Brion NYC Restaurant

Brio NYC @ 61st & Lexington is closed.

“My favorite under-the-radar restaurant hands down is Brio. Brio is a neighborhood gem and consistently excellent. Their clientele is great, their team is humble and the atmosphere is amazing! I always enjoy dining in their high-end bar or sitting al fresco. Chef Massimo Carbone is outstanding, “the best pizza in NYC

“Cannot express how much I enjoy this restaurant. Massimo-the owner literally sits and greets his patrons… Especially since most are regulars like myself.

I go there at least 1-3 times a week with my boss, she was the one who introduced me to this place. The staff is literally unbelievably attentive … Always. And the bartender sees and greets us even when we are sitting outside (great outdoor seating)
Which always impresses us (Juan Carlos)

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It is definitely a family or friendly place to sit and relax and be treated like gold after a long day. I could easily sit here by myself have a drink and relax while people watching outside lol

Lastly… It is the ONLY place that has incredibly healthy choices to chose from OTHER than the salad selection EVERYWHERE we go. NY would be skinny if they had more places like this… With variety for all. It is also the ONLY place I have been to that has un-breaded calamari… Literally amazing.

I love me some Brio!”

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