Is Weed Legal in New York?


As of March 31, 2021, marijuana is legal in NYC! Just one the interesting facts to know about New York.

However, New Yorkers should know that there are many restrictions regarding the law, including sales, possession limits, and more.

The legislation is still being finalized, but by late 2022 or early 2023, dispensaries will be open.

The weed consumption sites will exist throughout the city and the state, and New Yorkers will be able to legally possess and buy cannabis. This could be another reason we see people move to New York. For some tourists, this could be part of their Big Apple bucket list.

Andrew Cuomo Legalizes Marijuana


Weed was officially legalized in the Empire State when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law on March 31st.

The official bill came one day after the State Assembly and the State Senate both voted in favor of the Cannabis Legalization Bill.

State lawmakers have been debating the legalization of cannabis since 2018. There was a lot of opposition to the law, but one of the State Senators who kept pushing for the legalization of cannabis was Liz Krueger.

Much of the debate was over how the government would tax cannabis, how the state would use the sales tax money, and who would regulate the sale of cannabis.

However, there were also questions about how the legalization would affect the prison system since many people were currently convicted of illegal marijuana charges.

In 2018, a study funded by the state determined that legalizing marijuana for adult use would benefit the state, the government, and its residents.

The study tested how marijuana would affect the state economically and socially, and the outcome was overwhelmingly positive.

Medical Marijuana Use in New York


Medical marijuana is also legal in New York. It was legal before the general cannabis legalization occurred, and so far, existing medical marijuana patients have not been affected by the signing of the law.

However, when marijuana sales become legal and more prominent, medical marijuana users will be affected positively.

First, people who use medical marijuana will have an easier time accessing cannabis products as more dispensaries open throughout New York. While the sale of marijuana is not yet legal in the state, except to medical users, sales will be legal after a year or two.

More dispensaries and other places that sell marijuana will be open when this happens, and the cannabis market will be high. Medical marijuana users will be able to get their cannabis at the new places, in addition to the places they go to now.

Medical marijuana users will also benefit from growing cannabis at home. It is not legal yet, but the law signed by Governor Cuomo requires that home cultivation for medical reasons be legal within six months. So, by the end of September 2021, medical cannabis will be legal to grow at home.

Furthermore, the medical marijuana industry will grow with the legalization of weed in New York. With an increase in the amount of cannabis available in the city, doctors will able to prescribe medical marijuana to more people who need it.

Currently, doctors can only prescribe the drug to the sickest people, like a patient with cancer, HIV, or AIDS. The biggest addition to the list of medical marijuana patients will be people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Finally, medical cannabis users will have more options when it comes to what kind of marijuana they can use. Before the law was signed, medical users in New York could only consume their marijuana by a pill or a liquid; the common method of smoking it was not allowed.

However, the new law is increasing the number of ways they can legally consume the drug, and smoking will be legal.

Laws Regarding Weed in New York


Since the state-wide marijuana legalization, NYC police have changed the laws related to marijuana.

Currently, there is only one illegal act, and that is driving under the influence of weed.

The only other restriction is that you must be twenty-one or older to possess or smoke the drug.

Since the legalization, marijuana is treated very similarly to alcohol.

Furthermore, less than two weeks after the governor signed the bill into law, the state cleared all marijuana convictions in the state. People with prison sentences related to marijuana will be released.

Limits on Possession and Growing of Cannabis

Once the legislation is finalized, cannabis possession, consumption, and cultivation will be legal for personal use. However, there will still be limits to the use.

First, the limit of home possession is not specified in the bill, but there is likely going the be legislation that limits the amount. Outside of the home, a person can have no more than three ounces of cannabis on them at any time. The limit on cannabis concentrate is twenty-four grams.

People will be able to grow marijuana in their homes after the public sale of the drug begins. The growth in a single housing unit is limited to six mature plants and six immature plants. The maximum per person is three of each type of plant.

Andrew M Cuomo – Goals after Weed Legalization


There are many goals that state lawmakers hope to achieve once all of the legislation is done and the cannabis industry in New York is in full swing.

First, the Office of Cannabis Management will be established to regulate all cannabis in the state and ensure that its sales are being taxed properly.

This office will be run by a board of five people, called the Cannabis Control Board. The governor and the two statehouses will appoint the board.

Tax Revenue

The new tax revenue created from the sale of cannabis in New York will be one of the most noteworthy benefits. The tax on cannabis products will be thirteen percent. Nine percent of taxes will go to the state of New York, and the remaining four percent will go to the local governments.

There will also be an excise tax which has not been finalized yet, but current regulations have the tax at three cents or less per milligram. The revenue from the cannabis industry is estimated to be three hundred and fifty million dollars per year once the sales begin.

At a state-wide level, the taxes are going to benefit a variety of government-funded programs. Right now, the majority of the revenue will be divided between public education, community programs, and drug treatment programs.

The new bill will not change the taxes on medical marijuana from the current rate of seven percent. However, the increase of medical marijuana that the new legislation allows will increase the state’s tax revenue even more.


Illegal possession, sales, and consumption of marijuana before the legalization have unequally affected certain communities, specifically communities of color.

The state is making headway on being more equitable by giving half of all adult-use dispensary licenses to minority business owners, women, and people in communities who have been disproportionately affected by illegal cannabis laws in the past.

The equity of marijuana use, sales, and regulations will be overseen by the Office of Cannabis Management and the Cannabis Control Board. The push for equity is an important part of the bill since it has been a controversial part of New York politics for decades.

The Future of Weed and Weed Sales


As mentioned above, the state did not legalize weed sales and growth as soon as Governor Cuomo signed the bill.

It can be as late as 2023, before New York has all the restrictions and guidelines set for the full legalization of marijuana.

Once the legalization is complete, dispensaries will be open throughout the state, home marijuana growth can begin, and other cannabis-based businesses can open.

Consumption lounges will be a new type of business opening in the state. These lounges will be similar to bars or nightclubs where people can legally purchase and consume weed with others in a social setting. So, you may now gulp your fave NYC fishbowl drinks while smoking a joint. For some visitors, this would be a must do on New York nightlife.

While the licensing of these lounges has yet to be issued by the Cannabis office, they are expected to be popular among lawmakers. They will also be an important component of being the state’s tax revenue.

Weed in New Jersey


Weed was legalized in New Jersey just over one month before the government legalized it in New York.

The timing is significant because many New Yorkers, specifically those in New York City, have easy access to New Jersey.

Just like in New York, marijuana sales in New Jersey are not allowed immediately, but they are expected to start in the first few months of 2022.

Now that possession is legal in New York, people may start crossing the border to get their weed.

The loss of marijuana sales to another state could have a huge effect on the tax revenue that New York is expecting.

However, it could also benefit residents in both states if the two states push to finish legislation and open dispensaries before the other.


Weed is officially legal in New York for adults twenty-one and older; however, this only applies to possession.

The timeline for legal sales and home growth is not set yet, but it is expected to be 2022 at the earliest.

Current medical marijuana users are not affected by the bill yet, but they will be able to begin home cultivation by September 2021.

The bill will also expand the medical marijuana program to new patients. Overall, the legalization of weed in New York will positively affect the state and its residents.

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The Best Fishbowl Drinks NYC


New York City has interesting things for everyone and definitely one of the best places to have a fun weekend at a bar or club with friends.

One of the unique stuff is the signature fishbowl drinks that so many places serve.

These drinks are all different, but they always have a good taste with a unique twist.

We went on a search for the best fishbowl drinks in NYC. Some of them are very popular, and some are fishbowls that not many people of heard of.

So grab a friend or two and enjoy one or all of these delicious cocktails!

Sugar Factory NYC


The Sugar Factory on Broadway in the Upper West Side neighborhood is a bar, restaurant, and candy store. There are nineteen different fishbowl drinks.

Each bowl is a different type of fruit-flavored drink, some of which were created by celebrities like Bruno Mars, Pitbull, and The Chainsmokers.

Some of the fishbowls are tropical, like the margaritas with fresh lime juice, the Classic Watermelon Pina Colada, the Mai Tai, and the Raspberry Watermelon Mojito. Other drinks are very sweet and fit with the candy theme, like the White Gummi, the Lollipop Passion, or the Electric Purple Jawbreaker Margarita.

All of the fishbowls are bubbly when they are served, adding to the experience. You can find the whole list of fishbowl drinks on their website.

The Disco Ball for All – Moxy Hotel


The Magic Hour is a rooftop bar at the Moxy Hotel in Times Square.

The roof is full of different parties, including a mini-golf course, a dance area, and a bar with a bunch of classy drinks that your whole group will love.

Their signature fishbowl is served in an actual spinning disco ball. The sweet punch has vodka, red wines, and fruity flavors with edible flowers floating in it.

This disco ball serves around fifteen people, and they will not let you attempt to order it with less than ten.

So make sure you bring a group of your friends to share this fun, delicious concoction at a fun rooftop bar.

Swamp Water – Brother Jimmy


Brother Jimmy’s Swamp Water is the signature cocktail at the New York BBQ restaurant and bar.

The drink is fruity and green, it comes in an actual fishbowl, and you won’t taste the alcohol in this awesome party fishbowl.

This drink is a mix of vodka, soda, pineapple juice, and fruity liquor.

Enjoying a bowl of this delicious drink is a sign that you are starting your nightlife in NYC right.

The Polynesian


At The Polynesian, you will instantly feel like you are on a summer vacation on a tropical island, not in New York City.

In addition, they have three fantastic fishbowl drinks that will make you and your friends feel like you are drinking cocktails on a beach for the rest of the night.

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Fish Bowl

Your tropical mood will intensify when you order (but fail to pronounce correctly) their Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Fish Bowl.

This sweet, refreshing cocktail is made with flavored rums, blue curaçao, coconut, absinthe, and various tropical juices.

Hoist The Colours Punch

Are you ready to be the life of the pirate party? You know pirates love their booze, and this fun drink is served in a treasure chest.
This fishbowl has multiple rums mixed with cinnamon, bitters, absinthe, club soda, and tropical juice.

Exotica Bowl

Finally, the third fishbowl at The Polynesian is the Exotica Bowl. This bowl also has rum, club soda, juices, and some garnishes.

Fisherman’s Punch – Shaking Crab


The Fishman’s Punch is the signature fishbowl drink at the Shaking Crab.

The restaurant has seven locations throughout the area, including one in Brooklyn and a couple outside of NYC.

The bowl is made with Captain Morgan, blue curacao, and a housemade mix of juice. The bowl goes perfectly with the food that they sell.

If you are the only one drinking and do not want alcohol poisoning, you can order a single-serve called the mug.

Otherwise, you can grab a bowl for two or a whole tank that serves four or more.

Clover Club’s Punches

Another bar in Brooklyn where you can find fishbowls is the Clover Club.

Their drinks are actually served in classy-looking punch bowls, and the bar’s environment seems fancy, but it is not as upstyle as it looks.

The two different bowls are both punches. One is the Harvest Punch that has rum, cognac, mulled cider, and lemon.

The other is a pear-flavored punch with Pisco, pears, pear liquor, a mix of bitters, and garnished fruit.

If you want to have a stylish punchbowl on your table in a nice, old-style bar, this is the place for you.

Patron Mexican Grill


Patron Mexican Grill near Times Square has eight different fishbowls.

Their fishbowls are different types, including their version of classic drinks, some fruity, tropical drinks, and a few that are their signature drinks created by the bar.

You can order them in various sizes, including 30 ounces that serve one to two people, 50 ounces that serve two to three, or one hundred ounces that will serve a whole table.

Here are the different bowls and what is included in each:

El Bandera

A margarita-type drink that you can order frozen or on the rocks. The El Bandera is like a classic margarita but much more prominent since it only comes in the 50-ounce size.

Long Island Iced Tea

Like a classic Long Island Iced Tea, this bowl has vodkas, tequila, gin, rum, triple sec, lemon juice, and soda.

New Orleans Hurricane with Orange Juice

Another twist on a classic drink, the hurricane has flavored rums, pineapple-flavored juice, orange juice, and grenadine.

Hawaiian Hurricane

Similar to the drink above, this classic hurricane-type bowl has multiple rums, vodkas, and pineapples.

Drunken Pyrat Walks the Plank

Made with Pyrat Rum, the Drunken Pyrat is another tropical fishbowl with pineapple juice, mango Patron, sour, and grenadine.

Rubber Ducky… You’re The One

This tequila-based bowl also has blue curacao, pineapple schnapps, lemon soda, and an adorable, free rubber ducky to top it off.

Blue Hawaiian

Another blue, tropical bowl, this one is only available in the fifty-ounce size. It includes vodkas, flavored rums, blue curacao, pineapple-flavored juice.

Blue Ocean

Our final blue drink has pineapple vodka, pineapple rum, blue curacao, and alcohol-infused gummy candy that make the bowl look like it actually is the ocean.

Big Fish Bowl – Beetle House NYC


Lastly, if you are looking for a simple, light fishbowl but a crazy environment, forget the other drinks and order a Big Fish Bowl at the Beetle House NYC.

The bar itself is a Tim Burton-themed bar based on his many movies, including Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Big Fish Bowl will fill you and a friend and is made with liquors, including vodka, gin, tequila, blue curacao, and fruity juice.

Information about Fishbowls and Drinks

How much does a fishbowl drink cost?

