, and other heroes.

To the northwest, past the Brooklyn Bridge, Little Italy, and Chinatown border Canal Street. Chinatown is a popular place to find Chinese and Asian restaurants, souvenir shops, and lots of markets with special Chinese spices, foods, and more. Little Italy is similar, but with many Italian restaurants and shops.

Just west of Little Italy is the SOHO neighborhood. SOHO is a popular neighborhood for shopping since it is home to many upscale shops of all kinds, including clothing, art, and jewelry. At night, there are plenty of restaurants and clubs for you to enjoy New York nightlife

Finally, there are many popular Big Apple neighborhoods in the northern part of Lowertown. Starting on the west side, the Meatpacking District is home to part of the popular High Line, a walking trail built on old train tracks.

West Village is one of New York City’s most popular neighborhoods for living in. There are also a lot of fashion stores, restaurants, and nighttime entertainment, including piano bars and small theaters.

The larger area that includes West Village and a few other neighborhoods is called Greenwich Village. Greenwich Village covers the west side of Lowertown from Houston Street to 14th Street, which is the top edge of Lowertown.


From 14th Street, you begin Midtown. Midtown is a large area spanning forty-five streets.

Many of the most popular tourist attractions are in Midtown, which makes it a prevalent but expensive place to live or stay.

The majority of the High Line mentioned above is part of Midtown on the very west side. This part is in the Chelsea neighborhood, which has a lot of residential buildings. It is also a prominent area for art galleries and gay bars.

East of Chelsea is the Flatiron Building. The building is one of the most recognizable in New York City. The neighborhood in this area is called the Flatiron District because of the building.

North of here on 34th Street is the Empire State Building, one of the most famous in the New York City skyline. The building is one hundred and three stories tall, and there are observation decks on a couple of the highest floors.

At 42nd Street is Times Square, one of the most prominent places in New York City. Times Square is an iconic part of the city.

It spans multiple streets and has many restaurants, hotels, and shops. There are billboards that light up, artists selling their work on the street, and the Times Square subway stops.

New York residents usually avoid Times Square since it is so crowded, but it is a must-see for visitors to the city. Seeing it during the day and at night are two vastly different experiences, and both are a must.

Next to Times Square to the east is Bryant Park. Bryant Park is home to New York’s main library, lots of food stands, open green space for relaxing, and lots of tables, including chess tables. Bryant Park is popular for visitors to walk around and for locals to enjoy before or after work.

West of Bryant Park is Grand Central Terminal. This terminal is an iconic part of New York since it is in so many movies and tv shows. Although it does act as a transportation hub, there are also stores, a tennis club, and many great photo spots.

Next to Grand Central station is the Chrysler Building, another iconic New York skyscraper. The Chrysler Building used to be the world’s tallest building at seventy-seven stories and a well-recognized top.

Finally, on the very east end of 42nd Street is the United Nations Headquarters. This building offers tours that will teach you about international relations, the history of the United Nations, and how the United Nations affects us today. The area also has great views of the East River and Queens and Brooklyn across the river.

North of Times Square and 42nd Street is Broadway, the famous theater district. Broadway theaters, specifically off-Broadway shows, are scattered throughout the area, but most of the big ones are along Broadway, all near each other.

Even if it is off-Broadway, seeing a show on Broadway is special for visitors and locals to New York City alike.

West of Broadway is another famous building, Rockefeller Center. This building is home to many tv studios, the Top of the Rock Observation Deck, a famous restaurant and bar, and a tree and ice skating rink during the holiday season.

Finally, the Museum of Modern Art, or the MOMA, is located in Midtown on 53rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. The museum houses many famous works of art that people come to see from all over the world.


Although Midtown has the most attractions, including Times Square, Uptown is the largest. First, Uptown is home to Central Park, which spans more than fifty streets alone.

More than forty million people visit Central Park every year, making it the most visited park in the world. That is over twenty times as many people who live in Manhattan. The Park has a zoo, miles, and miles of paths, food stands, iconic movie locations, ponds, and much more.

Seeing the entire park would easily take more than a day, but the south part is where the most attractions and people are.

New York has different museums for everybody. On the west side of the park is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met. The Met is on Fifth Ave near Eighty-Second Street. The Met is one of the world’s most popular art museums and the largest in the United States.

On the West side of the park, opposite the Met, is another museum: the American Museum of Natural History. The Natural History Museum is another well-known museum, made popular by movies.

On the east side of the Park is the Upper East Side neighborhood, and on the west side of the park is the Upper West Side.

North of the Park is a lot of residential neighborhoods, including the well-known Harlem neighborhood. At the northern tip of Uptown is Fort Tryon Park, a pretty park with some of the best views of the Hudson River.


