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Finding the best moving companies in New York isn’t always as straightforward as we would like. For instance, moving the last minute to the Big Apple is quite difficult, and I found out the hard way. Still, living in NYC has always been a dream for me.

You can imagine how I felt the first time I got an apartment in the City.

It was all butterflies and smiles. Yes, I wasn’t familiar with the closely packed rooms, apartments, etc., but I loved every part of it. All that remained was that I got long distance movers who had storage so I could move into my new home.

After getting some moving tips, buying packing supplies, purchasing a storage unit, and sorting things out into categories, it was time to find moving companies that had local movers who provide cheap but quality service.

It was relatively easy to find help online on which moving services I could use. But I had heard stories, so I decided to undertake my own research.

I studied the quotes of these companies, considering their pros, pricing, and the service they provided. Let’s just say I was out to get all the info I could before packing my boxes.

Luckily for you, it is with that experience I’ve decided to create this guide on inexpensive and affordable movers in NYC.


What To Expect From Inexpensive Movers In NY

First off, I would like to say that finding the perfect place in New York isn’t as simple as many think.

Yes, there are high-end homes that are loved by everyone but finding average economic perfect homes isn’t as easy.

Personally, I’ve switched apartment buildings and streets through Borough and across NY. With every experience, I learned more about the city and moving companies. I used long-distance movers, small movers in NYC, local movers, upper east side movers, and a lot of other data which makes this a personal diary if you’re wondering on how do you move to New York.

I loved it; the idea of exploring all the famous neighborhoods in NYC kept me looking for the perfect deal. I had to work within the price range, so it was important to get amazing quotes on NYC movers. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, I was still able to get quality services, options, and good customer service.

Through each trip, I looked out for the most favorable quote, and compare that to the content I plan on moving into, the neighborhood I’m moving into, if there are local movers, their pros and if they offer quality help. Social media also played a vital role in my search for a cheap movers and more.

How To Find A Cheap Moving Company In NYC

The first thing I sorted out was cheap movers in NYC. If you’ve been to NYC, you will understand why I had to find cheap movers.

But I get it many times, cheap doesn’t always represent low-quality services, but I believed that there must have been at least one service provider that was pocket-friendly and offered excellent moving services.

First off, I discovered a way to identify legitimate movers.

Finding your dream apartment in NYC is a piece of cake. There are always tons of apartments open for new occupants; it’s all about finding the one that meets your needs and modifying it to perfection.

Three indicators of which moving companies to trust are:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured.

Any company you choose to use must have all three requirements in place.

Licensed Movers

When your movers are licensed, it means they have been authorized to conduct business on a state or federal level.

This proves to you, the client, that they are legitimate movers. You wouldn’t want non-professional movers to handle your packages. Doing that can result in huge disasters.

Bonded Movers

If your movers are bonded, you know that they offer a financial guarantee which they are bound by law to fulfill, and they will complete the contract both parties have agreed to.

Insured Movers

An insured company provides a greater level of assurance. If the moving company should lose or damage any precious item, they have insurance to cover the loss.


It is also important to utilize every chance to study the info you can get when searching for cheap movers in New York.

I searched for the goods each company is known to transport if they could handle a variety of items, their rates, and how much money long distance movers charge.

The moving team of these companies, when possible, and what are the available ways to keep an eye on my items while in transit.

Like many of you, my belongings are quite special, and I would love as little stress as possible, and I understand that no one would get that. I did my research to find the best movers and guarantee the safety of the items I put in their care.

Meet Moving Services in New York City

Moving Services is one of the moving companies I still use and recommend. Moving and Storage is a tightly-knit team of moving professionals based out of New York, NY.

I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter several teams from the company, and I can assure you that they are cheap movers who offer great deals and quotes.

They are worth it with their passionate staff and good professionals who care for art, piano, and all your valuables to ensure exceptional moving services for your relocation.

They can also pack and unpack your furniture at your new home or office. Even if you need a long-distance mover, I believe they makes a good choice.

