7 Best Small Moving Companies in New York – Small Load Movers

Living in NYC comes with its fair share of pleasures and burdens.

Before getting to the main city, I had one primary objective, which was to experience everything. I know this sounds impossible or even difficult, but it was my dream.

It was my goal to travel cross country. But first, I had to make the long-distance trip to New York City. On arriving, I was at one of its famous boroughs; I later found out that it was called Staten Island. It was at this point that my exploration of New York City began.

Coming into the city, I had a lot of expectations, and I knew I would be traveling a lot. I mean, NYC is a large state, so I had to make several long-distance trips, and I would have to use small moving companies.

To be well prepared, I researched professional small load movers in New York. If you plan on living in NYC, you will most likely switch between several apartments. Rest assured, you will have to use the packing services from time to time. Using small moving NYC companies also makes moving a lot easier.


Hiring Professional Moving Services in New York

Hiring professionals to help you move into your new apartment comes with its benefits.

For starters, please know that your valuable items are kept safe and protected.

These movers are trained and can handle your small load without you having to lift a finger.

They use high-quality wrapping materials so that your precious flat-screen TVs don’t get damaged during long-distance or cross-country transportation.

I found local moving companies to be a bit better than most other international moving companies. This was because most of the local professional movers had a better understanding of the city.

They were friendlier and offered special bonuses like free quote and several other additional services that made them stand out.

Considering my traveling expenses, I had to search for affordable and professional movers. I also needed storage spaces every now and then. New York is a tight city, so there isn’t much room to store everything in apartments.

What I Consider When Hiring Small Business Moving Labor?

So, what factors do you look for in small movers, here’s what to consider:

How affordable are their services?

This is probably the first thing everyone will consider. By weighing the quality of their services against the price, I could easily tell if I could afford them.

I also kept my ears to the ground for any hidden or extra charge. I asked for more info, so I’m clear on exactly how much I’m going to pay. No hidden fees also showed that they were transparent and professional.

I also realized that sometimes, the moving rate doesn’t include the cost for additional packaging materials like moving boxes. Moving large or heavy objects like furniture can also attract additional charges.

Most movers give a free quote so you can make all your inquiries. Make sure you ask about what constitutes an extra fee. If the company isn’t forthcoming with this information, it’s advisable that you change the moving company.

How Well Does The Moving Company Meet My Needs

Every mover is different. Whether you’re moving to a two-bedroom house or a simple apartment, you need to make sure that the services your movers offer match your needs.

I love to travel long distances, and I have a couple of artworks, so before I hire any mover, I check to see if they offer long-distance moving services.

I’m also a fan of art, so I check how well they handle valuable belongings. I check if they are double wrapped, if they can protect my flat-screen TVs and if they can transport my furniture without damaging it.

Other things to consider include:

• Whether the company will give you a moving truck that is the right size for your belongings.
• Whether they provide additional packaging supplies like cardboard box, bubble wraps, garments, etc.
• Whether the move date fits with your schedule and if they can guarantee the pick-up and delivery dates to your new apartment

Beware of Rogue Movers

While this isn’t very common, rouge movers do exist. To ensure that the moving company you’re using is legitimate, you should check if they have an active license, look up their reviews online, and make sure they have a valid physical address.

One red flag you should look out for is a mover asking for a deposit, especially when it’s more than 20 percent of the overall moving cost. The Federal Motor Carry Safety Administration offers additional tips to make sure you’re hiring a legitimate company.

How To Know Professional Movers When You See One

Any company you choose to use must have all these three requirements in place:

● Licensed
● Bonded
● Insured

When your movers are licensed, it means they have been authorized to conduct business on a state or federal level.

This proves to you, the client, that they are legitimate movers. You wouldn’t want nonprofessional movers to handle your packages. Doing that can result in huge disasters.

If your movers are bonded, you know that they offer a financial guarantee which they are bound by law to fulfill, and they will complete the contract both parties have agreed to.

An insured company provides a greater level of assurance. If the moving company should lose or damage any precious item, they have insurance to cover the loss.

Small Moving NYC Companies

In my quest to explore the city in every way possible, I tried not to use one moving company repeatedly. Instead, I used several small movers, so I have a few on my list of recommended movers.