Fishbowls start around $25 USD for a standard size. If they are larger sizes, they can cost anywhere between $50 and $100.

And, if they come with extra features like the discoball, they can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

How many standard drinks is a fishbowl?

Many bars sell one size of fishbowl which will have three to four strong drinks.

Some places, like the Patron Mexican Grill, serve different sizes.

The largest size at Patron, one hundred ounces, will have between six and eight drinks and is equivalent to two drinks for three to four people. The largest fishbowls like the discoball will have well over ten standard drinks but is usually closer to fifteen or twenty.

How much is a cocktail in NYC?

Cocktail prices vary depending on when and where you are. If you are at happy hour at a cheap bar, you can get a cocktail for as low as $4-5.

If you are in Manhattan on a Saturday night, or at an upscale place, you will pay somewhere between $20-40 for a cocktail.

Do bars in NYC have to serve food?

Although many bars in NYC serve food, they are not required to. This was a requirement during the pandemic, and it has since ended. Bars that do not serve food are allowed.


You do not need to spend a lot of time walking around endlessly on a search for the best fishbowl drink in NYC.

We have listed all of the best ones here, so you just need to grab some friends and hit up a bar for delicious, fun fishbowl drinks.

Did you enjoy reading our post, if you like to see more guides on New York City, please check our homepage.

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El Colmado NYC


“El Colmado is a classic Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar. The restaurant is in an interesting location, tucked into a food hall with several other small restaurants in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. The name of the restaurant, El Comado, is taken from the Spanish word for “the grocer” which refers to the family-owned gourmet shops that are neighborhood staples in small Spanish towns. El Colmado’s menu is primarily made up of tapas, or shared plate, options. These include things like Iberico and Serrano ham, patatas bravas, fried calamari, gulf shrimp in garlic and olive oil and an arroz negro with creamy calaspara rice, squid ink, calamari and avocado. Some of the other sections on the menu include El Colmado’s signature oyster bar which guests can order either by the dozen or half dozen.”

12 Best Museums In New York City You Must Visit

New York City has some of the coolest museums in the USA and the world. In general, New York City’s cultural amenities are many.

It is indeed a global village. But none of these can compare to the sheer number of its museums, their sizes and variety.

In fact, one problem New Yorkers face isn’t finding a museum to visit but finding the right museum to visit. In NYC, there are over 83 museums which makes it really difficult to pick which one to visit.

These museums are all made to match international standards spanning from the Upper East Side all the way to the lower East Side. With specialties like art museums, sky scrapper museums, National museums, national history museums, Spaceship museums and a whole lot of others to visit.

At the end of the day, New York’s ability to keep vivid records of the past makes it interesting to any and everyone with a sense of adventure. All you need to do is figure out your interest and NYC has something to fascinate you with.

Some of the most Iconic museums you can find in NYC are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, 9/11 Memorial & Museum, and MoMA.

While you can spend an entire day gazing at the giant dinosaur skeleton in AMNH or the art and culture in these museums, there are also several smaller but equally amazing museums you can visit.

Learn more about NYC and what makes it so fascinating.

What Is The Best Museum To Visit In NYC?

This is impossible to answer. We say that because there is no ONE best museum to visit in NYC. Since we all have varying interests, our evaluation on what becomes the “best” also differs. That is why we have compiled a list instead.

Our list carries the best museums in the city so that everyone can find their individual bests.

There are museums focused on Art, Science, History, Kids, and so on. At the end of the day, this article will give you a list of everything.

Is that a lot to take in? yes it is. But if you’re looking for an NYC museum guide that will point you to the perfect museum for your unique preferences, look no further.

Our complete guide to the best museums in NYC has all the details you need to find the right museums and map out a path if you plan on visiting multiple museums.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, also called the “the Met,” is the largest art museum in the United States. It houses a permanent collection of over 2 million art works which are divided into 17 curatorial departments.

The main building is located at 1000 fifth Avenue, at Manhattan’s Upper East side along the Museum Mile on the eastern edge of Central Park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 with the sole purpose of bringing art and art education to Americans.

Its enormous size makes it almost impossible to completely see in a day. The 13-acers of central park carries over 5,000 years of art from every corner of the world.

It consists of art works from classical antiquity to ancient Egyptian art works. There are numerous paintings and sculptures from nearly every European master. Modern day art works are also on exhibition in the museum.

The met functions as an archive for African, Asian, Oceanian, Byzantine and Islamic arts. Think of it as a fully visual encyclopedia of musical instruments, ancient and modern costumes, accessories, weapons, armor of many different cultures from around the globe.

Everything about this building speaks history. Its interior has some notable features ranging from 1st century Rome down to modern American architecture.

As one of the biggest museums in the world, this gorgeous late 19th century neo-classical institution puts on display some of the rarest and finest pieces of art.

Inside this institution, you will find mummified royalty of ancient times, as well as avant-grade fashion coutoure from last year’s runway parades.

Young or old, visitors are given items to look forward to. Imagine seeing the Temple of Dendur physically. Imagine such a great feeling. This is an Egyptian temple from 10.B.C. it was transported from its Nile-side location.

Other highlights that promise to make your visit worthwhile. There is also an array of European and Asian armor, Grecian sculptures, and so much more.

Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art

You can purchase your tickets online so you don’t have to stand in line before you enter. But you should know that online tickets attract a full payment if suggested donations ($25 seniors $17 Students $12). If you’re working with a budget then we advise that you come in early during the weekend and pay what you wish.

You might also want to check what exhibits are on display. Special exhibits are likely to change every few months and they vary from big names to retrospective block busters. Sometimes, you may see little-known art works that carry potential.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)


Founded in 1929, MoMA is an iconic museum that should be on every New York visitor’s bucket list of places to visit. The Museum of Modern Art is the was the first museum devoted to modern era art. It is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City on 53rd Street.

This museum plays an important role in unveiling, collecting and developing modern art. It is also one of the largest and most influential modern arts museums in the world. MoMA’s offers a rich and varied collection of modern day artworks.

In it you will find a panoramic overview of contemporary and modern art works ranging from European paintings and sculptures of the 1880s all the way to films, designs and performance arts of today.

At its opening, it housed an initial gift of eight prints and one drawing. Over time, more art works were added to its collection, which grew and now stands at over 150,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, architectural models, drawings, photographs, and design objects.

The collection also houses approx. 22,000 films, and about four million film stills. The library and archives has over 300,000 books, artist books, extensive individual files, and periodicals of over 70,000 artists from around the globe.

Some of the most notable pieces in the museum are: Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, and more. For more modern collections, you have Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Murray, Cindy Sherman and many others.

The Museum runs an active schedule of modern and contemporary art exhibitions every year, it screens over 1,000 films and offers a wide range of educational programs for everyone. These programs range from artist talks to family workshops.

Today, the MoMA accommodates about 3 million visitors every year, making it not just a place to see art but to meet other artists as well as art enthusiasts.

Visit MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art has varying entrance fees depending on a number of factors. Note that each MoMA ticket grants you access to MoMA PS1, special exhibits and film screenings.

When you buy their tickets online, you’ll have the opportunity to skip the line at the museum entrance.

Ticket prices:

Adults $25
Seniors $18 (must be 65 and above with an ID to show)
Visitors with disabilities $18
Students $14 (with ID)
Children under 16 are free
Active US military members are free.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, often called The Guggenheim, is another museum that makes it on our list of some of our best museums in NYC to visit. Located at 1071 Fifth Avenue on the corner of East 89th street in Manhattan.

It is the permanent home of the continually increasing impressionist, post-impressionist, modern and contemporary art collections. It also features special art exhibitions throughout the year.

The museum was established in 1939 by Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. It was to serve as a museum of Non-Objective Painting, under the guidance of its first director, Hilla von Rebay. It wasn’t until 1952 when Solomon R. Guggenheim died that its name was changed to what it is today.

When it was first opened, many critics panned the design of the building to that of a washing machine or an inverted oatmeal bowl. Today however, this building has become one of the most beloved architectural icons by New Yorkers and tourists.

Its unique shape of being wider at the top than the bottom earned it the nickname, “temple of the spirit.” Its ramp gallery of several artworks from Europe and America extends from the ground floor and is arranged in a continuous spiral along the outer edges of the building and ends under the ceiling skylight.

The Guggenheim Museum grew from Solomon R. Guggenheim art collection, which was part of a fortune made in the American mining industry by his father, Meyer Guggenheim. Solomon began collecting abstract art in 1920s and in 1939 which he put on display when he opened the museum.

In 1992, the building underwent massive expansions and renovations which lead to the construction of an adjourning tower.

Currently, the Guggenheim Museum has a comprehensive collection of artworks from across European paintings through the 20th century. He also collected American paintings from the second half of the century.

In the museum, you will find the world’s largest paintings by Wassily Kandinsky.

In some of the permanent collections you will find the Brancusi exhibits. Several of his artworks are featured here including his sculptures and photographs.

Constantin Brancusi was a pioneer of both non-objective sculptures. He was also one of those artists that was constantly in search of new ways to present these artworks to an audience.

His exhibition relied on creating a relationship with his many pieces of art. Instead of seeing each piece as an individual piece, he made us see each piece as a unique part of a bigger whole.

Visiting the Guggenheim Museum

Like most other museums, the Guggenheim is packed full during the weekends so you might want to visit it during the week. You can also visit their website to see what exhibitions are on display during that time of the year.

Tickets can be bought online so you don’t have to follow the line at the entrance. Ticket prices are as follows:

Adults $25
Students and Seniors $18
Children under 12 are free.

American Museum of Natural History


The American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and it is one of the world’s preeminent scientific educational and cultural institutions. It is a natural history museum on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City.

Beyond its iconic tourist attraction displays, the most iconic piece in the room for many visitors still remains as the 94-feet long blue whale.

The prehistoric Barosaurus skeleton rears up as if to scale the adjacent Allosarus skeleton and so many other iconic pieces you will find in this building.

The museum features permanent exhibition halls, including galleries for temporary exhibitions, the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

The museum is also home to the Theodore Rossevelt Memorial. If you’re familiar with NYC, this is New York State’s official memorial to its 33rd governor and the nations 26th president. The museum is a tribute to his ever enduring legacy of conservation.

The 148 years old museum has five active research divisions and three cross-disciplinary centers that support its over 200 scientists.

This building accommodates everyone both young and old, thanks to its world class permanent collection of over 33 million specimens and artifacts. It also has a special collection of genomic and astrophysical data and frozen tissue samples and it serves as one of the largest natural libraries in the world.

It has four floors which are filled to the brim with artifacts. You could walk in and spend an entire day looking at its collection of animals that hail from America, Asia, Africa, the rain forest and practically every part of the world.

You can also choose to pick up the path of an anthropologist and study the evolution of the human species. Different halls have been dedicated to different cultures. You can also learn about extinct or almost extinct races and cultures.

You can also explore the life of a geologist by looking at the sparkling rocks, and minerals. Everyone reverts to being a child once again once they see the Tyrannosarus Rex, or the Wooly Mammoth at the Apatosarus in the fourth floor which stores the fossil collection.

The museum is located on the Upper West Side in front of Central Park. Highlights include the Hayden Planetarium directed by Neil degrasse Tyson.

Its evolutionary timeline will astound and awe you as you delve back over 3.5 billion years into the past. It is jam-packed with dioramas, interactive installations, and interesting exhibits.

The museum consists of 26 buildings with 45 exhibition halls, plus a research library. There is also a planetarium where you can explore the far reaches of outer space.

Visit the American Museum of Natural History

During special exhibitions, adults pay $27, students and seniors $22 and children $16. If you plan on spending the whole day in the museum, you should go for the Super Saver tickets which costs $35 for adults, $28 for seniors and students, and $22 for children.

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum


If you’re a fan of vintage planes, WWII relics and aircraft carriers, the Intrepid docked at Pier 86 is where you need to be. The museum allows you to get up close to observe the nuts and bolts of these fighter planes that were in action not too long ago.

Making the trip to Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood along Hudson river is worth it if you’re a fan of American Military and Maritime history.

The Vessels on display here fought in the pacific war during the ‘40s. they withstood head-on attacks by Kamikaze planes and some withstood strikes from troops. Visiting this building exposes you to a wealth of information about how naval officers lived on these massive vessels.

You also get hands-on displays of the items they use in their everyday lives. Visitors can also view the lower quarters of these war machines, the outdoor flight deck and its impressive assortment of fighter jets and helicopters.

If you are non-claustrophobic you should descend into the Growler. It’s the only American guided missile submarine that’s open to the public. In this war machine, your tiny New York apartment will feel a lot more spacious and airy.

In general, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum promises an exhilarating experience that promises to put a smile on your face and in your heart.

A series of photographs, films and artifacts from the Enterprise’s career makes the history of space travel as realistic as possible. Every aspect of this building and its contents is awe-worthy.



MoMA PS1 is the sister institution to MoMA, located in a striking Renaissance Revival former public school building in Long Island City, Queens. All manner of cutting-edge contemporary art is shown here, with a collection of over 200,000 pieces strong.

People-watching can be just as good as art, as creative types from around the city come here to find inspiration from the art. The museum is open to the general public until the end of September 30, 2015.

Museum is the third-largest in the five NYC boroughs and houses around 1.5 million artworks. The Museum is housed in an 1897 Beaux-Arts building and houses an incredible collection of more than 1,000 pieces of art.