Manhattan is a very long island that is bigger than thirteen miles in length. It is a densely populated borough, and it is made even busier by the overwhelming number of visitors who come to New York and the residents of other boroughs who work and relax in the city.

You can cross Manhattan in many different ways, including by car, foot, or public transit. Since Manhattan is so large, it is no wonder that there are so many things to do on the island.

Whether you are visiting New York to fulfill a bucket list, thinking on moving to NYC or already live there, it is a fun experience to explore the city from end to end and see all that the Big Apple has to offer.

If you happen to move into a specific area in Manhattan, we reviewed the best east side movers and west side movers of New York.

Cheap Movers In NYC: Flexible, Affordable Moving Company New York

Finding the best moving companies in New York isn’t always as straightforward as we would like. For instance, moving the last minute to the Big Apple is quite difficult, and I found out the hard way. Still, living in NYC has always been a dream for me.

You can imagine how I felt the first time I got an apartment in the City.

It was all butterflies and smiles. Yes, I wasn’t familiar with the closely packed rooms, apartments, etc., but I loved every part of it. All that remained was that I got long distance movers who had storage so I could move into my new home.

After getting some moving tips, buying packing supplies, purchasing a storage unit, and sorting things out into categories, it was time to find moving companies that had local movers who provide cheap but quality service.

It was relatively easy to find help online on which moving services I could use. But I had heard stories, so I decided to undertake my own research.

I studied the quotes of these companies, considering their pros, pricing, and the service they provided. Let’s just say I was out to get all the info I could before packing my boxes.

Luckily for you, it is with that experience I’ve decided to create this guide on inexpensive and affordable movers in NYC.

What To Expect From Inexpensive Movers In NY

First off, I would like to say that finding the perfect place in New York isn’t as simple as many think.

Yes, there are high-end homes that are loved by everyone but finding average economic perfect homes isn’t as easy.

Personally, I’ve switched apartment buildings and streets through Borough and across NY. With every experience, I learned more about the city and moving companies. I used long-distance movers, small movers in NYC, local movers, upper east side movers, and a lot of other data which makes this a personal diary if you’re wondering on how do you move to New York.

I loved it; the idea of exploring all the famous neighborhoods in NYC kept me looking for the perfect deal. I had to work within the price range, so it was important to get amazing quotes on NYC movers. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, I was still able to get quality services, options, and good customer service.

Through each trip, I looked out for the most favorable quote, and compare that to the content I plan on moving into, the neighborhood I’m moving into, if there are local movers, their pros and if they offer quality help. Social media also played a vital role in my search for a cheap movers and more.

How To Find A Cheap Moving Company In NYC

The first thing I sorted out was cheap movers in NYC. If you’ve been to NYC, you will understand why I had to find cheap movers.

But I get it many times, cheap doesn’t always represent low-quality services, but I believed that there must have been at least one service provider that was pocket-friendly and offered excellent moving services.

First off, I discovered a way to identify legitimate movers.

Finding your dream apartment in NYC is a piece of cake. There are always tons of apartments open for new occupants; it’s all about finding the one that meets your needs and modifying it to perfection.

Three indicators of which moving companies to trust are:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured.

Any company you choose to use must have all three requirements in place.

Licensed Movers

When your movers are licensed, it means they have been authorized to conduct business on a state or federal level.

This proves to you, the client, that they are legitimate movers. You wouldn’t want non-professional movers to handle your packages. Doing that can result in huge disasters.

Bonded Movers

If your movers are bonded, you know that they offer a financial guarantee which they are bound by law to fulfill, and they will complete the contract both parties have agreed to.

Insured Movers

An insured company provides a greater level of assurance. If the moving company should lose or damage any precious item, they have insurance to cover the loss.


It is also important to utilize every chance to study the info you can get when searching for cheap movers in New York.

I searched for the goods each company is known to transport if they could handle a variety of items, their rates, and how much money long distance movers charge.

The moving team of these companies, when possible, and what are the available ways to keep an eye on my items while in transit.

Like many of you, my belongings are quite special, and I would love as little stress as possible, and I understand that no one would get that. I did my research to find the best movers and guarantee the safety of the items I put in their care.

Meet Moving Services in New York City

Moving Services is one of the moving companies I still use and recommend. Moving and Storage is a tightly-knit team of moving professionals based out of New York, NY.

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I would like to say that they do an amazing job in helping businesses and families arrive at their new homes and workplaces in one piece. They put in a lot of effort in ensuring that customers enjoy a smooth moving experience.