Here we go:

Flat Rate Moving

The name must have given you a good idea of who they are. Flat Rate Moving is one of the first NYC companies to offer a flat rate for their moving services. The flat rate covers all long-distance and local moves. They offer wrapping, packing, floor protection, and expenses for a flat price.

Offering flat rates puts a lot of emphasis on their reputation to deliver the absolute best. They also offer online resources for anyone looking for a moving company in New York. Flat Rate Moving is one of the most recommended upper west side mover.

I’ve discovered that Flat Rate Moving and its employees are safe, efficient, and they put a lot of care into moving packages safely from one location to another.

In addition to this, they give special care to their customers who make it to Flat Rate Moving’s loyalty club.

Other additional services they offer include upcycling, white-glove services, electronic installation, military moving, antique moving, and much more.

Shleppers Moving and Storage

Ever since they opened shop in NYC, Shleppers Moving & Storage has grown to become one of the most sought-after moving and storage companies in New York. The chances are that you’ve seen one of their unique orange moving trucks.

The company gracefully handles local, regional, and long-distance moves at budget-friendly prices. Their professional touch and affordability contribute to why I consider them an ideal choice for a moving company.

Shlepper’s can handle moving demands of all sizes, from large commercial businesses to small apartment moves. They also offer secure storage services if you need one.

Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC

Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC is a regional moving company that is a registered member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). They aren’t too big, but despite their size, they can still manage long distances and local moving efficiently.

New York City is a remarkably diverse city with residents from across the globe. They share various ethnicities and backgrounds. It can be problematic for you when you can’t communicate with your movers. Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC has considered this possibility and has provided a multilingual staff, offering translation services for its clients.

Bluebell Relocation Services, LLC also offers free online estimates and a downloadable moving checklist so clients can plan accurately, prepare and know when to take days off.

Rabbit Movers

Rabbit Movers NYC offers special moving services protection on artwork, electronics, antiques, and more. Customers can take full advantage of their packing and unpacking services as well.

Rabbit Movers are professional movers in NYC. This company comes highly recommended because they specialize in moving art which requires a lot of skill and care. With Rabbit movers, you’re trusting the care of your packages to professional movers who understand just how important your art is and how to keep it safe.

They also do custom-built crates for your heirloom furniture collection. Generally speaking, they can help reduce your travel expenses and get you to your new address in no time.

TikTok Moving

Tik Tok is famously known for its video social media platforms. However, Tik Tok INC is not a regular company, they focus on eco-friendly services. The company has built a reputation for pleasing consumers in every way possible. They have both Energy Star and Green Seal Certifications along with BBB accreditation.

They offer full moving services, which include packing services, mounting televisions, fixing furniture, and more. If I were asked to use two words to describe their services, I’d say efficient and effective.

Tik Tok Moving also offers storage services in its large climate-controlled warehouse. NYC, where space is highly sorted after, can help you store items of all sizes.

Liberty Moving and Storage

Liberty Moving and storage is about a century old. That’s a hundred years of moving and storing packages in local and long-distance moves. They provide white-glove services, automobile transport, and warehouse logistics when necessary.

Customers generally enjoy the professionalism and efficiency of this company. Their affordable rates make it possible to get quality moving service for your budget, especially when compared with other moving services in NYC. they are efficient and offer services that distinguish them from other moving companies.

Their staff pays attention to details during the moving process. They also provide commercial and domestic moves, installations, and long-term storage services.

A&A Alliance Moving Inc

A&A Alliance Moving is a moving company that provides local New Yorkers with quality moving, delivery, and storage services. Its team of professional staff helps customers plan their move, pack and unpack, inventory services, dismantling and assembling, cardboard crating, and many other additional services.

It serves high quality packing materials as well as amazing customer care services.


Travel related expenses can come as a shock to anyone. But experiencing the thrill of New York, NY, is so thrilling that it is worth it. While I moved from one apartment to the next, I wanted to be able to carry my lamp box without it getting damaged.

I had little stuff and on moving days, I always wanted to be around so nothing went missing. I guess that’s an advantage with small moves. my whole home could easily fit into a single truck. I believe that makes me a typical New Yorker.

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