It is one of the best Ancient Egyptian collections in the world and houses over three-thousand years of works spanning three thousand years of art history. The New York Museum is a great way to spend a few days in New York City at the Brooklyn Museum.

Whitney Museum of American Art


New York’s US Whitney Museum of American Art opened in 2015. Artworks include more than 25,000 works of art from the 19th century to 21st century.

Visitors can pay $25 a day for an hour to see the artworks, which range from paintings to artworks.

The museum was founded in 1930 by a prominent American art collector, and features more than 70 works of the same name, including one of the leading Americans of the late-20th century.

The New York-area museum is based on the name of the nation’s oldest art collection, with over 1,000 pieces of art that were donated in the 1990s.

The Jewish Museum


The Jewish Museum opened in 1947 in a former mansion of a Jewish family. The museum houses works by Jewish artists including Richard Avedon, Marc Chagall, Alfred Stieglitz, James Tissot, and Man Ray.

Its collection of more than 28,000 works of art, artifacts and media installations includes paintings, artifacts, sculptures, Jewish ceremonial art, and Jodica.

The first-ever museum dedicated to preserving Jewish art and culture, the museum also mounts important exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Tenement Museum


Tenement Museum in New York shows the history of the city’s history. Visit the historic site to learn about the people who came to live there.

The exhibit is the first in the U.S. to show how immigrants shaped the city in the 19th and 21st century.

The museum also includes a new exhibition called ‘Under One Roof’ with stories of a Puerto Rican family and a Chinese immigrant family. It’s also a fun way to spend time with the rest of our time with family and friends.

The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection is located in the Henry Clay Frick House, an industrialist, financier, and art patron on the Upper East Side. The collection includes works by Titian, Vermeer, Rembrandt, El Greco, Goya, Whistler and more.

In addition to the vast art collection, the 18th-century French-style mansion itself is a piece of art. The museum is currently open on Madison Avenue at Frick Madison—the former Whitney and Met Breuer building.

Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York was built in 1932 to house the museum. The collection is over 1.5 million pieces strong. It incorporates art, photography, paintings, drawings, furniture, decorative objects and manuscripts.

The museum is located in Central Park, not far from the city’s main park, Central Avenue, but has a low profile for the tourists. It’s easy to spend a few hours at the museum because it’s out of the way for many people who don’t usually come to it to see the collection.

New York Transit Museum

New York Transit Museum looks at its long history and what it may look like in the future. The museum is dedicated to the city’s subway system and its tunnels.

With artifacts, art, and models on show, the museum is a surprisingly interesting and worthwhile place to visit. It looks at the history and future of the subway and how it could look like the rest of New York’s future.

What Are The Two Most Famous Museums In NYC?


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, also called the “the Met,” is the largest art museum in the United States.

The 13-acers of central park carries over 5,000 years of art from every corner of the world. It consists of art works from classical antiquity to ancient Egyptian art works.

There are numerous paintings and sculptures from nearly every European master. Modern day art works are also on exhibition in the museum.

American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and it is one of the world’s preeminent scientific educational and cultural institutions. It is a natural history museum on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City.

What Are Some Unique NYC Museums?

  • Museum of Sex
  • Museum of Ice Cream
  • Tenement museum
  • New York Transit Museum
  • Jewish Museum
  • Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
  • The Skyscraper Museum
  • National Museum of Mathematics
  • American Folk Art Museum
  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum

What Are Some Fun Museums In New York?

A lot of people find New York City interesting in many aspects and museums is one of them. Finding which ones to visit depends on your interests however and this should guide you which museums you consider to be fun.

You can refer to our suggestions above to see which museums offer art/ exhibitions that you like to see.

Which NYC Museums Are Free?

Most NYC museums are free to certain individuals and offer discounted prices on weekends, but here are some museums you can visit for free.

• Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
• The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
• The Metropolitan Museum of Art


NYC is a city filled with many opportunities for everyone and many people move to the Big Apple for many reasons. There are lot of individuals relocating to New York from other states in the US and from countries around the world.

In the city you will definitely find several activities that interest you. When you’re done visiting all the wonderful museums in this post, make sure to check out our other posts.

Our tour guide gives you the best of the city so you know the best way to spend your time in NYC.

Did you enjoy reading the article, you can learn more about New York in our homepage.

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45 New York Slang Words that Everyone Should Know


New York City is an interesting place with a lot of slang that its natives and residents use in everyday conversations.

If you do not use these slang words or do not understand them in conversations, it will be easy for people to tell you that you are not a New Yorker.

It can be difficult to understand the words and language of NYC slang words. But, this guide will help you get started with all the important words and example sentences so you can sound like someone native to New York.

Whether you’re moving to New York, visiting for the Big Apple’s bright night life, or you’re just a slang-lover, these are the slang words and lingo that you will want to know for your next New York conversation.

Food Slang In New York City


A pie is another word for a whole pizza, one of the most famous foods in New York. You can buy an entire pie, or you can buy it by the slice. If you order a pie, you are ordering a pizza.

e.g. I am going to order a pie with pepperoni and peppers.

Plain Slice

A plain slice is a slang for a piece of cheese pizza. No toppings, just a slice with crust, the sauce, and the cheese.

e.g. I had one plain slice and one sausage slice for lunch today.


As everyone knows, New York is famous for its bagels. There are many different bagels and toppings that you can order, but many New Yorkers order a schmear. A schmear is a bagel with lots of cream cheese on top.

e.g. I’ll take an everything bagel with a schmear.

Regular coffee

A regular coffee may sound like a plain coffee, but in New York, regular coffee is a coffee with cream and sugar, or milk and sugar.

So when you order a regular coffee in New York City, the shop will know exactly what you mean.

On the other hand, if you try to order a regular coffee outside of NYC, the barista may give you a strange look or just hand you a black coffee.

e.g. Bro, you have to order a regular coffee and a bagel with schmear if you want to sound like a new yorker.


A hero is the slang word for a long sandwich. In other places, it may be referred to with words like a sub, a hoagie, a po’boy, or a grinder. But you will not find any of these sandwiches in New York, just heroes.

e.g. One hero on wheat with extra turkey, please!


A BEC is a sandwich with Bacon, Egg, and Cheese which is very popular in NYC.

e.g. I am going to order a BEC to eat in the park.

Slang Words for General Places and Directions

Some of the slang terms that New Yorkers use also have to do with locations or buildings in the city.

You may talk to someone in New York about directions to a specific restaurant. Do not be surprised if their response is “go into the city and head downtown towards SOHO.”

It may not sound like English to the rest of the world, but someone in New York can understand this perfectly.

The City

The city is a misleading phrase because it sounds like it would be referring to New York City as a whole. Still, when a New Yorker says the city, they are referring to the borough of Manhattan only.

e.g. I have an apartment in Queens, but I work at an office in the city.


The word uptown has two meanings. First, you can take the train uptown, meaning you are heading north or to a higher numbered street.

The second meaning is a certain part of Manhattan. If someone is referring to Uptown, they are talking about the part of New York north of Central Park.

I am taking the train uptown to see a show, and then I am heading downtown for some dinner and drinks.
That man lives in that new apartment building in Uptown.


Downtown is similar to the slang term uptown, but it has the opposite meaning. If someone is heading downtown, they are going south.

Additionally, downtown refers to the area of Manhattan south of Central Park. Therefore, if a person lives downtown, it usually means they live south of 59th street or so.

I am heading downtown to spend all of my money on bagels and pies.
I need to find a place to stay downtown, so I am closer to my office.


Boroughs are what people in New York City call neighborhoods.

In New York City, there are five different Boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

If someone asks you what borough you live in, they are asking you where in NYC you live.

I just asked that person what borough they are from, and they are from Queens too.
My dad was born in the Bronx, and he never left the borough.


Avenues in Manhattan refer to the streets that run north and south through the whole island of Manhattan.

If you wanted to walk east to west across Central Park, you would start on 5th Avenue, walk across the park, and end up on 8th Avenue.

I need to look at schools for my kid on Fifth Avenue near Times Square and the High Line.


The word street may seem like basic English, but in New York, there are streets to accompany the avenues that we described above.

Streets run east to west, and the blocks are much shorter than the blocks between avenues.
Some common phrases you may hear in NYC include directions using streets and avenues.

59th Street borders Central Park on the south end.
I will meet you at the hot dog stand on 5th Avenue between 50th and 51st street.


A bodega is a small grocery store found on many of the city’s corners and blocks.

Bodegas are similar to convenience stores and are a quick way for New Yorkers to get some groceries or other basic products.

A bodega is different from a grocery store because a grocery store is typically larger.

I am going to walk to the bodega and buy some ice cream and toothpaste, do you need anything?


A stoop is the set of steps outside of an apartment building in New York. A stoop usually has a few steps, and you can often see people sitting or talking on them.

I will send you a text message when I am on your stoop; I have a surprise for you.
Slang Words for Specific Places in NYC


SOHO is a neighborhood in New York, and the acronym comes from the location of the neighborhood, which is South of Houston Street.

I am going to shop in SOHO this weekend.


Another NYC neighborhood is Tribeca, an English acronym of its location, which is the Triangle Below Canal Street.

Because of the island’s shape, the neighborhood looks like a triangle, and it is just south of Canal Street.

From SOHO, you can head downtown and meet us in Tribeca.

30 Rock

In addition to being the name of a TV show, 30 Rock is something you will hear when people in NY talk about the building located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Do you want to head downtown with us to visit 30 Rock?

Conversational Slang Words



Yooz is how people in NYC refer to a group of people. It is another meaning for the southern term Y’all or the western term you guys.

This word is more common in the language of specific generations or boroughs in NY. Still, you will hear the term if you spend enough time invested in the NY culture.

Yooz should go pick up the bagels before everyone wakes up.
Hey, it’s Debbie and Joe! We met yooz at the party last week.


Dead-ass is one of the slang words that have become popular with New York’s younger generations. If a person says they are dead-ass about something, it means they are very serious.

e.g. I told my bro I was dead-ass about getting married in France.


Son is a word that has a different meaning in English than it does in New York. If a person wants to greet or refer to a good friend of theirs, generally a man, they will call them a son.

e.g. That man at the bodega said, “What’s up, son?” when I walked in today. We have become good friends.


In New York, a person saying something is brick means it is very cold. Brick is usually a way to refer to the weather, but it can describe other things too.

e.g., All of us are over this winter; it is brick.


Sometimes people use the word grill to mean interrogate, but in New York, the meaning is different. New Yorkers use the word grill for a long stare or dirty look.

e.g. I was grilling that man at the hot dog cart when he cut the line.


Whack is a slang word meaning something is crazy or unbelievable.

e.g. I saw millions of pigeons on my way to work this morning. It was whack.


Ice is another name for jewelry.

e.g. I need to go to Tiffany’s and search for some ice for my wife.


Kicks is another meaning for shoes, especially nice or cool shoes.

e.g. Hey bro, I got you some new kicks for the party.


Beef is a slang word meaning a fight, a grudge, or an ill will against someone. If you have beef with someone, you two are not friends and have some sort of friction between you.

e.g. Me and Joe from the office have a lot of beef after he kept interrupting my presentation.



Schvitz is a Yiddish word meaning sweat that is commonly used in New York.

e.g. I was at the gym for two hours this morning and I worked up a major schvitz.


Mad has a different meaning in New York than in most of the world. In NYC, it is slang for very, or extremely.

e.g. I am mad excited to see the Yankees play tonight.


Similar to mad, dumb does not mean stupid in New York, but it also means very or extremely.

e.g. I had a bagel with schmear from the new shop today and it was dumb good.


To cop something means to buy it or get it.

e.g. I copped one of the new Yankees jerseys at the game yesterday.


Thirsty is a slang word that means someone is really desperate or wishing for something.

e.g. The guy at the bar was hitting on me all night. He was so thirsty.


Wildin’ is lingo meaning someone is going crazy or completely overreacting.

I was wildin’ when I saw that my car had been towed again.
She was wildin’ at her bachelorette party last night.


Similar to wildin’, trippin’ means someone is freaking out or overreacting.

e.g. He was trippin’ when he saw that he had to pay even more in rent this month.


Dead describes someone or something that is really funny or incredible.

e.g. I was dead after Jenny started telling jokes at the party. She is so funny!


Buggin’ means someone is freaking out or overreacting to a situation.

e.g. That girl was buggin’ when she found out that the trains were delayed.

Other Slang Words Used in NY


Taken from the movie Batman, many people jokingly call New York City Gotham.

e.g. I am flying back to Gotham today after a month on the West Coast.

Waiting on Line

The slang word “waiting on line” is the New York way of saying someone is waiting in a line.

e.g. I am waiting on line with my son to get him some more information about technical schools.

Bridge and Tunnel

Bridge and tunnel is a phrase used to refer to people who live outside of Manhattan, typically in New Jersey.

People call them bridge and tunnel because they need to use a bridge or a tunnel to get to the island of Manhattan.

e.g. I met someone at the park today. However, it took him an hour to get here because he is a bridge and tunnel.


When someone says something is a whip, they are talking about an expensive car.

e.g. My bro just got a new whip, and we are all going for a drive later!


OD is short for “over doing” when something is too much.

e.g. My boss is OD on the early meetings this month.


