Savoy Restaurant in NYC SoHo

“Savoy, a restaurant mainstay of the SoHo neighborhood for more than 20 years, will close on Saturday, June 18, 2011. SINCE 1990 Savoy, in SoHo, was a pioneer in cooking with local and seasonal ingredients.”-NYT

“Savoy has always been a Greenmarket-showcasing pioneer, starting in 1990 when Hoffman and his wife, Susan Rosenfeld, opened its doors in what had been a shiny luncheonette. (And before that, a barber shop: The old painted pole still stands guard in the downstairs dining room.) Savoy has since steadied city souls with its über-sustainable sustenance: A crusty wedge of real bread redolent with rustic local grains and slathered with cultured Vermont butter; a snarl of saber-toothed dandelion greens slicked with anchovy dressing and crowned with a slow-poached egg laid by a hen Hoffman may have even met.”- ediblemanhattan

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Since closing down Savory, Hoffman replace it with BackFortyNYC Resturant

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