Discover Every Open Bathroom in NYC with This Convenient Toilet Finder App

5 Toilet Finder, Flush Public Restroom Map Apps in New York City to Help You Find Open Bathroom in NYC (Lulu & More)


Finding a public bathroom in NYC is no longer a struggle with Lulu the toilet app finder! This innovative app is designed to simplify your urban experience in New York City by effortlessly locating the bathroom near you. Say goodbye to restroom-related woes as Lulu and other similar apps guide you to the nearest clean and accessible restrooms in the city with just a tap, ensuring convenience in the bustling metropolis.

About the App

Lulu, the app revolutionizing urban convenience specializes in helping users find restrooms on-demand in New York City swiftly. Its user-friendly interface offers a seamless experience, allowing users to locate clean and accessible restrooms with ease, eliminating the stress of navigating the city’s bustling streets.

Users praise Lulu for its accuracy and real-time updates, ensuring they always have access to the most current information on available facilities. The app’s comprehensive database covers a wide array of locations, making it a trusted companion for locals and visitors alike. It also shows a list of free public toilets with necessary info, including images, amenities and map navigation through GPS to help you get to the bathroom of your choice.

Rest assured that the postings on the app are accurate because Lulu’s team verifies each public toilet and private restroom in person. With glowing reviews highlighting its practicality and contribution to a more comfortable city experience, Lulu stands as a testament to how technology can enhance everyday life in metropolitan environments. Say goodbye to restroom-related concerns – Lulu has your back, providing a reliable solution to a common urban challenge.

Lulu’s Mission

Find Open Bathroom in NYC

Lulu’s mission revolves around making high-quality bathrooms more accessible in a sustainable manner by fostering partnerships with private properties. By leveraging technology, Lulu aims to bridge the gap between the need for public restrooms and the availability of private facilities, thereby enhancing urban convenience.

The app facilitates a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing private property owners to open their restrooms to the public, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive city experience. Lulu’s commitment lies in creating a network that not only addresses the immediate need for accessible bathrooms but also promotes a sense of community collaboration, ultimately enriching the urban environment for all.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Lulu’s app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design for effortless navigation.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking: The app provides real-time updates on the user’s location, ensuring accurate and timely information on nearby public bathrooms.
  • Comprehensive Database: Lulu maintains a comprehensive database covering a wide range of locations, ensuring users have access to a diverse selection of public restrooms.
  • Quality Ratings and Reviews: Users can contribute to the community by providing ratings and reviews, helping others make informed decisions about the cleanliness and accessibility of a restroom.
  • Partnership with Private Properties: Lulu facilitates partnerships with private property owners, allowing their high-quality bathrooms to be opened to the public, promoting a sustainable and inclusive solution.
  • Sustainable Access: The app focuses on creating a sustainable model for public restroom access, balancing the needs of users with the interests of private property owners.

Location-Based Map

Lulu Toilet Finder operates as a dynamic location-based map, providing users with a real-time and interactive guide to public bathrooms in their vicinity. The app harnesses GPS technology to pinpoint the user’s location, displaying a comprehensive map with nearby restroom options.

This intuitive approach allows users to navigate the bustling cityscape with ease, ensuring they can quickly locate the most convenient facilities. With Lulu’s location-based map, the stress of finding a restroom becomes a thing of the past, enhancing the overall urban experience.

Ratings and Reviews

Lulu Host Toilet Finder, catering to the unique restroom needs of New York City, has become a go-to solution for businesses opening their doors to the public. The app allows establishments such as restaurants, salons, parlors, lounges, and boutiques to seamlessly connect with users in need of clean and accessible bathrooms.

Lulu Host Toilet Finder has garnered 4.5 stars on Apple Store and Google Play, reflecting its success in enhancing urban convenience through strategic partnerships and innovative technology.

Description of Facilities

Lulu has pioneered a groundbreaking initiative by partnering with a variety of establishments, including restaurants, salons, parlors, lounges, and boutiques, to provide users with access to clean and high-quality bathrooms. Through these collaborations, Lulu ensures that users can conveniently locate and utilize private facilities that meet their standards for cleanliness and accessibility.

To facilitate this service, Lulu employs a fair and transparent pricing model, charging establishments based on various factors such as amenities, locations, and accessibility features. This approach not only benefits users by offering a range of restroom options but also incentivizes businesses to maintain and enhance the quality of their facilities.

To further streamline the user experience, Lulu incorporates a proactive notification system. When a user is en route to a location with a partnered restroom, Lulu sends a notification to the Lulu Host app, alerting the establishment about the upcoming visit. This innovative feature fosters a collaborative relationship between users and partnering businesses, ensuring a seamless and mutually beneficial restroom-sharing experience.

How It Works

Lulu is the best app that can help you find free public restrooms and public wc while navigating New York.  It is very easy to use, just download the app from the app store and with just a few taps, it will lead you to the bathroom locations near you whether you are in Manhattan, Time Square, Central Park or Brooklyn as long as you are in NYC.