Another slang term meaning very or extremely.

e.g. I am odee tired from that two hour delay on the E train this morning.


An older slang word, jiggy means means someone is energetic or loose.

e.g. After a few drinks at the party I was getting jiggy.

Forget About It

Forget about it a a phrase used to express agreement or disbelief

e.g. New York pies are the best in the world. Forget about it!


A word meaning to go somewhere in an annoying or dramatic fashion.

e.g. My bodega was closed so I had to schlep to the one on 5th.

Train Line Slang Phrases

First, when someone refers to the train in New York, they are referring to the subway, not a railroad train like the Amtrak.

In New York, there are so many subway lines that speaking about them is basically their own language.

Each train line has a color and either a number or a letter.

Train Colors

The colored lines all run along the same main track but split off from each other.

For example, all blue lines run along a significant part of 8th Avenue.

Train Letters or Numbers

The number or letter is the specific line of the train. Although some overlap on different tracks, they all separate at some point.

Sometimes there is only one line you can take to get to a certain place; sometimes, there are more. The examples below will help you understand how someone in New York would talk about taking the train.

Train Slang Word Examples

For example, suppose you hear a man say he is taking the A train downtown. In that case, it means he is taking a specific train line in the south direction, either in or towards Manhattan.

Another example with the train line colors is: I need to pick up something on Broadway, so I have to take a Red lines.

e.g. If you want to go to the Mets game with us, you should take the 7 train instead of a car.

New York Slang

Congrats! You are now fluent in the language of NYC Slang.

Next time someone wants to go up to 7th Avenue to the bodega, or you have a message in your inbox that your friend is waiting on the stoop for you to go uptown for some pies, you will know exactly what they mean.

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5 Must Do’s in New York City Nightlife

New York City is one of those cities that speaks for itself. It is the home of opportunity and speed. Everyone’s racing against time over here.

Everyone is constantly looking for the next opportunity, and that’s one of the reasons why New York City is interesting and so amazing.

Many people dream of living and moving to the Big Apple. And if you don’t, this article might just convince you.

While NYC is all about the hustle and bustle during the day, its nightlife is something everyone should experience.

Continue reading to find out more about this city and the many ways you can have fun and find life-changing opportunities.

When it comes to nightlife, the city has become the hub for an amazing dinner, it offers practically the best places for everything. Dancing, Bars, evening occasion, etc.

Here, you get to discover locations, awesome past stories, taste wine, and if you’re a foodie, you definitely want to try out its food.

New York City’s Nightlife

With so many stories about what queens looks like, the culture in the town, many people around the world wonder what nightlife in New York feels like.

When the sun sets, and you get back home, do you wonder to yourself, “What next?”

Well, we can tell you that you wouldn’t have to struggle with your bucket list in NYC. Young or old, NYC has something to offer everyone when the sun goes down.

New York doesn’t just have a good nightlife, its nightlife is phenomenal, and this isn’t a rumor. We will show you why everyone finds it lovely. In the end, you might just find yourself packing a bag and making the trip.

From its sophisticated cocktail dens to its friendly drive bars or bottle service-only dance clubs, the city has it all. The city takes on a completely different face at night. The city suddenly becomes free, no one is rushing, cars aren’t horning as much, and the air is free.

As you walk through the city, you will find folks blushing on its avenues, hear whispers on the bridges. When you walk into a bar, you hear funny stories and roars in its clubs. As you move from place to place, you meet different people with widely different talents, personalities, and vibes. Something that would be next to impossible to find when the sun’s up.

Nightlife here represents fun, frolic, and entertainment in the city of New York. Around the city, you will find some brilliant nightlife options that include indoor bars, sports bars, and rooftop bars. Who you are or where you come from doesn’t matter here.

New York is the city that welcomes everyone with open arms and makes sure you have a great time. You will find a lot of live music bars as well as stand-up comedy houses that ensure you stay happy as you let go of all the stress eating you up.

If you’re looking for restive energy, a glimpse of just how interesting life can get after nightfall, NYC is the place to be. When you want to visit a bar, you have places like le bain for your events, or just to enjoy the nightlife.

What Is There To Do In New York City At Night?

From its magnificent museums to late-night theater performances, finding something interesting and fun is never difficult in NYC.

In reality, you can never really explore everything New York has to offer. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are Broadway shows or seeing the city from the top of the Empire State Building.

But with so many stops, people often wonder what the best ways to spend your night in NYC are. Perhaps you may want to make new friends or have a date, New York is one of the best places for singles.

In the next section, you’ll find activities you can indulge in, the best places to have drinks, dance, meet people, and listen to music all around the five New York boroughs. You will also find out what’s the best nightlife hangouts around the city to have and enjoy a drink or dance in NYC’s most famous hotspots.

Hang Out On The Lower East Side

The lower East Side holds some of the best bars and restaurants in NYC. Spending your night in this part of the city is bound to leave you with great stories.

If you’re looking to go out to dance or have new mind-blowing drinks, this is the place to be.

After a while, most of these bars turn into clubs that offer very private experiences. The Lower East Side is also one of the cheaper areas to have a fun-filled night.

Here are some great spots to grab a drink and dance:

Swing by a semi-secret loft

Keeping a secret in NYC can be difficult. But there’s this spot at Secret Loft that’s quite under the radar. This spot is run by an artist performing arts. Upcoming winter activities like the burlesque performance, comedy show, a debate watch party, open mic, and an aerial spectacular make this place one of the spots you don’t want to ignore.

Strut your trivia stuff

Heading out for trivia is an exhilarating feeling. You may start off the night thinking that you’re heading for a regular dab only to find yourself smack dab in the middle of some of the best trivia extravaganza ever. You will find trivia nights of all types spread across the city. Check out NYC Trivia League for schedules and registrations.

Experiencing Nightlife in Greenwich, New York City

The best bars in Greenwich village run the gamut from subterranean beer dives to their storied music venues and dance clubs.

This part of the city has a drink for everyone regardless of how unique or rare your taste is.

From mixed drinks in a plastic cup to top-class cocktails, Greenwich has it all. you could also check out a rooftop bar for a nice drink and the view.

Grab a Beer and a cone of pommes frites at Vol de Nuit

Since its opening in 1995, Vol de Nuit has functioned as a village staple for Belgian fries and beers.

Its orange-panted entryway adds a beautiful touch to its scenery as you approach the patio area.

You can also sit at the bar and have your drink. There are up to eight beers on draft with over 40 different brands of bottled beers.

The Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn was popularly known as the birthplace of the modern Gay Rights Movements in 1969. This building was the first building in New York City to be recognized as a landmark as a result of its place in the history of LGBTQ in New York.

Over the years, the bar itself has been remodeled but still retains its identity of LGBTQ resilience and strength. Today, the spacious interior offers a cozy bar, an upstairs dance floor with flashing lights, and a disco ball.

You can stop by on a Monday to see the drag queen-led bingo and on Wednesday for the best karaoke.

Catch a Broadway show

Suppose you’re a fan of musical theater; NYC’s Broadway shows are definitely something you want to try out.

If you’re not, there is no harm in checking them out. You may even realize that you like it.

Broadway shows, especially in NYC, are filled with the immense talent displayed in beautifully composed performances.

You get to experience a new world with musical numbers and engaging dialogs. You witness complex designs of sets and costumes.

Overall, you will agree that Broadway performances are truly a feast for all your senses. You should try out Wicked, and it holds great promise.


Wicked The Musical is a Broadway show that has been on display for over fifteen years. This particular show is an international sensation that features capitative musical numbers, intricate sets, and extravagant costumes.

Wicked tells the untold tales of the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good witches before they lost that title. The show has received over 100 global awards to show just how magical its performance gets.

Based on the novel WICKED by Gregory Maguire, this show lasts for two hours and 45 minutes with an intermission.

Spend the night at a museum

Fortunately for you, NYC has some of its museums open at night, which makes it the perfect time to visit any of its awe-inspiring museums.

The Museum of Modern Art is a great place to start. This internationally renowned modern art museum offers some stunning pieces of modern-day art.

It also provides resources to educate and entertain its visitors. If you make it here, you should gaze at works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, Cezanne, and the many other artists you will find.

Guests can also view daily films and video screenings and participate in gallery discussions.
The Bronx Museum of Art is another excellent choice.

This is another globally recognized museum that features contemporary artworks. Works featured here try to connect the audience to the urban experience of the city.

Visit a Dance Club

New Yorkers get their fix of trance, post-disco, and more at this smoky, minimally-decorated Bushwick favorite that leans heavily into its local flavor.

Billing itself as a “tropical fantasy dance club,” the 7-year-old mainstay has brought in performances from the likes of Adam X, Jamie xx, and Mike Simonetti to Brooklyn.

Bonus: The cocktails, which skew light and relatively pocket-friendly compared to their Manhattan counterparts.

This chic, gold-accented lounge at the 11 Howard Hotel makes for a meets-club has made a big name for itself since opening in 2012, curating its own stage at Sustain-Release and hosting numerous industry pioneers.

Bossa’s “DJ résumé” continues to impress—highlights include: Adam X, Ron Morelli, Heather Heart, Marcos Cabral, Reade Truth, Jamie xx, Henning Baer and Mike Simonetti.

Visit the Le Bain Le Bain Rooftop Bar. The pleasant weather of New York would make anyone want to grab some fresh breeze outside, soak in some Sun and grab a cold glass of beer.

And what better place to do so from a rooftop bar? The rooftop bar of the still-trendy Standard Hotel, Le Bain boasts two floors.

What Parts Of Manhattan Have The Best Nightlife

Manhattan ranks as the smallest city in New York in terms of its geographical size. However, it is also the most urbanized, according to the New York Daily News.

Manhattan is famously known as the world’s hub for commercial and financial activities.

The city also brags about its electric nightlife. Throughout the city, there are several options of live music, parties, and cozy pubs to blow off some steam.

Mid Town and Downtown Manhattan are two cities in NYC that offer some of the best nightclubs visited by most New Yorkers. from several hell’s kitchens to good food, VIP area, a true sense of the culture in the city, wine, dancing, etc. you name it and you will find the best places for whatever you need in Manhattan.

Manhattan’s nightlife offers amazing nightlife options such as the following:

Bars and Lounges

Bars and lounges are some of the most sought-out nightlife venues. Manhattan takes it to a new level with its skyscrapers and their artificial lights, making it the perfect setting for your evening drinks and conversions.

You have a wide array of options to choose from. We recommend that you check out the artisan brews at McSorley’s Old Alehouse in the East Village.

Not only is this a prestigious location, but it is also considered to be one of New York’s oldest saloons. The Carlyle Hotel Longue on the Upper East Side is another interesting spot to visit. Jazz pianists frequent the hotel’s chic bar and café.

If you happen to pass by through the SoHo district, you should stop by at the Pravda Bar. This Eastern European themed bar offers over 70 different brands of vodka. The bar offers a smorgasbord of cocktails to keep your tastebuds running wild.

Dance Clubs

Are you in the mood to dance and have fun? If you are, Manhattan has some amazing places that guarantee you a good time. New York Magazine suggests you visit Santos Party House in Chinatown.

There, you will find vibrant native Latin beats, moves, and packed dance floors like nowhere else.

If you prefer more energetic beats like hip hop, all roads should lead to Von Kellar. It is a club in the West Village, and it lives up to its reputation. Midtown hot spots like Bungalow 8 and Pacha also offer extravagant club vibes.

Live Music Venues

Live music is a completely new experience when night comes. You will find chart-topping artists and bands playing at the famous Radio City Music Hall. A 6,200-seat art deco concert venue was commissioned in 1932.

As you travel down to the Eastside, you should hear the Bowery Ballroom in its glory. The Mercury lounge is also the place to be for great live music. The two mid-sized venues are known for their hipster-friendly indie rock.

Theatrical Performances

Manhattan’s reputation for its dazzling Broadway shows and Jazz clubs has spread beyond the country. Most theaters you find in NYC and probably the entire U.S. are concentrated or close to the Broadway strip in Midtown.

Some of the most famous venues include the American Airline Theater, New Amsterdam Theater, Ethel Barrymore Theater, and Ford Center.

How Much is a Table at a Club in NYC

Prices of tables across NYC differ based on the club, its location, and the time of the year. The cheapest clubs in Downtown Manhattan offer tabled for around $250.

The prices range and can easily enter thousands of dollars. Higher and more exclusive clubs typically have their minimum set at $1,500. The more people you have on a table, the higher your table minimum.

Bear in mind that your table minimum is influenced by a number of factors and varies considerably from night to night.

The only way to be certain of how much it’s going to cost is to head over to the club and ask for a quote. Or you can decide to just get one, and by the end of the night, you pay the check. Whichever way works best for you.



Continental NYC Bar

The building is not even there any more as of June 12, 2021

Continental NYC Bar has closed down. You can check here for the top 5 things to do in New York City Nightlife

CONTINENTAL is located at:
25 Third Avenue (between St. Marks Place & 9th St.)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 529-6924

“It is with heavy heart that I have to inform everyone that Continental’s days are numbered. Sometime late this year, this entire corner will be knocked down and developed. It’s truly heartbreaking that we and so many Old Skool places are falling by the wayside but unless you own your building that’s how it goes. This Bar has been my life.