They provide regular contributions to several local nonprofits that support vulnerable populations in the metropolitan area. so not only do they move things in and around New York NY but they also care for the community as a whole even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Its services spread across borders, which makes long-distance moving possible. In some cases, I only needed more space, and I found their storage options to be safe and appropriate for all my electronics .

Moving Services

From its headquarters in Greenwich Village, they are one of the most highly rated moving companies in NY. has offered moving services throughout New York City and Borough since 2006.

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On moving days, you can expect friendly and courteous moving professionals to show up on time to get your belongings moved quickly and efficiently to your new apartment, whether that’s a move to Upper West Side or out in Flushing.

If you’re in NY, you should definitely consider using them and consider the deal they offer.

They have a team of dedicated moving specialists in our GW office and Staten island waiting to answer any questions you may have.

As the most populated US metropolis (with 8.6 million residents) – according to 103 users, “The provide exceptional service and affordable rates, they’re the team you can trust with your next move.

Located in New York, they’re services are available for moves throughout the Tri-State area – according to users they used this company to move homes from one big house to another, and the staff came very professional and so helpful and kind.

I love that their moves and quotes are tailored to fit client’s needs and wishes. Every relocation is unique to each customer.

Pros in Using Movers

Residential Moving Services

I found their movers to be quite delightful. Their team consists of experienced professionals who are always willing to help at any stage during the moving process. I also found their flat moving rates to be quite beneficial.

It made them cheap movers with good pricing, no added fees and on-the-dot planning and scheduling.

This way I know I’m enjoying my money. Their quote for moves are affordable so I don’t mind rehiring them whenever.

Movers are trained to transport all the delicate and important items like my furniture without damaging them, ensuring that I get them safely.

Long Distance Relocation

Sometimes, we need to move across the state or across several neighborhoods. I usually find these very scary, considering that my piano, art, and other valuables are on the road for too long. However, I’m a bit calmer when I use it.

Their experienced drivers can easily plot and navigate the fastest and shortest routes. So my belongings don’t have to stay on the road for too long, and they arrive safely at my new home.

Commercial Relocation

While I didn’t use the commercial relocation service personally, I learned a lot about this service. If you’re you looking for a long-distance mover or a local moving compan, try out their commercial relocation plan.

Several NYC reviews will testify to their efficiency and productivity. They take every move seriously, minimize downtime and transfer all your valuables/ sensitive documents to your new location safely.

Storage Solutions

Their temperature-controlled storage facility is a welcomed development. These days it isn’t enough to have secure storage, especially when you plan on storing antiques and art.

Temperature helps keep your valuables safe and free from temperature-caused damages. Their storage facilities are located in the NYC area, like Bronx, New Jersey.

Storage rate depends on the amount of inventory you are storing and the type of storage unit you would like to rent.

Local Moving

When I was changing neighborhoods, I still needed help moving. Their skilled team came through; they were fast, courteous, and experienced. It felt really stress-free, and I didn’t have to do a thing.

Packing, Unpacking, and Lifting

We’ve all been in situations where there wasn’t enough time to pack. Or do you want help lifting that heavy piano?

With them, I didn’t have to worry because I had used their services, and I knew they could help pack, sort, and unpack my belongings and make sure everything is in the right place.

Their movers and packers clean, organize and box all my precious belongings professionally. Once I get to my new apartment, they unpack and arrange everything.


Now you don’t have to experience the challenges I faced while searching for the perfect shipping company.

The movers on this list take excellent care of your belongings, provide safe storage units through New Jersey to Greenwich Village. With good pricing, you’re bound to get the best deals.

You can now travel without stress, knowing that your belongings will be waiting for you upon your arrival.

Black Rabbit Bar NYC


19th Century Bar w/ private snugs, pub food, fireplace & beer garden.
91 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
btwn Manhattan & Franklin

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“Close your eyes and imagine a nice English pub. Now take out the English people and fill it with creative young professionals who live in Greenpoint. That’s Black Rabbit. It’s a straightforward pub, but it isn’t tacky or smelly like something you’d find around the corner from Penn Station. You could bring a date here. Or you could bring some friends for their trivia night. They do it on Tuesdays, and it’s one of the best pub quizzes in the city. There’s also a nice little backyard where you can drink in the summer.” – theinfatuation

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“With 19th century floorboards and booths with saloon-style swinging doors, Black Rabbit takes a cue from the true spirit Prohibition-era bars: I’m here to drink, get out of my way. Upon entering here you feel like kicking back a few shots of whiskey, doffing your fedora to the barkeep, and sauntering off to punch Hemingway in the guts. It’s a noble endeavor for a New York speakeasy in the new millennium to cast off the popular artifice of “hiding” the bar, as the Back Room does, say, or as modern speakeasies like PDT do.” – NYC.com

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