I would like to say that they do an amazing job in helping businesses and families arrive at their new homes and workplaces in one piece. They put in a lot of effort in ensuring that customers enjoy a smooth moving experience.

They provide regular contributions to several local nonprofits that support vulnerable populations in the metropolitan area. so not only do they move things in and around New York NY but they also care for the community as a whole even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Its services spread across borders, which makes long-distance moving possible. In some cases, I only needed more space, and I found their storage options to be safe and appropriate for all my electronics .

Moving Services

From its headquarters in Greenwich Village, they are one of the most highly rated moving companies in NY. has offered moving services throughout New York City and Borough since 2006.

They has developed specialized knowledge of the different neighborhoods of the City while also and irreplaceable items.

On moving days, you can expect friendly and courteous moving professionals to show up on time to get your belongings moved quickly and efficiently to your new apartment, whether that’s a move to Upper West Side or out in Flushing.

If you’re in NY, you should definitely consider using them and consider the deal they offer.

They have a team of dedicated moving specialists in our GW office and Staten island waiting to answer any questions you may have.

As the most populated US metropolis (with 8.6 million residents) – according to 103 users, “The provide exceptional service and affordable rates, they’re the team you can trust with your next move.

Located in New York, they’re services are available for moves throughout the Tri-State area – according to users they used this company to move homes from one big house to another, and the staff came very professional and so helpful and kind.

I love that their moves and quotes are tailored to fit client’s needs and wishes. Every relocation is unique to each customer.

Pros in Using Movers

Residential Moving Services

I found their movers to be quite delightful. Their team consists of experienced professionals who are always willing to help at any stage during the moving process. I also found their flat moving rates to be quite beneficial.

It made them cheap movers with good pricing, no added fees and on-the-dot planning and scheduling.

This way I know I’m enjoying my money. Their quote for moves are affordable so I don’t mind rehiring them whenever.

Movers are trained to transport all the delicate and important items like my furniture without damaging them, ensuring that I get them safely.

Long Distance Relocation

Sometimes, we need to move across the state or across several neighborhoods. I usually find these very scary, considering that my piano, art, and other valuables are on the road for too long. However, I’m a bit calmer when I use it.

Their experienced drivers can easily plot and navigate the fastest and shortest routes. So my belongings don’t have to stay on the road for too long, and they arrive safely at my new home.

Commercial Relocation

While I didn’t use the commercial relocation service personally, I learned a lot about this service. If you’re you looking for a long-distance mover or a local moving compan, try out their commercial relocation plan.

Several NYC reviews will testify to their efficiency and productivity. They take every move seriously, minimize downtime and transfer all your valuables/ sensitive documents to your new location safely.

Storage Solutions

Their temperature-controlled storage facility is a welcomed development. These days it isn’t enough to have secure storage, especially when you plan on storing antiques and art.

Temperature helps keep your valuables safe and free from temperature-caused damages. Their storage facilities are located in the NYC area, like Bronx, New Jersey.

Storage rate depends on the amount of inventory you are storing and the type of storage unit you would like to rent.

Local Moving

When I was changing neighborhoods, I still needed help moving. Their skilled team came through; they were fast, courteous, and experienced. It felt really stress-free, and I didn’t have to do a thing.

Packing, Unpacking, and Lifting

We’ve all been in situations where there wasn’t enough time to pack. Or do you want help lifting that heavy piano?

With them, I didn’t have to worry because I had used their services, and I knew they could help pack, sort, and unpack my belongings and make sure everything is in the right place.

Their movers and packers clean, organize and box all my precious belongings professionally. Once I get to my new apartment, they unpack and arrange everything.


Now you don’t have to experience the challenges I faced while searching for the perfect shipping company.

The movers on this list take excellent care of your belongings, provide safe storage units through New Jersey to Greenwich Village. With good pricing, you’re bound to get the best deals.

You can now travel without stress, knowing that your belongings will be waiting for you upon your arrival.

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