First as a Rock Club and then as a Dive Bar and I’ve loved every minute of it (mostly speaking). Don’t hate my landlords. They’re older now, got a great deal and I can’t blame them and I want to thank them; Eddie, Ruth and Jack (RIP) for treating me like Family and always giving me an affordable rent and I also want to thank Jeff Bezos for not selling Beer. Special Thanks to my Staff- especially Noel and Bingo, the Bands, the Regulars and the rest of you lunatics for coming to my bar all these years! I’m grateful and honored that we’re part of NYC Rock History and I’m also very proud of this incarnation, what I call a Classy, Dive Bar.

When I was bartending my way through college- this was my Dream and it happened! I will always be so deeply grateful for this experience…Trigger P.S. if we’re very, very busy for the remainder, it’s possible that we’ll have the funds to relocate!!! P.P.S. to the haters, trollers and people we denied entry to (let me guess- you’ve never owned or managed a bar)- get a life. A busy, centrally located, bar without a Door Policy will soon devolve into chaos, violence and things disappearing. At the Community Board & Precinct meetings, Continental was never in the conversations re underage drinking, bar fights or pocketbook, cell phone or any other common bar theft. Our door policy was strictly about dress code and vibe code. That’s it. And I’m absolutely certain that we denied entry to more intoxicated, caucasian, bro types than any other group or race. P.P.P.S. While it’s true that we’re not closing next week, time flies, so make sure you stop by before we’re done!”


10) Location, Location, Location
9) It’s ALWAYS Happy Hour here!
8) Best looking clientele in the world – and that means you!
7) At Continental “The Customer’s always WRONG” Trigger
6) The absolute, hands down, best Dive Bar Jukebox in the world.
5) “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy.” Tom Waits
4) What happens at Continental – stays at Continental.
3) Nothing rhymes with Continental!
2) Iggy Pop drank here.
1) 5 Shots of Anything $12 All Day/All Night

Why drink anywhere else?

Owners explanation of our dress code and door policy

There have been a few questions regarding our dress code and door policy. Anyone that knows me, my character and values knows that racism is anathema to everything that I stand for. I have fought racism, sexism and any other social injustices and ignorant, malicious behavior my entire life. Anyone who has been to my bar will always see a mix of all races working and drinking there and can confirm that there isn’t an ounce of truth regarding any discrimination.

While I’m a fairly strong person and know who I am I have decided to be more proactive and get the facts out there cause obviously not everyone does know me and my character or has yet been to my bar to see this with their own eyes so I have decided to speak on this and then support my words with proof.

My # 1 job in running my little East Village dive bar (not a sports bar!) is to create and maintain a safe environment. Fortunately for me I’m on one of the busiest intersections in downtown NYC. That combined with great drink specials, an amazing jukebox and no cover charge contributes to my bar being packed most of the time (knock wood).

We NEVER have trouble or fights inside and it’s certainly cause of my ultra strict door policy and dress code. I refuse to let in saggy/baggy jean wearers white or black (mostly minorities of course), Jersey Shore knuckleheads (all caucasians) and the steroid pumping, wife beater wearing, meathead types, and even some women that dress gangsta style. This is what has created all of this drama. Sorry but I’m not going to be politically correct and soon out of business. People will never understand how a lot of these decisions are made and I don’t expect them to. Sometimes would be patrons are dressed way over the top and sometimes it’s something subtle they might say or how they carry themselves. When someone asks us (as if we’re co- conspirators of theirs ) “You got any hot girls in there?” They’re not getting in. Or are aggresively standing up for their friends wearing saggy jeans “but he’ll pick them up.” I used to allow this but 9 out of 10 would drop them back down once they got in. I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly interested in seeing someone’s undies and watching grown men waddle like a penguin to keep them up.

If you have a problem with that open up your own bar with no dress code or door policy and see how long it lasts. That crowd will alienate and scare away your mainstream crowd until that’s all you have left. That’s when the fun begins. I know this from experience. This is what forced me to start a dress code.

Most of my bouncers are very large, black men. They work for a security company that has over 60 clients and if they were offended by anything they’ve seen from me they’d ask to be moved to another club. Just the opposite. I have a core crew for a good 5 years now and we all have each other’s backs and are like family.

However, my bouncers are only human. In that split second judgement call deciding whether someone is dressed appropriately or perhaps intoxicated, mistakes are sometimes made. That said, mistakes are made both ways. There are people that probably should have gotten in that don’t and some that have gotten in that maybe shouldn’t have. I believe that my staff is correct in the high 90 percentile. And when mistakes are made they’re made across the board. NEVER because of someone’s color. When some people don’t get in we often hear; “Oh it’s cause I’m” (fill in the blank- black, gay, asian etc). I grew up here and have dated, played ball and broken bread with people of all colors. My many friends of color have had my back on this as I have had theirs throughout the course of our friendships. For the one or two of you that doubted me and jumped on this bandwagon, I was hurt and disappointed that you wouldn’t at least check with me or do some homework and hear all of the facts. If you still had issues with me then, I would disagree but respect you for at least hearing both sides.

Sadly, human nature often tends to more negative than positive. the thousands and thousands of men and women of color that frequent my bar simply don’t get on the internet and speak up. That’s life I guess.

Yes there have been a dozen or so protestors a few times outside my bar headed by one very unstable woman named Jinette Caserres. You don’t have to take my word on this- check the East Villagers’ coverage of their demonstrations and her behavior- March 17, 2011 written by Jefferson Siegal. In spite of her irrational behavior towards me and my bar, racism is a very serious issue indeed, so I have never turned down an interview or a meeting with anyone regarding these matters. I have also tried to meet with this group several times. The last time they protested we had a good laugh cause one of the black males protesting was inside my bar a half hour prior. They were obviously trying to set us up and clearly it didn’t work cause of course he got in. They still protested despite this.

Miss Cacerres kept giving me pre conditions to the meeting (to have Multi Cultural Theme Nights at my bar just to name one- I’m serious about this). She even had one of her protests after we agreed to meet and were looking for a neutral site. That’s documented by The East Villager as well.

So I gave up trying to meet with her. Her dozen or so protesters are not people whom have ever tried to come to my bar but heard about my door policy and are simply looking for any cause to join.

We use GoSharpening Knife Sharpening Truck NYC Get your Knives Sharpened on-site; your choice of location.

Any time someone makes a formal complaint the NYC commission on Human Rights has to investigate it.
There are several enclosed attachments including THREE out of THREE dismissals of complaints regarding our door policy!!! The NYC Commission on Human Rights objectively, investigates and †interviews those involved (be it myself, my staff, the complainant and/or neutral eyewitnesses) and also reviews our surveillance video (16 cameras inside and out).
The New York Times came on a random, unannounced visit and observed†that 30% plus of my crowd were men and women of color. The East Villager wrote that 30-40% of my crowd was black on their unannounced visit. Black people are 12% of the population here in the US. Probably a little higher here in NYC. How can I have a racist door policy if 30-40% of my crowd is black???

BTW- The commission wasn’t aware that I have 16 video cameras inside and out. I informed them of this and offered them any footage they desired. They came and burned random dates and of course saw what I’ve been saying all along that anyone of any color is always welcome at my bar except those that are intoxicated or don’t meet our dress code requirements.

These days anyone can create something that looks authentic.
Please feel free to verify the NYC’s Commission’s document. Their # is 212 306 5070. Enough said on this matter. For now anyway.

Thanks for listening….
Trigger (Owner)

– East Villager January 31.2013 – Continental Cleared of all Charges re Door Policy

– New York Times Feb 1, 2013 – Continental Cleared of Racism Allegations

– NYTimes – July 28, 2011 “Dress Codes in New York Bars”

– Commission on Human Rights
November 19, 2012 -Determination

– Commission on Human Rights
December 5, 2012 – Determination

– Commission on Human Rights
December 15, 2010 – Determination

– East Villager Article

– East Villager Article

– I hope this doesn’t sound patronizing but someone’s Race has always been irrelevant to me.
My early and continued support of President Obama speaks for itself

Go to InMyHumbleOpinionNYC for more information

Last but not least..

Allie Conti is an unprofessional creep:

Allie Conti wrote an article stating that I’m a racist because we were investigated three times regarding our Door Policy. I have contacted her to remind her that while that part is true she doesn’t mention that all 3 investigations were completed and then dismissed, but she hasn’t made that correction. This is a typical example of; profound unprofessionalism, subjective reporting and an obviously miserable, persons hateful projections.


16 Best Maid Service In NYC – What Are Good Cleaning Companies in New York

NY Cleaning services are gaining more popularity these days, especially with people taking on more tasking roles that leave them with less time to carry out house chores.

You can say the same for parents who prefer to outsource to a NYC cleaning service company and other tasks like gardening and even meal preparation sometimes.

New York City is home to more than 18.8 million people, with a large number of expatriates, so it should come as no surprise that house cleaning service providers are in abundance. Cleaning service companies in Manhattan typically offer services like house and home cleaning, maid service, office cleaning, and deep clean services.

Finding which cleaning company offers the best cleaning services with a spotlight on maid cleaning can be pretty daunting. However, we have asked many homeowners, gone through many professional cleaning service sites and reviews, to provide you with the best NY cleaning service which New Yorkers have come to rely upon.

Best NYC Maid Service Company

Below are our top picks for the best NYC professional cleaning service companies which New York has to offer, with their contact details if you decide to make a booking:

1. Great Green Cleaning And Maid Service

First on our list is a cleaning company that boasts more than thirty years of professional cleaning service experience. With professional cleaners being available to cater to clients from all five boroughs of New York City, namely Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx, Great Green Cleaning and Maid services are just a call away.

Offering house cleaning service, office cleaning, regular cleaning, commercial cleaning, cleaning supplies, stain removal, renovation cleaning, and many other services, not many professional cleaning companies in New York City can boast numerous four and five-star reviews on sites like Yelp.

This cleaning company also uses eco-friendly and non-toxic products with HEPA vacuums while being bonded, insured, affordable, and reliable. They also offer emergency services like soot and bed bug cleaning, clutter removal, and flood remediation.

There is a quick contact form to reach out and make inquiries, as they claim to operate 24/7. Visit their site at and get a quote of how much it would cost to get your home or office space cleaned by one of New York City’s finest cleaning companies.

Business Address: 264 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215, U.S.A
Email: [email protected]
Operating hours: 7 am to 10 pm from Mondays to Sundays
Telephone: (718)369-9000

2. Maid First House Cleaning Service

Although Maid First House Cleaning Service might not offer as many services as the previous professional services cleaning company, they seem to know their niche and own it quite well. With services mainly being deep cleaning, office cleaning, standard clean, and move-out cleaning, New York City residents have found Maid First worthy of highly commendable service.

Their site is easy to navigate. The first thing greeting you is a quote calculator that allows you to determine standard cleaning prices upfront. There are also 15% discounts for bi-weekly cleaning, 10% for monthly cleaning, and 20% for weekly cleaning. Generous discounts like this coupled with excellent cleaning services have made Maid First a worthy competitor in the professional home cleaning services niche.

Hiring only the best workers, including professional cleaners who have been background-checked, the security of your belongings is assured. With less than three minutes required to input your details, get a quote, book an appointment, and pay seamlessly, convenience is crucial when dealing with Maid First House Cleaning Service clients.

You also have the chance to review professional cleaners after every cleaning appointment. We are not sure what this does, but it shows that Maid First Cleaning Services values your feedback and is bent on improving to serve you better any day and anytime.

Business Address: On-site services
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Open 24 hours from 8 am
Telephone: (212) 920-7872

3. Maid Sailors Professional Cleaning Services

Office cleaning, deep clean, standard clean, carpet cleaning, apartment cleaning service, and eco-friendly cleaning are a few of the numerous professional cleaning services that this New York City-based professional cleaning services company offers. Maid Sailors also has a maid agency that offers top-notch maid service. New customers also get a 10% discount on their first cleaning upon signing up!

Maid Sailors take care of all the cleaning supplies upon making an appointment. The professional cleaners hired by the company are background-checked, English-speaking, experienced, dependable, bonded, and insured. Cleaning services might be seen as a luxury for high net worth individuals. Still, Maid Sailors is bridging the gap with affordable and best-in-class services in New York City today.

If you decide to opt for regular cleaning, there is a checklist for what cleaning services are included in that. The same goes for deep cleaning with a list of what can be cleaned and what Maid Sailors will require extra charges while performing a deep clean. You can always reach out via the contact email if you have any special cleaning needs.

Sign up on Maid Sailors to stay up-to-date with the latest news, offers, and discounts. With the impeccable reviews on the Maid Sailors website, a discounted deep clean sounds like quite a steal. Ask New Yorkers if they wouldn’t mind as much as 15% off from their professional cleaning service provider and see their answer.

Business Address: 257 Water Street, New York, NY 10038
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (Open 24 hours)
Telephone: (212) 299-5170
Fax: (212) 299-5170

4. Impeccable Cleaning New York City

Not many professional cleaning companies in NYC can boast of cleaning services for stadiums, schools, campuses, movie theaters, and janitorial cleaning. Impeccable Cleaning NYC is the first professional cleaning services company on our list to offer some cleaning services that you don’t get to see every day.

At first glance, the website of this cleaning company based in NYC gives the impression of catering to strictly luxurious apartments and wealthy individuals. Scroll further, and you would discover that the rates are well-priced for the cleaning services offered.