Using the App

The app will show you an interactive and useful map showing the New York restrooms around you. You can consider the app as “Airbnb for restaurant bathrooms.” The list of bathroom services you will be paying for are likely from coffee shops, fast food or hotels as Lulu partners with restaurants. You can compare customer ratings to decide the best bathrooms for you.

Plus, it’s not stressful to use as you can filter the bathrooms based on your needs. Find the best restroom in New York City for you using the filters that will allow you to find wheelchair and handicap-accessible toilets, unisex bathrooms, baby tray filters, makeup-friendly filters, parking and more.

Finding Nearest Restrooms

If you desperately need to use the bathroom, the app includes the nearest bathroom to you. You can check the distance and choose the one closest to you.

Once you choose a location, pay for the premium and go to the location. Show your pass, so you’ll be granted access to the bathroom.


Finding a bathroom in New York can be painful, especially if you are new in the city. While it’s easy to ask, you can’t just roam around and randomly ask anyone and let them know that you are in a place you are not familiar with. Keep your privacy by using this app, even New Yorkers use this.

Convenience for New Yorkers

New Yorkers find the toilet finder app helpful because it helps them navigate the city with ease. For instance, one uses Lulu to find a bathroom with a makeup filter, so she always looks good on every date no matter where she is in the city. One mom said they regularly used the app to find a unisex bathroom whenever her husband was with their daughter, so he didn’t have to take her to men’s toilets.

Hygiene and Health Concerns Addressed

Toilet apps are designed to help locals and tourists locate public and private bathrooms because they understand certain people are delicate and would rather pay to use a clean bathroom. Most importantly, some have medical conditions like colitis, IBS, or Crohn’s and couldn’t wait for too long to find a loo.

Interface and User Experience

Lulu has a very simple interface, so users — both young and old — won’t have a hard time navigating the app.

User-Friendly Design

Lulu has a user-friendly design and very easy to navigate. The app is also easy to comprehend even for first-time users.

Compatibility with iPhone and Android

Lulu is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile phones. You can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or any smartphone.

About the Developer: Future Developments

Lulu App is behind Lulu. The developer has separate apps for Lulu customers who need the service and hosts who open their bathroom doors for you.

What’s New: Enhancements and Updates

Lulu App makes regular enhancements and updates to keep the app running. Its recent update was to big a minor bug.

Potential Expansion to Other Cities

Lulu App hasn’t announced if it will expand its toilet finder app to other countries.

4 Other NYC Bathroom Location Apps You Might Also Like

1. Got2GoNYC


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A post shared by GOT2GONYC (@got2gonyc)

Got2goNYC is a dedicated toilet finder app designed to simplify restroom location in the bustling landscape of New York City. With a user-friendly interface, the app provides real-time information on nearby public restrooms, ensuring users can easily navigate the urban environment. Got2goNYC stands out for its comprehensive database, covering various establishments, parks, and public spaces, making it an indispensable tool for locals and visitors alike. By addressing a common urban need, Got2goNYC contributes to a more convenient and stress-free city experience.

2. New York Restroom Map

New York Restrooms, a highly useful map for locating bathrooms in the bustling city of New York, stands out as an indispensable resource for residents and visitors alike. Developed with precision and user convenience in mind, the app provides real-time information on nearby public restrooms, ensuring that the challenge of finding a restroom in the city is met with ease.

The map was a creation of Dr. Wansoo Im, a respected professor at Meharry University. He used his expertise to enhance its functionality and user experience. With New York Restrooms, Dr. Wansoo and the development team have successfully addressed a common urban need, providing a reliable and accessible solution for navigating the city’s restroom landscape.

3. Flush Toilet Finder

Flush Toilet Finder app in NYC has gained widespread popularity for its effectiveness in addressing the perpetual challenge of finding public restrooms in the city. Renowned for its simple interface and accurate real-time data, Flush stands as a go-to solution for residents and visitors alike.

What makes people love the app is its comprehensive database, covering a wide array of locations, and its ability to guide users to the nearest clean and accessible facilities effortlessly. With Flush, the stress of navigating New York City’s busy streets while in search of a restroom becomes a thing of the past, earning it a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate its practicality and convenience.

4. Toodle Loo


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Toodle Loo was also created as a bathroom finder app, but it goes beyond basic functionality by empowering users to tailor their restroom search based on specific amenities and features. This innovative app not only locates nearby public bathrooms but also allows users to filter results based on crucial aspects such as wheelchair accessibility, availability of changing tables, and the presence of gender-neutral facilities.

Toodle Loo’s commitment to inclusivity and user preferences sets it apart, providing a personalized and comprehensive solution for individuals with diverse needs. With its thoughtful features, Toodle Loo redefines the restroom-finding experience, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a convenient and accommodating solution for navigating public spaces.

Wrap Up

Say goodbye to difficulty finding a bathroom in New York with Lulu and other similar apps that document the restroom landscape in the city. These helpful apps have crowdsourced the loos in the city for you and significantly reduce the stress when you find yourself in desperate need of a loo.

With just a few clicks, you’ll find a clean place to relieve yourself. One last tip, read reviews, see screenshots of the facilities you are about to visit and make sure that it caters to your needs (wheelchair accessibility, gender neutral, etc.)

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