For home cleaning services, a one-bedroom apartment goes for $99, a two-bedroom for $125, and $150 for a three-bedroom. Unlike some professional cleaning service companies, Impeccable Cleaning NYC cleans molds, doors, interior windows, light fixtures, and air vents. Microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators are also inclusive.

Head over to their site to make a booking, and get an estimate for whatever cleaning services you need. Impeccable Cleaning NYC is insured, bonded, and also screened and approved by HomeAdvisor. The reviews say this company sure lives up to its name of impeccable. Why not find this out yourself?

Business Address: 148 E 30th Street, Manhattan, NY, 10016
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Open 24 hours from 8 am
Telephone: (347) 483-3992

5. Planet Maids Cleaning Service

Offering cleaning services across all boroughs in NYC, Planet Maids promises client satisfaction of 200% and offers same-day cleaning services. If you are not satisfied with the cleaning services, you can place a call and get a maid sent free of charge to tidy things up.

Planet Maids takes care of cleaning supplies and ensures the use of only eco-friendly cleaning products. With simple plans, straightforward pricing, and easy booking, Planet Maids has carved a reputation as a go-to professional cleaning services company in NYC with no hidden administrative fees or costs.

There are pre-determined plans for one and two bedrooms, plus studio apartments. Planet Maids also boasts of a highly effective disinfecting process capable of eliminating 99% of germs during home cleaning. Immediate booking confirmation also increases the efficiency and speed at which clients are attended to.

If it’s been a while since you saw your home or office in mint condition, it won’t be so long before this is possible again. Planet Maids even goes ahead to offer general housekeeping, deep clean, Airbnb Turnaround Cleaning, and party services cleaning after your celebratory night with friends and family.

Business Address: 1st Floor, 23-46 28th St, Fl 1, New York, NY 11105
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Open 24 hours from 8 am
Telephone: (212) 381-0499

6. Mrs. Doubtfire NYC Cleaning Company

Mrs Doubtfire or MDF is one of the cleaning companies on our list whose polished website design does well to highlight the services of this home cleaning company. Offering standard cleaning services, Airbnb turnaround cleaning services, deep cleaning services, post-construction cleans, and move-out/move-in cleans, MDF offers add-ons to any cleaning options you pick.

MDF offers cleaning services across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Northern New Jersey. MDF also assigns a particular cleaner to each client whenever an appointment is made, so you know you are with someone who you trust with your home. MDF also promises to re-clean the area at no cost in the event where a customer is dissatisfied.

Though not listed initially, MDF carries out office cleaning and commercial cleaning services. All cleaners are English speaking and trained by experts in the hospitality field in MDF’s A1 signature cleaning system. MDF also offers recurring cleans that may be weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleans at up to 20% discount.

MDF could also help clean your pet, which is not something you often see. If you have got a house or office that needs cleaning with a flurry pet. MDF’s details are listed below for an appointment. You can book online, but with a minimum of 2 hours before you need your place cleaned.

Business Address: On-site services
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday (7 am to 7 pm)
Telephone: (800) 816-3442

7. Magical Maids Group

Founded in 2000, Magical Maids sure has the experience to compete with other players in the professional cleaning services industry in New York City. Being licensed and insured, with a range of cleaning services to match, Magical Maids Group could make your living space look brand new again.

From disinfection cleaning, deep cleaning, standard cleaning to post-construction cleaning, MMG lets you book on their site for increased convenience. Her
workers are trained to operate with the highest level of professionalism, time management, and multi-tasking without sacrificing speed for quality when cleaning.

MMG offers same-day cleaning services, as well as scheduling an appointment at your convenience. You get the chance to decide whether you want to be at home while the cleaners perform their duty with you around or in your absence. Either way, you can be assured that your home and precious belongings are in safe hands.

Head over to the website of Magical Maids Group and book an appointment today. It is that easy to place a call or send a mail while you lay back and watch your living space or office sparkle after a job well done.

Business Address: 104 Pine Acres Boulevard, Deer Park, New York, NY 11729
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday (7 am to 7 pm)
Telephone: (631) 742-8098

8. Maid Marines Cleaning Company

Maid Marines touts herself as the number 1 cleaning service in New York City. If you have been in The New York Times, Bloomberg, and CBS News, you have every right to brag about your products and services.

Maid Marines employs full-time staff and not independent contractors as other companies do. That way, you are assured that there is no shortage of staff when you make a booking. All staff are expertly trained and are familiar with the 55-point checklist crafted by Maid Marines. The 55-point checklist is a list of spots to be cleaned by company staff on an assignment.

This maid NY cleaning company offers flat-fee pricing for the size of the home, depending on the number of bedrooms. Studios go for $129, while one-bedroom apartments go for $139. The approximate cleaning time for a studio is 2 hours, while a one-bedroom is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Maid Marines is well known for her discounts, which we all love, don’t we? There are 30%, 25%, and 15% discounts for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleans. If that excites you, then head over to the site and schedule an appointment today.

Business Address: 37 w 26th Street#410, New York, NY 10010, United States
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Sunday to Monday (7 am to 7 pm)
Telephone: (212) 390-1629

9. Zen Home Cleaning Service

What sets Zen Home Cleaning Service apart from its competitors is its focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. Zen Home Cleaning Company makes use of 100% plant-based cleaning solutions. Not everyone can boast of this in the professional cleaning niche.

Zen Home Cleaning also provides discreet and professional maid services at affordable rates. The best part about the plant-based cleaning supplies is that the scents used are almost like that in a five-star hotel. From lavender, lemon, and orange to jasmine, you get the same cleaning efficiency and services on par with that of a luxury apartment.

As expected, scheduling an appointment is super easy. It’s as easy as a call, or a mail away, with all staff undergoing background checks and expert training. Suppose the five-star reviews don’t lie, and you plan on patronizing a company that also supports charities. In that case, Zen Home Cleaning is the company to call.

Below are the contact details of Zen Home Cleaning company. They’re also a women-owned business, so expect to get your home cleaned with all the love and care you could get.

Business Address: 121 w 27th Street #801, New York, NY 10010, United States
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday (9 am to 5:30 pm). Closed on Sundays
Telephone: (212) 462-2566

10. DLL Cleaning Services

DLL Cleaning Services has a banner saying “helping office buildings, property managers, busy moms, dads, and professionals to maintain a healthy and safe environment.” The reviews on Google and Yelp can testify that DLL Cleaning Services did precisely that.

Include affordable rates, quick response times, and custom cleaning tailored to your budget, and you have a cleaning company with a high customer retention rate. Services include deep cleaning, standard cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, school, janitorial, hotel, and medical office cleaning.

DLL’s strong point seems to be cleaning commercial spaces, although they offer a variety of other services. Like many other cleaning companies, DLL comes with her equipment and cleaning supplies. DLL Cleaning Services has genuinely lived up to its mission as industry experts and innovators in cleaning services.

Sign up for DLL’s newsletter for the latest news, promotions, and offers before your next cleaning appointment. In case you’re reading this, but not in New York, DLL would soon be expanding internationally.

Business Address: 4441 Broadway Suite 2B, New York, NY 10040, United States
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday (8 am to 8 pm), Saturday (8 am to 5 pm). Closed on Sundays
Telephone: (866) 955-0192

Other Professional Cleaning Companies In New York

Asides from these ten cleaning companies listed above, there are other companies worth checking out. They include;

1. Molly Maid NYC
2. Swipe N Clean
3. Magic Cleaning Group
4. Lazy Susan’s Cleaning Group
5. BA Cleaning Services
6. Benchmark Cleaning Service

All the above-listed companies offer residential and cleaning services in New York City. Contact details, business addresses, and other details are not included. However, you can find such information on the websites of such companies. A Google search would also reveal any more information you need to know.

How Much Does A Cleaning Lady In NYC Cost?

When you are occupied with work and need someone to handle apartment cleaning for you in a place like New York, be prepared to shell out some bucks.

In New York City, the average cost of a cleaning lady is around $22.96 per hour.

The minimum wage for a place like New York City is $ 11.80 to $ 15.00 per hour.

However, home cleaning is quite physical, and whoever does such a task should be rewarded adequately. Factors that could also drive up the price of a cleaning lady performing an apartment cleaning service include;

1. Square footage of the house: The bigger the house, the higher the cost. A bigger house would mean the cleaning lady will have a more significant amount of square footage to deal with and possibly more rooms and bathrooms to clean.

2. Years of experience of the cleaning lady: Veterans always cost more to hire than rookies in any industry. If you were hiring a cleaning lady who has worked for over eight years, expect her to cost more than a newbie.

3. Frequency of cleaning: More frequent cleaning could mean less cost since there is less dirt accumulated since her last visit. Bi-weekly cleaning rates are usually cheaper than monthly cleaning rates.

4. Location: Residential areas with high net worth individuals should expect to pay more than other areas with lower incomes. A cleaning lady catering to a family in Beverly Hills or Malibu would outearn her counterpart working at Tampa, Florida.

5. Area of specialization in cleaning: Some house areas can be harder to clean than others. Upholstery and carpets would typically cost more than tabletops and sweeping if you could get a cleaner to do that.

How Much Does Molly Maid Charge Per Hour?

Molly Maid has the following service levels; one-time cleaning, monthly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning, and weekly cleaning. Being a cleaning company with trained workers who are professionals, expect to fork out a handsome wage for the services of Molly Maid.

Molly Maid starting cost per hour is $75 to $100 per hour for two cleaners or $0.10 for every square foot of your home or commercial space.

Is A Maid Service Worth It?

If you are that busy that you do not have the time to spare for apartment cleaning, a maid service might be your best option, even on weekends.

Cleaning companies and housekeeping agencies train professionals to offer nothing but the best.

Maid services are worth it if you can afford them. Having your home or office cleaned to the point where it seems you just moved in and unboxed everything afresh can be pretty satisfying.

If you don’t have the time but have the money and would like to lean back while you get other things done, a maid service is worth it. There’s also the convenience of having to do less physical work and reward someone for it.

In case you haven’t moved yet and you’ve been looking for a good moving company to help you transport your stuff to the Big Apple, check our reviews for best movers in NYC. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s also an inexpensive moving company in NYC. To help you further, we also have a guide on how to tip movers.

How Much Should You Pay A Cleaning Lady?

As with wage laws in any part of the world, with New York not being left out, it only fits that you pay workers above the minimum wage. Although their jobs may not be as prestigious as some other roles with fancy job titles, cleaners are not left out.

In New York, the minimum wage is about $ 11.80 to $ 15.00 per hour; you should pay your cleaning lady an amount above the minimum wage for some “cushion.” A round figure of $23.00 per hour seems like a round figure to peg it at, considering the average cost of a cleaning lady in NYC is $22.96 per hour.


To help you decide on the best NYC maid service cleaning company, you may want to email or give them a call to get a quote.

Are you looking for good reads on how to make your time in the city that never sleeps worthwhile, check our other posts.

Want to know why lot of people move to New York, or planning on how to move to NYC? Perhaps you want to know moving hacks to the Big Apple.

If you’re on budget, check our guide on how to find roommates in New York. Other good articles you can also read to help you learn more about the city are NYC bucket list and interesting facts on New York City.

14 Interesting Facts About New York City

The United States of America is home to famous cities worldwide such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City, renowned for its numerous attractions such as the One World Trade Center and The Empire State Building.

New York City is one of the most visited and most diverse states in the United States of America, has a lot of history, secrets, and facts not known by many.

As New York City is referred to, the Big Apple has its origins dating back to 10,000 B.C, with its earliest written records penned down by Giovanni de Verrazano. He was an Italian explorer said to have discovered the New York Harbor in 1524.

With a timeline in the pre-historic, pre-colonial, and Dutch and British colonial periods, New York City has a lot to share in history and stories. From being the last city John Lennon lived in before his death, to being the birthplace of L Frank Baum, a popular author of children’s books, New York City also has housed some of history’s most admired personalities.

We have compiled all the New York facts you need to know that were not taught in History class (just kidding). Keep on reading to find out key facts that we bet you never know about!

Key Facts About New York City

Should it come as a surprise that almost every building or famous sculpture in the Big Apple has something about it that we do not know? If your answer was yes, then you are absolutely right.

Being the largest city in the United States by population, New York City equally has a vast amount of interesting facts, a lot more than could be shared in a single daily newspaper from the New York Times. From structures to people and diversity, New York never disappoints.

However, these are the key interesting facts about New York City that every New Yorker or visitor should know.

1. Times Square

Times Square in New York is one of the best advertising spaces globally and the busiest commercial intersections in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

It is also a major tourist attraction for those in the ever-bustling state of New York City.

Here are some facts about Times Square that will leave you totally surprised;

  • Times Square was known as Longacre Square, leading up to 1904. The area owes its name to the New York Times newspaper, which moved its office here in 1904.
  • From the 1960s to the ’80s, what is now known as Times Square was once a hub for adult movies, prostitution, and several unlawful substances.
  • The largest gathering of people in New York is said to be here when over two million New Yorkers gathered to celebrate the participation of the United States of America in World War 2.

2. The Empire State Building

This famous cultural landmark is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, and is one of the tallest skyscrapers in New York.

This 102 story building is home to many corporate offices and a massive museum on the second floor.

The New York Empire State Building stands at 381 m in height and is the fourth tallest building in the United States of America today.

Here are 3 key facts about the Empire State Building which every New York state resident should know:

  • This building was constructed as part of a race for the tallest skyscraper in New York. One of its major competitors was the Chrysler Building.
  • Despite being within a city, the Empire State Building has its own zip code.
  • There is an annual Valentine’s Day draw that picks 14 lucky couples to hold their wedding on the 80th floor. These couples automatically become members of the Empire State Wedding Club.

3. The Statue of Liberty

This is one monument that will forever be synonymous with New York City for years to come.

Situated at Liberty Island in the New York Harbor, this 225-ton statue is accessible to the public by ferry.

A gift from France to the United States of America to celebrate their partnership during the American Revolution, this famous landmark has found its way into pop culture and numerous movie scenes.

Here are some facts about this giant of a sculpture worth knowing;

  • The Lady of Liberty, as she is fondly called, once served as a beacon and guide to travelers who could spot her flame in the distance.
  • The Statue of Liberty was brought to the United States in 350 pieces, as it was too large for the French to transport in one piece.
  • The Statue of Liberty has some important symbolism on it. One example is the inscription, JULY IV MDCCLXXVI, to commemorate the United States of America’s Independence.

4. New York Public Library (NYPL)

The second largest public library in the United States of America, the NYPL has served as a source of ideas, information, and knowledge for New Yorkers for more than a century.

The library caters to materials needed from toddlers to teenagers and the aged.

The NYPL boasts 92 locations with four research hubs in Manhattan, and the rest dispersed between the Bronx and Staten Island.

Here are some facts about the New York Public Library worth knowing;

  • The library lions at the entrance were renamed Patience and Fortitude in the 1930s by Mayor LaGuardia. He believed that these were qualities to be embraced by New Yorkers during the Great Depression.
  • The Library has a copy of the Gutenberg Bible from the 1450s, which is one of the most valuable items in the New York Public Library’s custody.
  • The NYPL needed twenty tons of coal to provide daily heating in its early days of operation!
  • The NYC Public Library has over one hundred and twenty-five miles of shelved materials, with almost 50 million books in its possession.

5. New York City’s Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank is the apex bank of the United States of America, charged with providing a stable monetary system and maintaining the inflation rate, among other duties.

New York City’s Federal Reserve Bank is among the twelve reserve banks in the United States of America, with its building located in the Financial District of Manhattan. It is also said that the New York Federal Reserve Bank has the largest gold being held in the world.

Here are some important facts about the Federal Reserve Bank of New York City;

It is said that about $250 billion worth of gold is being held in the vaults located in the bank’s basement, making it one of the largest gold storage spots in the United States and globally.

There is not one person who has complete knowledge of the whole vault combination where the gold is being stored.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has over 200 tons of metal-infused into its architecture. So much for security from theft.

6. New York City Subway

The New York City Subway system is the major means of public transportation, with more than five million commuters daily (asides from weekends).

The subway ride throughout the trains plying different routes are commonplace to New Yorkers and tourists.

The entire New York Subway has 472 stations and transports over 5 million commuters per day. The New York train system is overseen by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Below are some facts about New York City’s subway system you ought to know:

  • The lowest point of the subway system is 180 feet deep and is located at 191st street.
  • When laid out, all the tracks found in the New York subway cover the distance from New York City to Chicago
  • There is a Guinness World Record for traveling all the subway stations in New York City in 21 hours, 28 minutes, and 14 seconds.
  • The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will send a mail to your email address if you are late for work due to a train delay.
  • It once costs five cents for a subway ride in 1944, and the price did not increase until 1948. The current fare for a single subway ride is $2.75.

7. Brooklyn Bridge

Built to transport commuters from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous suspension bridges in New York and also globally.

New Yorkers have said that a walk across this bridge offers a vivid view of the East River and the skyline for which Manhattan is renowned.

Below are some amazing facts about the Brooklyn Bridge

  • The first crossing of the bridge was by Emily Roebling, the late Washington Roebling’s wife, who served as the chief engineer after his father’s death.
  • Completing this bridge took fourteen years and six-hundred laborers to complete.
  • A popular showman named P.T Barnum led 21 elephants across the bridge to affirm its stability and strength in 1884.
  • Over 20 or even more workers lost their lives in constructing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Read: If you’re looking to explore this NYC borough, take note of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn here.

8. Go Topless Day Parade

Held annually, this parade cum festival is held to support the right to allow women to go around topless based on gender equality.

This parade is held on the streets of New York City and other states like Washington D.C and has been held over the past 13 years since 2007.

The parade is held on the closest Sunday to August 26th, with men and women joining. Here are facts about the Go Topless Day Parade worth knowing:

  • This parade owes its origins to Rael, the founder of the Raelian Movement, who thinks aliens created humans.
  • There is an anthem for the Go Topless Day, titled ”Go Topless Go”.
  • If you are joining the march and do not want to go topless, there are bikinis that look like breasts.

9. Central Park

Located in the West Side of Manhattan, Central Park Mall is home to more than 30 retailers, eateries, and a cinema, among many other side attractions.

Central Park is one of the most visited urban parks in New York City, with over 20 million annual visitors.

Here’s a key fact about Central Park and the Central Park Mall

  • There are over 230 bird species in Central Park including doves, sparrows and crows.

10. Jonas Bronck

Jonas Bronck was a sailor and an immigrant who is said to be the first white man to settle on the mainland opposite Harlem.

The area where he settled was known as ”Broncks Land”, and the name has come to stay till today.

Today, the Bronx is one of the five boroughs in New York City, along with Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan.

Here are some facts about the Bronx worth knowing by native New York residents;

  • The largest park in New York City, the Pelham Bay Park, is situated here and is said to be as much as three times larger than Central Park!
  • Bronx is often touted as having the roots of hip-hop and breakdancing in New York City.
  • Bronx is home to many celebrities, especially rappers, with famous poet Edgar Allan Poe being a Bronxite.

Read: If you’re planning to stay for some time in the Bronx, you may want to check out our post on safe Bronx neighborhoods.

11. Cultural Diversity Like No Other

According to Culture Trip, New York City is ranked fifth among its ”Ten Most Multicultural Cities In The World”, with other cities like Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Paris, and Singapore.

Ranked as one of the top cities for tourists and sightseeing in the United States, New York hosted a whopping 65 plus million visitors in 2018 alone. That is almost the population of France!

Here are some interesting facts about New York City when it comes to diversity;

  • New York City has about 800 languages being spoken, making it one of the world’s most multilingual cities.
  • New York is home to the largest settlement of Jews outside Israel.
  • New York City has served as one of the leading immigration points for Brazilian immigrants. Little Brazil is a neighborhood in Manhattan, so-called, due to its Brazilian restaurants and businesses.

12. Ellis Island

Ellis Island is a government-owned island in the New York Harbor that was once a teeming entry and inspection station for immigrants.

A museum on the island has carefully stored photographs, records, and other memorabilia from times of early immigration.

Some facts about this island worth knowing are:

  • Though considered a place of interest in NYC, 80 percent of Ellis Island is in New Jersey.
  • Ellis Island was used as an incarceration center during the First and Second World Wars.
  • Ellis Island served as a place where thieves, pirates, and crew members, and sailors who mutinied were executed.

Bonus New York City Facts

Some bonus facts worth mentioning include the following;

  • The Library of Congress is the official national library of the United States of America. It is also the largest library in the world.
  • New York declares itself as the first capital of the United States of America, as it is the place where the legal documents referencing the creation of the America was drafted.

New York houses a lot of history and facts which is just a lot to put in one writeup. From Pearl Street Station, which was the first commercial power generating plant in America, to the popular New York Post which is the oldest published newspaper in America, New York seemed to pioneer a lot of things.

Which fact was the most surprising? Was it the fact that over 800 languages are spoken in New York? These are just some out of the facts about New York which we are able to bring you. Feel free to let us know which you found most surprising.

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The Ultimate Bucket List For New York In 2022

New York is one city that is surely on the bucket list of any travel blogger, being home to some of the most famous cultural landmarks worldwide.

Landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Statue Of Liberty are all part of the natural history of New York City. The Big Apple as NYC is also referred to as one of the best skylines and is home to many other side attractions.

NYC has a ton of places to visit and take some of the best pictures with a million Instagram likes guaranteed for any visitor. A New York bucket list could be hard to draft, but you cannot leave out a Staten Island Ferry cruise or a visit to Central Park. Your bucket list will be pretty long, with many places of interest vying for a final shortlist.

This piece was specially written for anyone coming to NYC for the first, second, and even hundredth time, as you can’t get enough of its skyline views while enjoying cookies and some ice cream. Being a tourist attraction for years to come, it is only right that we did an NYC bucket list article for our readers.

The ultimate NYC bucket list wasn’t going to be easy to compile in just a few words. We did our best to put in the details, so even a first time visitor can capture as much scenery as the United States financial capital has to offer. New York is one city that never runs out of delights, whether in the daytime or night time.

Want to see what our ultimate NYC bucket list looks like? Get a pen, a sheet of paper, and some coffee to jot down these places of interest, and update your bucket list next time you find yourself in New York City.

The Ultimate NYC Bucket List For Visitors

The Big Apple is home to Manhattan, with skyline views like no other with different points offering stunning views of one of the best skylines in the United States. NYC takes creatives into account with countless live music bars and the American Museum of Natural History. Check out top neighborhood to live in manhattan.

New York has a lot to offer tourists, from some of the most visited museums in the world to iconic Hollywood scenes (you’ll see that later) and observatory points to take in high lie views, which the city has. Manhattan is a favorite destination with more attractions than you could imagine.

We have done all the research there is to do and have compiled a list of places of interest which are a must for an A grade bucket list in New York City.

Here’s our recommended bucket list for tourists heading to New York City all year round. Make sure to tick off as many as possible.

1.Visit the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous attractions for anyone visiting New York for the first time and even return visitors.

The Empire State Building is part of the natural history of New York and was once the world’s tallest building until the World Trade Center was built in 1970.

The Empire State Building offers everything from a dazzling view of city sights such as Times Square and Central Park, to its observatory on the 86th floor. There is also a museum situated on the second floor, which attracts over five million visitors each year.

The Empire State Building also finds use as an office and retail space, with companies like LinkedIn having office space there. There is also a suite of rooms available at the Empire State building, although it is unknown if one can lodge there.

Here is a fun fact about the Empire State Building; Even though it is located within Manhattan’s zip code, 10001, the Empire State Building has its separate zip code: 10118. Talk about a city within New York City.

2.Check Out The Statue Of Liberty

NYC is where the symbolic Statue Of Liberty is located. Another monument that makes up part of the United States’ natural history, the Statue of Liberty, dates back to the 18th century.

First-time visitors to New York have the option to get a better view of the Statue Of Liberty through a boat ride. Most tourists also opt to visit Ellis Island, located at the Hudson River’s mouth. Take out time to visit the Statue of Liberty Museum for more information on the history of the statue and other facts.

Located on Liberty Island, Manhattan, visiting the Statue of Liberty is definitely one of the things to do for any visitor heading to NYC. Definitely a site where one would want to take a picture for an Instagram post.

Some fun facts about the Statue Of Liberty are that she wears a size 879 shoe, weighs about 225 tonnes, and nobody is allowed in the torch.

3.Experience Bright Lights And Billboards At Times Square

Times Square is among the busiest intersections in New York City and the world.

Located in Manhattan and home to many billboards, Times Square is one of the best advertising spaces in the world. Times Square was renamed in 1904 and was formerly known as Longacre Square.

Times Square has been described as a mix of work and play by many. Save for the billboards; there are many retail stores and restaurants to explore when you are less busy at Times Square. There are also painters, guitarists, cosplay artists, and other creatives around Times Square to keep the place lively.

With a dazzling view at night, Times Square remains a major attraction in New York City. Everything from being a major bus stop to the Times Square Jumbotron and the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop continues to make this place one of the busiest attractions in modern-day New York.

In fact, Times Square has been referred to as the ”Crossroads of The World”, among other names. Times Square is said to generate foot traffic of over three hundred and forty thousand people every day!

4.Be a Visitor At The One World Trade Center

The One World Trade Center was constructed in 1971 and is one of the tallest buildings in New York, at 541 meters.

This building is the major arm of the two buildings that make up the reconstructed World Trade Center in New York City that was destroyed on September 11th, 2001.

For people who are more accustomed to heights, this will surely be one of the places of interest to visit in Manhattan. This is actually the tallest building in the United States and the sixth tallest worldwide. With one hundred and ten floors, brace yourself for a thrilling view of the city once you make it to the last floor.

Here is one fact about this building. Its height in feet is 1,776 and directly references the year of independence of the United States of America.

5.Experience Serenity At Central Park

Central Park is one of America’s historical landmarks and is said to be the inspiration for a lot of other parks in existence today.

Central Park is also said to draw its design inspiration from Birkenhead Park. Central Park is situated between the West and East side of Manhattan and is accessible by various means of transportation such as trains and metropolitan buses.

Central Park is more than just a park for the average New York City resident. Central Park plays host to a lot of picnics and romantic outings with your better half. Spanning eight hundred and forty-three acres, Central Park is filled with lots of attractions for kids and adults. These include the Central Park Zoo, the Strawberry Fields, and a lot more to mention.

Central Park has everything to keep you occupied irrespective of what season it is, including winter. Wollman Skating Rink remains one of the best spots for ice skating among New York City residents and Americans.

Here is a fun fact about Central Park; Central Park is the most filmed movie locations globally, with movies like Avengers having scenes shot there.

6.Done With Central Park? Head Over To Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is another favorite park for NYC residents to cool off in the summer. Spread over eighty-five acres and located on the side with Brooklyn near the East River in New York City, this park has many portions or piers, as they are called.

There is Pier 1 to Pier 6, Main Street, and the Empire-Fulton Ferry. Some guides are available to give visitors on location tours across the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Dumbo, and Dyker Heights, among other side attractions.

Regarded as one of the best parks in New York City for its amazing scenery and views the city has to offer, you can spot the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue Of Liberty from the park.

Next time you find yourself in the Big Apple, be sure to walk around the park, take some pictures and revisit it when hopefully, you come to New York again.

7.Check Out The Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is regarded as a cultural landmark spanning 22 acres and is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Now a commercial complex covering 22 acres and comprising nineteen buildings solely for commercial use, the center has lived up to its purpose imagined by its founder, the late J.D Rockefeller.

The Rockefeller Center offers a great walk around experience with sculptures depicting science, philosophy, and large art murals for a thrilling aesthetic effect like no other. Make sure you go up to the 70th floor to experience The Observation Deck. Here you will get a view of everything within the New York City skyline plus Lower Manhattan.

This is also the site where most of your favorite shows are filmed for those who did not know. The Radio City Music Hall is located within the building too.

There is also the Rockefeller Plaza, where you can grab some rest after exploring the beauty and details of this commercial hub. Fine dining is not too far from here, as you can grab a bite of a New York pastrami sandwich, steaks, and culinary delights.

If you are a fan of jewelry, check out Tous for pieces that may interest you. After a day filled with observing, eating, and pictures, the Rockefeller Center is guaranteed to leave an impression on you.

Fun fact; each year, a Christmas Tree about 75 feet in height, 45 feet wide, and 11 tonnes in weight is lit here each Christmas.

8.Take A Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge

Constructed across the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge offers a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. This bridge has its origins in 1883 to transport commuters to and from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.

The bridge has two entrances, with one end located at Manhattan, and another at Brooklyn. The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is now more than a century old, with details such as its steel cables being one of the most recognizable in Hollywood and the world.

Brooklyn Bridge is over a mile long, and tourists can access this symbolic landmark through various train routes. Visitors and New York City residents often
jog and cycle on the bridge, but it is advised against due to collision with pedestrians.

Visitors to New York City hoping to get a greater feel of the Brooklyn Bridge should be looking at any time before the sun rises, and people come out in their droves.

Fun fact about Brooklyn Bridge: one of America’s greatest showmen P.T Barnum, led a display of twenty-one elephants across to show that the bridge was firm and stable enough to handle passage.

9.Explore The New York City Museum Of Modern Art

The NYC Museum of Modern Art is located in Midtown Manhattan and is one of the largest existing collectors of modern art today. The Museum Of Modern Art also plays host to artworks from contemporary artists from the 18th century down to the 1900s.

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the best among many museums in Manhattan, New York, for art lovers coming to NYC to visit. Visitors come in all year round to see sculptures, the famous gallery garden, and art murals.

Being home to many artworks, there are some must-see pieces at this museum in Manhattan. Some of such pieces include The Bather by Paul Cezanne, The Starry

Night By Vincent Van Gogh, and the Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali.  Although there are more pieces, you’re going to have to visit NYC and see for yourself.

Other museums of interest in Manhattan, New York include the 9 11 Memorial Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, and the American Museum of National History, to name a few.

This is one museum that should be on your bucket list when coming to New York.

10.Discover Prehistoric Roots At The American Museum Of Natural History

Also known as the American Museum of Natural History sits on the Upper Westside of Manhattan and is made up of twenty-eight interconnected buildings, forty-five halls filled with exhibits, a library, and the Hayden Planetarium. Judging by its gargantuan structure, it is one of the largest natural history museums in NYC.

Being one of the largest natural history museums in the world means a lot of exhibits on display. Feel free to visit any of the various halls to have a feel prehistoric life human evolution.

The museum also has some must-see exhibits which you cannot possibly miss. There is the Great Blue Whale, the Dimetrodon skeleton ), and Lucy, who happens to be one of the most intact skeletons of hominids found.

The Museum of Natural History attracts over five million visitors all year round, and you should definitely add this to your bucket list when next you visit New York City.

11 . Fan of Art? The Metropolitan Museum of Art Has You Covered

Another top museum in Manhattan is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which exhibits everything from diverse cultural pieces to prehistoric paintings and modern day works. Also known as the Met, this storehouse of art and culture sits on more than two million square feet and boasts over two million works on display.

Playing host to more than five million visitors in 2019 and a large collection of art, the museum has its own share of reputable paintings. These include The Death of Socrates, The Denial of Saint Peter, Lamassu, and Venus Italica.

There are more than ten sections to explore, each containing artwork and artifacts linked to each section. There is Modern and Contemporary Art, Medieval Art, Egyptian Art, and many others.

This museum is absolutely worth visiting and adding to your bucket list for anyone paying a visit to New York, especially Manhattan.

12.Ellis Island

Ellis Island is an island owned by the government that once served as the busiest inspection point for immigrants. Ellis Island has been incorporated as part of the Statue of Liberty monument and is accessible to the public through ferry.

Ellis Island is affiliated with the National Immigration Museum and is home to pictures and detailed historical records of immigrants. There is the Family History Center, where you can trace your roots.

Ellis Island offers a one-of-a-kind experience for tourists who have mixed roots. It is always open to the public and will always remain relevant to America’s history.

13.Staten Island

Staten Island is located in the New York Harbor on the South of Manhattan and is also considered a borough. The island is home to about half a million people and transports more than 20 million people annually across Saint George and Whitehall Street in Lower Manhattan.

The Staten Island ferry is the most reliable transportation means for New York City residents moving from Staten Island to Manhattan. Staten Island is the smallest of the five boroughs of New York and is often referred to as the ”forgotten borough”.

A cruise on the Staten Island ferry is a must for anyone traveling to NYC for vacation or just plain sightseeing.

14.Bateaux New York

Bateaux New York offers more than just a boat cruise experience. The Bateaux promises an exceptional dining experience with the finest wines, intercontinental delights, desserts, and appetizers for those onboard.

Taking off from Chelsea-Piers in Manhattan, the Bateaux cruise takes its route along the New York Harbor with views of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge. The cruise starts at one hundred and fifty dollars.

The boats used in the cruise are entirely shielded with glass for better ambiance, while you are treated to live bands, champagne, and cocktails.

If a boat ride or a cruise was not on your bucket list before, here is your chance to update it. It’s only right that you experience the calm breeze and sea waves with many other things NYC treats its visitors to.

15.Pick A State Park To Go See

New York is home to many state parks such as the Amherst State Park and the Allegany State Park. However, the largest is the Adirondack Park and Catskill Park.

With more than ten parks to choose from, tourists would find it hard to settle for which to visit. Niagara Falls State Park offers dazzling scenery, mile long hiking trails, and attraction such as the Maid of Mist and the Niagara Falls Observation Tower.

Long Island also has a load of state parks like Bethpage State Park, Hallock State Park Reserve, and a lot more worth visiting. State parks also provide some of the best spots for hiking and holding picnics.

NYC is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet when it comes to parks and outdoor leisure. Try visiting one when next you go to New York for vacation.

16.See The Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is one of the most popular rail terminals for commuters located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Also known as Grand Central, this terminal serves commuters plying the Northern part of the New York metropolitan area.

Being the third busiest train station in North America, the terminal is estimated to receive over 750,000 visitors per day. Grand Central was also named one of the most visited tourist attractions in 2018, with over 22 million visitors.

Like most of the other places on this bucket list, Grand Central has its own fair share of attractions. The prevalent ones would be the Information Booth Clock, The Whispering Gallery, and the Grand Central Market, which has over 10,000 visitors daily.

Here is a fun fact about Gran Central Terminal; there is a clock in the main concourse valued at almost 20 million USD.

17.Immerse Yourself In Views At The One World Observatory

The One World Observatory is situated in Downtown Manhattan, with its entrance on West Street. Often said to give an unforgettable experience from above, the One World Observatory is one of the best spots to get a stunning view of NYC and its numerous skyscrapers.

With high-speed Sky Pod elevators capable of going over 1250 feet in a minute, the One World Observatory treats its visitors to an unforgettable experience. From the Global Welcome Center to the Horizon Grid, there are also restaurants offering in-house dining.

A breathtaking view of New York from the tallest skyscraper in the city would be among the things to add to a bucket list, plus a picture here would make you feel on top of the world.

18.High Line Public Park

The High Line is a public park created on the west side of Manhattan, New York City, and was constructed on a freight rail line. High Line public park has been a top tourist attraction, with over eight million visitors annually in 2019.

There are many things to see at the High Line Public Park from the beginning of the 1.45-mile walk to the end. The Whitney Museum Of American Art, The Chelsea Market, and The Amphitheater are a few must-sees at this new and exciting park.

Here’s a fun fact: the rail where the High Line Public Park was once known as Death Avenue due to the number of casualties. Not to worry, it is now safe for tourists and shrouded in flowers to create some of the best natural scenery New York has to offer,

19.9 11 Memorial Museum

This museum is a part of the World Trade Center and tells the story of the bombings through real artifacts and media from the events in which 2,997 lives were lost. The 9 11 memorial museum also commemorates those killed in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

The 9 11 memorial museum holds memories of loss, denial, and hope for the deceased’s loved ones. The museum has the Survivor Tree, a symbol of hope, and the Memorial Glade in honor of first responders and medics who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The 9 11 memorial museum holds mostly negative memories, although visitors are allowed to pay tribute to lives lost in the worst terrorist attack seen by the United States of America. There are also expert guides who give on location tours for a better experience.

20.Little Italy

Located in Lower Manhattan, Little Italy is a neighborhood known for its large number of Italian immigrants in the late 19th and 20th centuries. With the move of Italians to this neighborhood came their customs, foods, and festivals.

It is not uncommon to see pizzerias and shops serving espressos here, with chequered red and white tablecloths. Even though this area once known for its brimming Italian population has been reduced from fifty blocks to three, Italians’ cultures and traditions remain visible.

A visit to The Center for Italian and Modern Art promises a great experience for Italian art lovers. You cannot afford to miss the Festival of San Gennaro, which features a mix of American and Italian customs and cultures. The Festival Of San Gennaro is held on Mulberry Street and runs for eleven days every September.

Italian visitors looking to get a feel of home should add Little Italy to their bucket list of places on their next visit to NYC. Not just Italians, but anyone who would like to experience the Italian culture.

21.Theatrical Performances At Broadway

Also known as Broadway Theater, the performances given in the 41 theaters situated in Midtown Manhattan have created a reputation for Broadway as a tourist attraction.

Broadway shows have been dubbed by many as the best representation of live theater on a commercial scale.

A Broadway show could be a musical, play, or drama, with some popular shows being The Lion King and The Phantom of The Opera. Broadway has also given New York the title of ”the culture capital of the world”.

For the love of drama and musicals, seeing a Broadway show is worth adding to your bucket list. Considering an almost 15 million attendance for the 2018/2019 season, a Broadway show sounds like a must-see for any tourist.

22.Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is home to several public parks in the Brooklyn borough of NYC. It is a popular spot for New Yorkers to hang out in the summer, as its beaches are located along the Atlantic Ocean. It is also close to a lot of the amusement parks in Coney Island.

This beach is home to public parks like the Century Playground and the Coney Island Boardwalk and Beach. There are the Brighton Center and The Brighton Music Hall, which are nearby attractions when done at the beach.

Brighton Beach promises a great experience for those coming to New York in the summer. Be sure to grab your suntan, swimsuits, and sunglasses.

23.Prospect Park

Prospect Park is Brooklyn’s major park and is located in the midst of many other structures such as Park Slope and Windsor Terrace.

With an ice rink and other recreational facilities, Prospect Park has more than five million annual visitors. Side attractions include the Carousel, Prospect Park Zoo, and The Lefferts Historic House. Also check out the any candy store among the numerous stores to get treats for the kids.

Any tourist heading to NYC with the kids should explore Prospect Park. One fun fact about Brooklyn’s top park is that it houses over fifty butterfly species, with more than 30,000 trees in the park.

24.Bryant Park

Referred to as the ”Town Square of Manhattan”, Bryant Park is bustling with amenities and many things to do while you pass the time.

There is the Le Carrousel, an ice skating rink, and the Bank of America Winter Village. There are also many candy stores and shops littered around the park, with gifts for the holiday season.

With over 12 million visitors annually, Bryant Park remains one of the most recommended parks to visit in New York.

Those are our places of interest, which should be on the bucket list of anyone planning a visit to NYC anytime. You could add some bonus points such as the Standing Room Comedy Club, bicycle-sharing via Citi Bike, and the Andrew Carnegie Museum in the upper east side of New York.

New York remains one of the most visited cities globally, with visitors trooping into the Big Apple all year-round. December is definitely going to have a massive turnout as friends and families go to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, and fly kites at public parks, while lodging at an affordable boutique hotel.

Be sure to tick off all points on our specially curated New York bucket list, as you have a wonderful Christmas.

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